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Bill Moyers 1993 book, (and PBS special of the book) Healing & the Mind changed my life.  Before then, I had read and indulged in many metaphysical books; Shakti Gawain, 1978 ( I remember buying it fresh off the shelf!), Creative Visualization & the 1960 books by the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce, & the countless brilliance of Louise Hay; the list is very long of the varied, diverse and lovingly shared information through many avenues.

In 1992 I opened my first healing center and office for hands on healing, and other non mainstream offerings for allowing the bodies emotional and spiritual balance to align ones life with their highest good, and express as such. Since that day, my path as a healer has been diverse, ( –   leading me to know absolutely no boundaries between our faith in the Creator and our ability to heal, manifest and deliberately create our lives.

This morning I awoke to a local man stating on our towns FB page a cry for help with his addiction to smoking. Seeking a hypnotist, he stated his years of smoking have caught up with him and is his reason for his heart issues. I immediately thought; no – not loving, heartbreak, lack of forgiveness is your reason for heart issues. But, I thought, perhaps I would offer him a session in order to introduce him to hands on healing and support his desire for help. I turned to his FB page to find out more and was blatantly hit with the most distasteful, angry and ugly FB topper I have ever encountered. It had horrible language in it, stating hate and *&^% towards others, as well as his photo stating the same, depleting, harmful, glaring anger. My bodies response was nausea.

On one hand, I do not understand why we are still having these conversations, why there are folks who do not see the connection between thought, mind, body and ones physical, emotional and spiritual health. On the other hand, I realize I am myself still stubbornly not ‘getting’ things – striving each day to refine my thinking.

I listen to Abraham-Hicks often. I am constantly amazed at the patience and repetition required to keep telling us the same thing over & over again. I amazed at how many times we have to hear the same truth before it seeps into our knowing, before it lands within us. One of my teachers in ministerial school once said, after 26 years at the pulpit; “it was time for me to retire, I kept saying the same thing over and over, every single Sunday.”

Our stubbornness is a testament to how we also are able to let go! Opposites, opposites, opposites; natures most DIVINE balance.

Repetition & patience goes a very long way. They are excellent tools. We begin with a vast emptiness, then can rise to hope, to believing, to knowing….and then; embodiment. Embodiment is the Beingness, our cells have changed, our spiritual DNA is alive, our awareness is awake with the literal vibration of pure Source energy.

So, the nausea I felt when I saw the FB header earlier has subsided. Now, my heart has regained its purpose; to reach out and see if this path would work for him. Or, do I consider the FB header a roadblock? If I do, am I letting fear be greater than God – which is impossible.

See, always tweaking the thinking process, always in practice mode, each one of us.

with love, Deborah


the practice of FAITH

a new year, each day, a fresh opportunity

each morning when you awake, what is your first thought? this is how you are beginning this brand new day. do you like the thought? does it empower you? does the thought make you feel positive? does this very first thought which is crossing your mind upon your fresh awakening ….is it helpful?

first thoughts can vary, from old buried fears having risen to the surface to be brought into the light through your deliberate awareness and ability to shift your perception……..or they can be a thought of God, of faith in love & goodness….and all else in between.

is there an in between? is there a grey area when it comes to our faith? i think no, but, there is the ongoing process of fine tuning. if you are faithful of God, you are faithful – but we do get to perfect this faith at every turn. if you are over 55, think of the rabbit ears on your childhood tv set…attempting to get them in just the right position in order for a clear tv screen to be enjoyed without all the static. if you do not remember those, think of being in the middle of  no where with your cell phone, turning to the left, then the right, then down, then up, walking ten feet ahead, getting out of the car, standing on top of the car…..attempting to find a clear connection in order to hear a call without dropping it.

each day we are given a new chance to perfect our faith, to remove the static for greater clarity. i find, that the deeper i go with my faith, the more i depend on, call upon, expect from the Divine Creator, from the application of the Laws of God – i get these opportunities less and less, but when they do show, it stands out like a spare thumb!…. for more and more clarity. no, no, not testing. we are NOT being tested. we ARE being gifted more and more chances to apply what we say we know.

so, the other day when i was feeling quite full up with positive expectations, deliberate thoughts of abundance, and rather ecstatic joy of the season pouring through my outward below zero snowy presence –  i went to my car after doing errands at our local plaza and could not find my keys……..yes, one of those moments when i watched my self react. i ALWAYS have my keys on my wrist, always. i NEVER remove them – where did they go??????? i lost my keys???!!!

my higher self certainly enjoyed the show. it was not until a woman in the grocery store asked me if lost something simply based on my facial expressions and outward demeanor that i realized; stop deborah. ask.

