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a new way of being. a new world. a new paradigm. a new perspective. – at this point, all used & overused book, movie and article titles. yet, still profound, needed and in the process of.

i awoke thinking about a world i would want to live in. i soon realized, our world, this earth is here to offer us contrast, options, this and this and this so we can use the gift of freedom and choose…….’that’. in this realm of thought, with respect to choice as our most vital spiritual gift there appears to be no more an important truth than; “it all begins with me.”  let this be our new mantra, our new theme, our way of being, our intention & the foundation upon which we be; IT ALL BEGINS WITH ME.

no matter where you are or what you are experiencing, the next moment begins with you. the conversation you are having, the experience, the intention, your day – it all begins with you – with your input, the way you will respond, the choice of your next move, the perception from which you receive a comment, weather or not you choose to dive in or walk away, will you be kind or angry. will you laugh at or sympathize, will you offer the best you are able through faith in ones Creator – or will you destroy the idea one offered you which makes no sense with your beliefs? will you choose love, or not?

i find myself contemplating what could education really look like?  how do we raise such vibrant, kind, loving souls that they in return teach in a vibrant, loving kind manner? 

we have children who are bullying each other! we have children who devalue their own opinions so deeply, they are having sex at twelve. we have daughters who want to diet before they even begin their menstrual cycles. we have sons who think they can force there bodies on women. we are NOT doing or being the most we are capable of.

how can we who have faith, offer to others, that even though you do not SEE another person raising themselves up to kindness, patience, love, openness – this does not mean YOU cannot express it in their presence. how else will we ever live in peace, if we, as individuals; do not express value of our own desires?

everything begins with ourselves as individuals souls, humans, beings; capable of making immediate choices as to how we want to show up.

something to think about.

In Light,

Deborah Evans Hogan

head shot looking down  Healer, Master Energy Practitioner, Teacher, Member of the Clergy

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The Importance of Happiness

2017, my very well loved Buddah - got a renewal spray!

It is okay to be happy. We are not always told this & rarely shown it. Isn’t this what great masters & teachers have expressed, be happy? Seek your joy.

Too many have been brought up in an environment where being happy is not the foundation. Above all else, as Abraham (Hicks) teaches us; we want another thought for just one thing, to feel better – for are we not each reaching for happiness?

I get my happy when I am in the witness of others who are happy. Don’t you? The others may be mates, children, pets, a dancer on the street we do not know the name of, a funny video……a perfect line in a book…..the moments we are feeling happy are infinite. I get deep happy when a client has great news – when a shift has taken place in their vibration and they are seeing the manifestations of such. That is my joy. When another person has had the profound experience of a moment in time of knowing; ‘there is more, there is something else going on here, there is an invisible somethingness at work here.’

There may be experiences that bring us great satisfaction, or deep contentment – but happy is different, and joy even more so. Happy can be fleeting – joy lands in ones cells. Imagine, taking ones life, okay, maybe one year…or lets begin with one day: and you only say yes to things that make you happy.

“I’d love to want to be with you, but that will not make me happy, so….no thank you.”

Imagine making your happiness the prerequisite for any decision in your life?

I believe happy, and joy is necessary. I believe we each have a responsibility to seek it; consciously. This means, we make choices based on love, not fear. We make choices based on our intuition, our interior compass, our inner being. True joy comes from living from internally out – knowing our inside job is the most important job we have – for our happiness influences others….and gives them permission to also seek, from the happy space.

Will that choice make me happy?  If I show up with that particular agenda…..does that intention make me happy?

I love you – meet you at the joy space!


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Deborah Evans Hogan – Healer, Master Energy Practitioner, Teacher, Member of the Clergy

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Hello! I have been away for a few days, but am back home in my nest now, feeling renewed, whole and very, very good. Thank you for joining me here, at my blog – a blabbering of my thoughts which I love to share. – Deborah


Are you aligned with your desires? Do you even believe your desires are possible? If you have a medical label, do you believe in healing? Do you truly believe in the potential that your body is ‘healable’?

Do you believe that you have to go through hard & difficult things which may or may not be painful in order for your body to come back into balance?

Do you believe that within each cell of your being is the desire to be well? Do you receive that well-being, health, perfect alignment is your natural state of being?

Do you believe in spontaneous healing? Can you consider there are multiple ways for your body to feel better?

Do you believe that there is plenty….. really, really plenty, enormous, incredibly huge amounts of money in the world, constantly & consistently in circulation and flow…….going from one hand to another hand, to another all day, every day? Just think about it for a moment….consider how much money is flowing through society….consider how many times a ten-dollar bill is touched, exchanged, given, taken, paid, gifted? Can you consider that there are infinite ways for cash flow to come into your experience?

Do you believe that there is unexpected good here for you????……good experiences that you may not possibly even be able to consider……and they are right around the corner? Can you take a moment and sit with the thought…….‘unexpected good is here for me’?

What you believe in has a vibration, a resonance, a frequency – choose wisely.

I send you love,


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I have been contemplating………..perhaps the very best support we can give anyone is; 

  • I trust your judgement.
  • You are doing the best you can do.
  • I know you are trying your very best.
  • I believe in you.
  • I know you can do this.
  • You will figure this out.

Our ego, too many times, wants to do for others, wants to fix a situation, wants to make it all easier – and what does that do?  Doesn’t it take away, dis-empower the other soul to find their own way, to know themselves? Our ego is leading the way when all we want is to fix and do; really, so we feel better.

Even in difficult times, when challenges are great – to share with another – I trust your judgement, you have this.  Feel the energy this gives, as a total unconditional offering.

Years ago a family member was experiencing a severe low point in their life. I applied this belief – even when it was most difficult for me, I asked God for the support to step out-of-the-way and reinforce what i believed, what i know to be true; they too are a child of God, they too are made of the same God stuff I AM, they too…………………………..they do not see it right now, they do not feel it………………..but how will they ever know their own Truth, if someone else does not know it now?

When my son was in elementary school he had a difficult time with math and understanding fractions. I remember sitting there with him, seeing him totally lost, no connection at all….and I heard myself say – you will get this. Be patient. Let’s go over it again. You can do this. I was saying it for myself as much as for him! And then, wham! It landed and he got it! What a great moment.  I have never forgotten that experience, the words of faith that he could, that something in him could, was palpable for me. He is now 38, a numbers genius.

When we reinforce love with another human being soul, layers upon layers of pain can disperse, heal and lose power. When we pay attention to Love, to Truths; this is what we see, what we support, what we engage with.

Have you ever felt this way: so tightly wound, down, confused, sad, tired, etc. – and someone asks you a question, in the realm of helping, and you simply have no answer, and the question brings up defenses? Some days it simply is; just let me be, please, ask no questions. 

We each need time outs now and then. We each need to hear positive reinforcements. We each need someone who can tell us, you got this.

I have found, the most spectacular gift we can give anyone is to let them know; they are able, they can, that someone believes in them. There have been times when this has felt like magic – that from my personal deepest truths, my highest alignment, my knowing and having faith in the Universe and how IT works; I can easily have faith in another being to trust their process – no matter how different it is from mine.

I believe in you. I believe you have this. I know deep within you your answers reside. I know that all is possible in this Universe, and I know this for you. Having faith in God, means we can have faith in one another also.

You got this.

head shot looking down Rev. Deborah Evans Hogan – Spiritual Guide, Counselor, Master Energy Practitioner & Teacher.

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Now and then i offer short updates on my FB page, but yesterday and today’s energies require, or are rather calling, more from me….hence, i am sharing. My experience in sharing these fluid experiences are that i am never alone, and many others chime in as they appreciate knowing they also are not alone – as well as have words to put to their internal feelings.