in the parking lot, as i walked to my car to double check the seats i stopped, and intentionally asked all my angels and masters of misplaced items to show me where i left them; and voila, the thought, go to rite aid, on the counter appeared.

sometimes fine tuning our faith, that which we believe takes practice, no matter how practiced we are! being given these unexpecting moments to see where old habits still have momentum enough to appear is gift. we get another opportunity to give MORE momentum to our faith than whatever tid-bits of fear remain within our energy body.

each day upon awakening, when you first realize you are done slumbering, think a good thought. think a deliberate empowering thought. it can be as simple as, ‘today is going to be a really good day’.  or ‘today i welcome unexpected abundance.’ or good, or joy, or income, or happiness or grace and ease ……………..whatever your next good thought is, say it to yourself in the sleepiness of your morning mind, then as you sit on the edge of your bed, give a sacred pause moment and speak it out loud.

a beautiful way to begin yet another opportunity to walk your faith.

I love you. Bless your beautiful heart.

Rev. Deb

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2018 – The year of: STOP STOPPING YOURSELF.

The Amethyst Light Ministry is declaring the upcoming new year, the year of stop stopping yourself! During this in between week, (Christmas till New Years), we are claiming a new question each day, in preparing to be ready to claim ones greatness. 

Day 1: Are your ready to give up everything you think you know?  This is vital. It is vital for anyone to have the openness, the desire  –  to change. Our underlying resistance dwells in ones old alignment of rigidness, stubbornness and fear – that which creates or rather closes the streams of allowance within ones energy field. In holding onto to ones ways with clenched fists there are no open hands to hold new.  I realize, my questions and references feel big. Do you believe your body can heal? Do you believe that no matter what any mainstream specialist says to you – through your beliefs, through what you choose to engage in, what you think about, where you place your focus…which is energy – YOUR BODY CAN HEAL. There lies within your innate seed the Divine perfection of perfect balance – all things are possible. ALL.  

Day 2:  PASSION! Are ready to be passionate about being YOU!  What does this mean? Are you ready to love, adore and believe in yourself as much as what you have seeked outside yourself ? Are you ready to let go of needing anyone’s approval or authority? Are ready to be so grateful for what you know, what you live, what you have faith in…that no matter what anyone thinks, it will not affect you? Are you ready to live from your God Self, your highest self possible? Are you ready to be SO deeply fulfilled with knowing you are a speck of this incredibly power-filled universe and know that you are wisely, lovingly and thoughtfully deliberately creating your life experiences; that you allow nothing to stop you? 

There are a few more days and I look forward to what Spirit directs me to share!

Perhaps: Are you willing to keep your eyes on God? Are you willing to feel really, really good all the time? Are you willing to give Spirit all the credit? Are you willing to surrender? To open to more? Are you willing to meditate each day and awake to your True Identity? Are you willing to let go of right & wrong? Are you willing to know, feel and live as the power of the Universe moves through you!!?? Are you willing to stop being a victim? Are you willing to feel empowered of Spirit?

OR……..will you keep on stopping yourself?

More of this and comments can be found on the Amethyst Light FB page.

I love you…and look forward to fully stop stopping myself!!! and support you to do the same! 