In the past few months, the intensification of the releasing of ‘old’ has increased to a sometimes uncomfortable level of letting go. This has all taken place in relationships – which is simply a reflection of our relationship with our selves. As our vibration has continually shifted, we know, anything unlike it, anything not in harmony with our own energies has to leave, we have to separate from it, or it from us.

One would think that would leave us with less than…but the opposite is true.

Right now, presently, we are literally bursting at our own seams. All we have disconnected from; willingly and not; has increased our Self, our alignment, connection, awareness of True Essence, Source, Creator energy, Love. The feeling in the past 48 hours (7/29 – 7/31 / now) can feel like an old whiskey barrel, full up, and the seams are starting to spread, to open….or even imagine a room, and the 90 degree angles , the seams are beginning to spread, to open….the container can no longer contain.

This is us. You. Me.

Some are referring to it as the birthing process, and i understand – but the FEELING for me, is the seams…they are bursting open, slowly being stretched, the ‘container’ has no more room. It feels like a very, very slow process, but the level it has reached, the circumference of the space, the interior can hold no more. (Recently i am driving north often, seeking vistas, views, mountains, long and gorgeous outlooks – space.)

What happens then? I do not know – but what i feel and am told, is our actual experience of Oneness/Allness, communion with all we have dreamed, paid attention to, desired, wanted; is realized.  Yet, it does not look like our human mind would imagine; all we each want looks different; so the concepts each wipe each other out, bring them to zero, to peaceful fulfillment. I am told there are not as many souls as one would assume who have reached this time space reality; but the strength of the outcome will be so incredibly powerful, we will be undeniably united and draw such to one another.

This part right now, feels basically uncomfortable. A non belonging. No where to go or even be. So much has been dissolved, so many human connections dissolved; we look at our surroundings as a stranger. 

Yesterday nature was the only place to be to feel any solace. My joy came when i was outside reading and about 150 motorcycles went by our home, with police escort front and back. Such a loud, joyful, diverse, colorful sight! We get many bikes by our house, living on one of those pretty New England main roads that leads to more pretty places……but with so many, such a mix of hard core revved up Harley’s and then pink girl bikes! The joy was immense, the freedom was palpable, the intention was raw. It felt alive, authentic. I smiled and laughed – they just kept coming, and coming and coming……………………it was fabulous.

I remain uncomfortable, and okay, not fighting this phase, rather just being. Clients are coming and going quicker than ever.  The depths are where i am and go during a session is physically and dimensionaly spaces i have never experienced before – and i love it! The spaces feel SO good, so authentic, to true. Yet, for me, outside of doing my work i am like a lost puppy, which way do i go? Where is home? Who are you? Now, Home is only in the multiple dimension realty of Source – whoa! Anything or anywhere else is foreign. Hence, to be in that space all the time is the goal, intention and prayer. And when one is not, to simply be okay, patient and as self loving as possible. Walking between worlds and dimensions.

I send you love. I look forward to hearing from you.- Deborah Evans Hogan

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The Intention of my work

Nothing will change in your life, until your thinking changes. You will continually see the same experiences over & over again, perhaps with different people, but same theme, until you choose to shift your beliefs. This is basic 101; spiritual-energy-holistic-medicine.

Due to the number of years i have been in this work, and the level and number of ‘healings’ i have witnessed as well as daily manifestation i see & experience, my depth of desire to influence others to REALIZE this truth is calling me at a level like never before.

I see clients shifting very quickly, faster than previous years. As a civilization, the over-soul of our planet is heightened to a degree it has never been at before, and the Divine support to have interior shifts substantiated is at an all time high! I find this VERY exciting. 

Let’s discuss the internal steps. Your thoughts are influenced by every choice you make. It is ALL up to you. Yet, a spiritual guide helps to support your intentions. All shifts take place internally IN and AS you. A healthy guide, healer, whatever you call us – should empower YOU to know how to do this yourself. The power is IN/AS you. It is IN/AS each of us. NO ONE outside of you holds more power than you – our beliefs are simply stronger, more embodied, we have increased substantiated knowing; all which YOU too can realize. (I feel very strongly about this. I urge you to choose a practitioner who wants you to GET IT and fly! NOT one who wants you to hang around all the time, needing them….. but one who empowers YOU, not enables you to them. It is one thing to have someone, a teacher or guide or spiritual mentor who after the initial work together, is available to answer questions, who you do a check in with every now and then……….the entire intention of ones spiritual mentoring should be to EMPOWER YOU to know yourself as SOURCE energy and to encourage YOU to trust it. As a counselor, guide, Shaman, healer, mentor, minister; YOUR personal, healthy, strong, unwavering relationship with God, with Consciousness, with LIFE – is my entire intention. A healthy student/teacher relationship is one of letting go, encouragement, continuous availability as respect for an elder; but never, ever, need.)

Step 1: You hear a new way of thinking.

At this level a spiritual guide will either share, tell, offer, show, express an idea which may be the total opposite of anything you ever thought was true before.  You may find yourself curious, can hear it but the words do not make sense. We can see you take it in, we can watch it meet a wall within your energy body where it either lands, or bounces off. You may take it with you from a session…..and the more you consider it, think about it………

Step 2: A new thought becomes an idea you can believe in. You see it as a potential reality. Your personal investigation of a new truth feels like something you are remembering. It feels ‘good’. It is exciting, you want to tell everyone! You think this ancient Truth is new news.

Step 3: A knowing takes place. This new thought has become more substantial, and at a deeper level within your energetic body, you KNOW this to be truth. There is no doubt. It makes complete sense. At this stage it is still a wow idea – a knowing is firm, yet there is an excitement. YOU KNOW this – and you want to tell everyone, you are over the moon when you see it come to fruition, use this new truth, apply the awesomeness of it to your life. LOOK at what I DID!

Step 4: Holy Embodiment. The spiritual Truth which was originally shared with you has now merged with you at a cellular level. It is not spoken of, there is awe of the Creator, deep gratitude, no outward excitement, simply; of-course, this is the Way. You expect nothing other, for you know, understand, have fully remembered and now, once again; embody Spiritual Law.

……………….and you fly.

I love you. I am always available.

head shot looking down Deborah Evans Hogan  / The Amethyst Light Ministry is an inner faith offering. Deborah is an active member of the clergy, has been in a healing practice since 1992 and now is in private practice in Townsend, MA.





awe & wonder – this is what i feel when i get the heck out of the way and simply (a joke, the most difficult thing for our human to do) step side – or even more, just do not interfere with God. is it not amazing how our first go to action is try to make, force or create something to happen; rather than to allow, witness and stand in wonder of how LOVE always works in our favor? IT truly is the ‘Divine sure thing‘.

stepping aside, taking my own ego, will and ideas out of the story line, the experience, the what ever is happening is the key to anything feeling, getting or being better. once we have expressed love, once we have offered up our most giving-ness of gifts, once we have stated our most empathetic words – STOP. do not enter. no go. hardly breathe! just wait.


this works very well when one is frustrated with a conversation, not seeing openings, but only walls…… and you ask yourself, actually the inner voice is saying, “God, what to do here? Why are they here? Why are we having this experience?” and wait, then BAM! walls literally crumble. (this is when i am in awe & wonder!)

it is in the asking, in the space of i have no more to offer, i am out of ideas, i have nothing, i am empty – and one asks; that Grace CAN descend upon & through the experience.

this is not a giving up.  it is as a welcoming of Divine Presence, a merging of miracle workers in order for pure Consciousness to reveal clarity, hope, an answer, a directive.

we must step aside, take OUR ideas about an answer OUT of, OFF the playing field and invite in the palpable non physical Presence of ALLNESS.

Grace my friends, Grace.

Let me know how it goes.

head shot looking down Deborah Evans Hogan is an inner faith minister – ‘my joy comes from supporting others in their awakening experience, to guide them to Love’.

A multidimensional healer, spiritual guide, master energy practitioner, Deborah is in private practice in Townsend, MA.