Rev. Deb

Amethyst Light Ministry 

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Holi-day Greetings;
In  traditional Christianity, Advent  began 12/3. I love the idea of Advent, for it means to expect. It is a time of preparing for, hunkering down, getting centered, going within. It is the time we may plant a bulb and watch it grow roots and blossom in what is called the darkest time of year. 
I also love to challenge our thinking. Isn’t it interesting, this darkest time of year in the Northern hemisphere is when the sun is closest to the earth? 
Isn’t it interesting that the darkest time of the year is when we celebrate the Christ? Does that not make it the brightest? Does man call it the darkest, short days indeed, so the Light of Love and our remembrance of the Master Jesus is brighter and easier to see in our minds eye? (Yin and yang together make the whole!) ( I will also not get going here that Jesus was born in April and the Church changed the dates to take the power away from Pagan Traditions of Solstice……….)
As spiritual beings having this human experience, it certainly proves true to our minds to need the dark in order to appreciate the light.  As we grow spiritually and are more and more aware of Love as our True nature, we can appreciate Love without needing the darkness, we can stop needing the mud in order to grow and shine right where we are!
The weeks of Advent, ( always my favorite church time as a previous church minister), teaches us how Love grows, becomes, transpires in our own hearts. The stories attached to the Advent weeks, are really very lovely. We first have HOPE, actually the gift of Prophecy as the  wise folks know and go in search of. The second is of LOVE, for the birth of the physical star is seen. The third is JOY, to celebrate such a birth  and the fourth is the feeling PEACE. The final candle lit on the Eve of is  PURITY. 
Think of these as happening within yourself. You KNOW there is good for you. You FEEL it, and may pray or meditate to feel the palpable Presence of this. It is YOUR own gift of Prophecy which tells you so. Then, you dwell in the feeling of LOVE as you recognize this PRESENCE. You then, and rightly so; CELEBRATE with JOY this experience, manifestation, this dream which has become a reality in your life. Then, a sense of PEACE floods you in the knowledge that your are DIVINE and all you dream of can come into manifestation. You are now aware of the metaphysical Christ, the purity of stopping all distractions and remaining your heart on the eternal Source of all Life.
I leave you with this thought about Light and Dark, the mud and the growth. If, just if now, Jesus had NOT been crucified, would we have known him? Would his story, his life, be the relevant story of  many traditions? Would he even be known if he had NOT been crucified?  Is this historical story, ONLY known BECAUSE he was crucified, and IF SO, do we give thanks to those who took it upon themselves to do so? 
To teach others to be grateful for the mud in their lives, for all and every experience no matter what, for it has grown them into who they are today, then how can we possibly overlook the blessings of this  one?  It is in our ‘crossroad’ moments that we see what we truly are; Divine. 
I love you – thank you for sharing this with me & others. May the Blessings of the Light be yours, may your prayers be answered clearly, may your heart open to hope.
Rev Deb


I love that I know when I am off track. I know this by how I feel. When I feel sad, yucky, ill…….I know I  can change that. 

Yesterday, I allowed myself to get distracted. I talk a lot about distractions with my beloveds. And yesterday, I got the opportunity to turn that teaching on myself, in a significant and conscious way.

I fell onto the gerbil wheel (with great speed I may admit!) with a news event. I do not watch nor listen to news, but, FB does offer us highlights now and then…and all I had was one sentence placed in front of me, I read it…..and down the rabbit hole I went. It gained momentum faster than ones mind can imagine. I mean truly, I was on the wheel…….and my thoughts and comments and writing about it too …….built it up, built up and built it up! 

So, what the wisdom of my True Identity did for me, was I felt sick. I felt tired. I had no energy. I started eating, stuffing these emotions which I had circulating about the stories attached to this ONE SENTENCE

Finally, my smart genes sparked up (Thank God) and I thought, why do I suddenly feel lousy? I never feel lousy…what have I created within my energy field that is causing me to FEEL this way? Where did I go? 

Oh, yup….that. I wrote a blog about it. I reacted to other FB comments about it. I mentioned it to my husband. OOOOOpppps. Against all that I know I AM.

I deleted the post. I felt my vibration instantly raise. My emotions were happier, better, increased to that which I know.

How great to have a moment to absolutely know what I preach about works. I know my beliefs & teachings work when we want to manifest anything in our lives. I know that, I see it constantly. And now, I know, our ability to pause, to think why, to shift direction no matter how terrible we are feeling about something we see…………………yes, it works.

Thank you God.

with love, Rev Deb

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If this interests you, be sure to turn to Abraham Hicks on youtube and LISTEN. 




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This phrase from the 1700’s entered my mind a few weeks ago – and is still mulling around.  At this time of so much seriousness, (I mean this…..a lot, a lot of deep, wide, thick, dense seriousness) – so much extreme concern going on weather you are part of day to day 3d linear living or attempting to get your head wrapped around the path of ascension & meditate each day; most of us are in ‘serious mode’. The energy is heavy.  People are generally worried, afraid, concerned. The idea of ‘lightness’ has gone astray.

As I considered what I see as a cannot be ignored foreboding state of seriousness, I heard, “Deborah, what tickles your fancy” ? First I wondered, has any other person even heard this term? Am I truly a dinosaur on this planet? (I still use cloth napkins and have been kidded about that!)  As a phrase, it is quite ‘old fashioned’ – and with words which loose their place in society being removed from updated dictionary’s daily – I wondered; can this term even be discussed? As I offered it to clients/students I realized, I first had to define it for them. (The reactionary quizzical, concerned, deeply serious expression on their faces was the give away.)

So, what tickles your fancy, do you do anything which tickles your fancy?