The more years and days i am here, the wider my heart opens, plus the daily increases in my awareness of being; i know more and more, one MAJOR thing; go back to basics. Spiritual basics.  Always go back to love. Find your path to kindness. Think a thought which makes you FEEL internally, better. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

I discovered the Abraham-Hicks offerings, oh so many, many years ago, i cannot remember. There was a time when i did not miss a workshop in my area, i also held a weekly group, and knew them to be what i wanted to aspire with &  to. Each workshop, every time i volunteered for them, each time i heard another cd or a repeated one and then heard something differently; i felt a deep knowing of WOW! YES! This is IT!

There were many paths prior to them, plus deep and incredibly heart opening paths to the Divine stillness of the Presence; since then. Yet now, after quite a few years of no contact, i find myself back to marinating in there cds, videos and you tubes; once again…..experiencing a renewed sense of knowing, of depth. The excitement i feel when i listen fills me up, as well as i am palpably aware that where i have been has led me to now, and i am different than i was then….so of course, there is new.  Follow?  

I am a deeply and i feel profound woman of faith in God, Source, the Divine. I believe more in the non physical than what we call the physical, which to me is not the physical. I have a Guru, I love Jesus, and i consider myself a life long lover of A Course in Miracles. I also have had dear teachers in my life who believe in following only ONE path, for they see that as the way to go deeply into oneself without, i guess, ‘contamination’. Obviously, i disagree. I love pulling at, prying open with, asking questions of, seeking varied ways to experience – GOD/SOURCE/THE GREAT MYSTERY.

I know what calls me. I have not gone the way of  many commercially successful teachers; Tolle, Beckwith, Myss…….did not ring my bells. (Rickie, yes.) I enjoy books and teachings of Toltec, but not my path. I have been welcomed at many churches, but never desired permanently, for i did not fit in the box; (my words). I do not believe drugs is a path. I studied Buddhism, took my initial vows, was given a most beautiful name from my Lama who I adore – but, alas, i am not a Buddhist.

I also know, keeping it simple is mandatory. Our heads, our minds, our thinking vessel will latch on to anything that will give it a sense of power. You will not have a God experience in ego.

I have found coming back to Abraham is having a profound effect on me. Because of all i have done, all the paths and ideas i have experienced – i am able to go deeper, with the most basic offering; think a better thought. No one else thinks my thoughts but me – i have total choice over them – and my feeling body is without a doubt happier when i am living the being-ness of a deliberate creator. This is as basic as it gets. Love yourself. Be kind to your own heart – sit and be with thoughts which make you feel joy, not sorrow/ empowered, not a victim.

I AM a deliberate CREATOR. I hope you join me. with my very, very best; Deborah

head shot looking downRev. Deborah Evans Hogan is an inner faith minister, guide, counselor. She is here to see YOU as the I AM Presence and to support you to have a personal experience of your God.Self.

a-h line up your energy

the ultimate balancing act

Human-hood. Consciousness.  ~ Being a person. Created of God.  ~ Human. Pure Divinity.

Somehow, we must reach an unattached balance.

As in all things, we and it and all has been created with the ability to be polar opposites – different ends of the same spectrum. We can feel TOO much joy – delirious, or too deeply sad that we loose ourselves….in the dark paper bag with no light. When we are trying to find our voice after being squashed down for years, we may scream at first, exude vocally without restraint….be over bearing…..until we reach balance and speak gently, yet with strength & a silent confidence. I share with my beloveds the holy see saw. We begin on or near one extreme end……to find health we visit the other end….then after some internal excavation; we reach center point, still point, balance. Not too hot, not too cold; just right. Not too loud, not too soft; perfect. Not a victim, not a bully; kind.

I have come to see, we go to extremes first, prior to landing at ‘steady’.  It appears to be nature, law, the way it is. As well as when on a chosen spiritual path. We have seen it with extreme evangelists, or power hungry clergy, or ruler carrying nuns. A Buddhist Lama once said to me – do not do the 7 year cave thing, i have done it twice, do not do it; no need. Find it where you are. It is here.

I have been contemplating what happens to our minds when we come to the realization we are pure consciousness in form, we are God in human form – what happens to our human-hood? Where do we see our person? Yes, we are Consciousness in form – yes, there is only One, All – there is no you or me; BUT, how do we place our person in all this? How do we love & adore our paths? How do we honor and enjoy the fact that we have these amazing instruments called bodies, we each have had incredible journeys which are how we unraveled to ourselves in the first place….and some, i have seen, just want to toss that all away.  once they reach a space of self realization. No, no, no.

These amazingly painful journeys many have experienced, these multi faceted personalities which contain our stories and perceptions, these lives we have lived and are living are amazing!!!!! – AND we / God gets to have these experiences through and as us. In honoring ALL of it, in an unattached love, in an unattached perception of what may be painful stories; we give thanks, for they have made us what we are today. We do not stay in the meditative state at every breath – but we can be aware of God at every breath. We do not have to be fully merged in our awareness of the Light of the Christ in a vocal, palpable way each moment – yet we can be internally aware of It – and that awareness will shine forth.

Balance in all things, including our awareness of God and our awareness of person. Think of it, the balance – the living, breathing, walking around of Pure Consciousness containing eternal knowledge and unconditional love…which we can, through practice, tap into at any moment – AND the body, our personal history ( in this lifetime and others) – and they are truly opposites; yet, One.

I am not saying all there is to said on this conversation, because i cannot find the words, much of it is wordless….and i have just scratched the surface – yet i invite you to contemplate it. I feel its a biggie.

with much love & my very best i can offer, Deborah


balance, balance, balance…..

book heart and mind

the inactive action

growth is an underlying constant. it is at all times in motion; either emotionally, physically or spiritually and usually, all at once. our bodies are always changing – letting go of old cells, increasing or decreasing in height, weight, muscle mass, fat, hair, aging, maturing, organs shifting, blood moving, breath breathing & pulsing us. for most of us, our emotions are consistently shifting from happy to sad, from fear to feeling safe, from highs to lows, from anger to loving, from this to that. spiritually, we are consistently evolving through our physical and emotional experiences; either consciously or not. another words, we are at all times allowing and welcoming love to change us or we are putting up road blocks to accepting love. in any case –  change happens.

as we increase our spiritual muscle, we begin to observe our own external offerings; how we speak to others, how it sounds, what we actually said (sometimes an incredible shocker) – basically, how we present. this increases to being not a consciously intentionally observed practice, into an unexpected experience, as if God says; here, watch this  movie ….see, can you hear the words you spoke……when honored, can be humanly humiliating, in a most raw and honest sense.  one is hearing the words they spoke to another person, hearing them as they were actually stated, feeling them as they were received. this is said to be part of the life review when we pass from our physical instruments, yet it is possible, given ones spiritual awareness, to experience it in body as well.

being present to ones own expression just may be the most humbling teaching i have ever experienced; yet. self love, patience and most of all, kindness is demanded to get through it. and silence. silence of the mouth, the inactive action, as one sits with the comments which caused them to see their own wounds, evidently STILL pressing internal buttons, and causing one to speak thoughts which carry wounded overtones. at this stage, may have been hardly noticed to anyone else outside your very own internal Isness.

at this time of awareness, one not only is watching themselves, but hearing and feeling the words, the choice to speak them and the core reason why they spoke them. they may appear perfectly loving, they may, on the surface, seem even appropriate; but our reason for speaking them is the awakening piece; did it come from (my) unconditional love for the Divine or from my humanhood? – we learn to be with this humbling contemplation, broken open in places we never knew existed, forcing ourselves to surrender all of it. in silence. the unspoken action. do not dilute. be with it. do not discuss. bring to pure consciousness and allow all that can happen to dissolve the human construct of judgement, criticism and ill at ease; dissolve into Love.

the epitome of self care. (for now)