We seem to have reached a time in our civilization that when we do anything, we do it only for the sake of an outcome.  And, not just ANY outcome – but one which will benefit humanity, or get our one year old in the very best pre-school,  or make us more beautiful, or prevent disease, or put green in our colon, or help pass a bill, or impeach a politician, or raise money for this or that, or free this or that, or prevent dissolution of this or that, or help benefit the world in some very real and sincere manner – either our individual lives, our families or globally. There is also the meditating, certifications, schooling, self improvement, yoga, retreating, massaging….. Lots and lots and lots of ways for new & improved us. Let us not forget all the testing to see how smart we are and how far we can go and what our aptitudes are and how great we can be or what missing pieces need work. Then of course we can march against something, or for something or raise money for something; if we have a day off, while we are working three jobs, 16 hour days in order to pay for all the stuff we think we require or the one week vacation we might end up being too tired to enjoy.  Yes, mostly, each an understandable and easy to make it sound an immensely valuable and respectable topic. Yes, mostly very important linear stuff.

For me, I truly believe, doing something just to tickle ones fancy has gotten lost in the fanfare of reacting to life – and like Mr. Timberlake, I want to bring it back…, not sexy, (there is way too much of that)…but tickling ones fancy. Doing something for absolutely NO reason at all except it gives you heart felt pleasure, a feeling of preciousness, a moment of blatant non reactionary ‘just cuz’.

The funny thing about seeking the tickling of ones fancy is that it is not done because it will bring us ANYTHING –  and it can bring us everything.

This is NOT going out to dinner because one is tired, or getting a massage because it feels good, or meditating to quell ones mind, or ANYTHING with ANY intention other than; it tickles ones fancy. 

Why did you do that? I like it. The end.

It is not earth shattering.

The other afternoon I invited my husband to go for a drive. I wanted to get to a favorite spot of mine. It’s a view. Just a view. As we drove up to it, the hills came into our sight, i slowed down; we looked. We did not stop, we did not get out, we did not take pictures, we did not DO anything about it; except for a moment, I welcomed and allowed that moment in my day, seeing the hills, a distant mountain range, the light of dusk, fields of dried corn, a turned over pumpkin patch to tickle my fancy. For perhaps ten or fifteen seconds my being-ness felt extremely full and fed and internally alive. And then we drove down the hill and came home.

I love doing things simply because they tickle my fancy. I go to a specific store because it feels better than going to the one closer to me because being in it or the owner or the options or the desk clerk; tickles my fancy.

I stand outside and stop, feel the wind in my face, on my skin; because it tickles my fancy.

Why did you buy that? What is its purpose?

None, except it tickles my fancy.


Let’s face it, we are each very driven with doing something for the betterment of something else. We place great value on improving ourselves, the world or others.

So, to re-cap: What is does it mean, to tickle your fancy?

  • doing something that has absolutely no obvious value or means to improve any linear situation except that for an almost unmentionable moment in time – it feels good to you. 


And in doing so, it changes everything, lightens everything, ‘alives’ everything; for you.

And, as we know, that does help to shift the dense energy of humanity – one tickle at a time.

with love, Rev Deb

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a life of thanks & giving

I wish people treated each day like it was Thanksgiving. Think of it; finding things to be in gratitude for, cooking for others, spending time with family & friends, feeding the hungry, going to parades, anticipation of Christmas…and my personal favorite; strangers being nice, thoughtful & pleasant to one another in public……letting people go ahead of you inline, allowing others to cut in front of you on the street, stopping with a wave for others to cross walk in front of your car, chatting it up in the line at the post office…..  and those random conversations over the squash in the grocery store, (LOVE those), the hello to your neighbor you have not spoken with in months when you run into them waiting in line for pies, wine or gluten free anything for your sons new girlfriend. All really good stuff for the healing of humanity.

I wish people opened their hearts each day to to others. I wish we all would seek reasons to be kind, rather than short fused. I wish we recognized strangers each day, as easily as we do during the ‘holidays’. I wish we would allow ourselves to STOP, without having to have a national holiday to give us the excuse to. 

What would it take for everyone to realize our precious lives are sacred, that every single day is a day to give thanks? What would it take for folks to stop the crazy, self absorbed mentality and look out for one another all the time?

I appreciate the holidays because they do bring out our best and give us many opportunities to share; materially & emotionally & spiritually. 

We are at our best when we nurture each other, no doubt about it. We are at our best when we share our good stuff. We are at our best when we recognize we are here together, not against. 

Give each day your best. Whatever that is, how ever it looks; an ear to listen, an overdue phone call, a hello, stopping your car and letting the other guy go first, offering a meal when you know another is alone. We always feel better when we get out of our own way – and offer another a way through.

with love & thanks,

Rev Deb

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This was my pop up from 2015 that appeared on my FB page this morning, thought i would share on another venue.

Every single day I discover more and more how I do not know – and how I honestly do NOT understand anything. Nothing at all. (a very freeing concept!) Then I meet another heart who has the same perspective I do, and i no longer feel crazed or physically alone. Life; along the way we egotistically think we discover answers as a whole – but we simply reveal what feels good, right and freeing for own individual selves. ….and we may offer it to another with an over flowing, true heart – but it simply may not be so for another. This does not make it wrong, or bad. It is. In the past few years i have come to see …or what i feel is for me; clarity. Clarity of how each and every single heart HAS to find their own way home to themselves, and that when that is done; we live from THAT place, THAT spot, in all we do, in every single, every day, small, teeny, tiny, huge and in the middle action, thought or word we share……..and mostly in our being. When i came to realize i cannot possibly understand you, for ALL is relative (TY Einstein.), i was then able to let go of trying. When we let go of trying the ego is dissolved from lack of feeding. It is a scrumptious, difficult, incredible cycle of release. When we are then able to be in a state of emptiness, we open to all that is – all exists, but ones banquet table of choice is only filled with love and an open heart…….so much can come through an empty container, think of it. (as in voices which sing like the heavens, art which makes you cry upon the sight of it, when you witness one who channels such purity of spirit….your senses are on fire, when a color brings you to your joy, when one perfect line is delivered……)…….these, these only make sense to me. BUT, things i will never understand – well, now i laugh at the thought of them, or smirk when i hear them, or silently bless the heart which speaks of them………i still find myself wanting to make comments in a grandiose style……but that idea instantly makes my belly nauseous – a very good sign to not. Life can be struggling, with all the different energies of all that is existing, and now with the crystalline energies taking front and center – ALWAYS,(from my perspective) it has historically been true that the brighter the Light, the more dark and louder the fears become; the more open the heart – the more painful it is for the one shut off from their own center – these times, (and there will be more) – ask us to know what is true for our selves, and hold on to that. What are you going to choose to hold onto? I choose to hold onto love and loving, and (my) faith that we each are finding our way home to Love, that there DOES exist a grand plan by the Divine Architect / Creator , and that in every moment/response I get to choose my next moment/response……..which leads me to another, and another, and another. I choose to live that we/I am never alone, that life is eternal, that love works. I love you. May the Light which is Love fill all broken hearts and mend each wounded soul.

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What Do You Know?

In my daily listening & learning & connecting with Abraham-Hicks via YouTube, this line was spoken: “You cannot interact beyond the belief systems you already hold.”


I had ended yesterday & begun the day in the midst of frustrating conversation with my beloved husband. Communication was not smooth, nor in my eyes, being reached. How can we have been together all these years and still……..head vs. heart, linear vs. spacial exists. Uncomfortable for us both. Rightly so.

Then, this line sunk into my brain……and then my heart. So, in this frustration, I asked, what are my beliefs around this situation? Is it possible for me to shift; in any way shape or thought? Can we bridge this cavern of  disconnection? Then, I went directly to the beast; different belief systems. That is true for us.

My next thought was what do I? What do I/we not know? What can I ask? What else can be discovered in this jumble of decision-making?

The belief system was intuition vs. facts. The decision has to do with manual labor to our physical home; but, I have done a lot of this, this redoing of home, gutting houses, this hiring of contractors…….and I know one thing for absolutely sure – I know when I know. So, this tells me, my ambivalence lets me know; I do not know yet. I am not yet aligned with what we thought was our decision.

I found a way to relate this to my patient husband. I will gather more information and get back to him. Okay.

I could blame all this on the 11/11 gateway – or my planets, but it was more grounded than that – and as I asked how can this cavern between us be fixed? , I was given an answer. After this above sentence of varied beliefs was stated by Abraham, Esther went on to talk about how when one is really, really close to being aligned with their vortex….(as I have felt and have seen daily effects of, which made this conflict with my husband even MORE blatant)……..very often resistance with our closest person will raise its head Abraham stated (BINGO!)……..simply responding to the Law. Okay then.

I really, really love that when we ask AND IT IS given! ( So fast these days!)

This brilliant one sentence teaching says SO many things; one has to shift ones belief for communion to take place between two different minds and hearts. If one is a counselor, teacher or other; it is easy for us experience ones to immediately see……no, this heart is not yet quite ready to let go of what he thinks he/she knows. So important to our healing of all large &  minute specks of ‘somethingness’s’……. are you ready to let go of all you think you know ? Could it be a possibility to even consider thinking about that strong belief you hold in a different way? Are you willing to consider it? Not, to make you wrong…..but to help you simply FEEL better.

The ego / mind loves holding  on and being ‘right’, proving a ‘fact’.  The heart wants communion & connection.

You cannot interact beyond the belief systems you already hold.” – Abraham-Hicks.

Shared with love-