Below is a video I feel is very important  – i feel my students & clients will appreciate it.  I have listened to and worked with the Abraham Hicks teachings for nearly 20 years. I recommend them to everyone. (Really I do, ask anyone.)

This particular one, Staying Confident in Every Situation caught me in many places – my attention that is. I feel there were two vital areas worth sharing –  #1. When Esther is interpreting Abraham as this truth: When we are younger we are brought up to please others and these others were not open, awake, nor aligned with their Higher Being. (my wording.) I stopped the tape and gave this tremendous thought! WOW! She goes on to speak about #2: Developing patterns of Cooperation. 

Our patterns of cooperation are taught to us by our parents – and will remain as our go to until we delve deeply into how we are and make different choices. Do we cooperate to PLEASE? And if those who trained us to please were shut off from their higher selves…..then what? What if they were all ego and had hearts wounded?  Think about this!

If you feel you have the label unworthy or you lack self confidence or you feel insecure in your choices, please give this a listen. Yes, our confidence comes down to faith, to knowing our Higher Selves, to all of that – AND there are many perceptions we can see through, lots of lenses of defining why.  We cannot be present with ourselves until we know and realize the sacredness of our beingness.  with love, Deborah

Set Yourself Free

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         In a session with a recent client, these powerful words were given to me from Spirit; “I forgive everyone, everything.”  They poured through and even if I wanted to, I could not stop thinking them with each hand placement on her body, with each touch, with every shift from here to there, with clearing, with balancing, with every thought, these words poured through me, onto and into her entire energy field. Yes, it was quite profound. 

        As we sat to process after she got up from the table, I gave her these words and we sat in the silence, repeating them as a mantra in our own minds, as the vibration in the room raised in palpable-ness  and our hearts were open in pure freedom. Yes, freedom.

         Forgiveness is the key to awakened freedom. Sit and repeat these words in the silence of your own mind – feel the chains fall away, feel any burdens lift, feel pent up, held in, captive tears fall. 

      Walking through life as one who believes in owing another person, or that any one owes you – is a weighted burden. Anyone – parents, children, family, first grade teachers, bosses, employees, friends, politicians – anyone. Anyone you are holding captive through your personal expectations. Walking this journey thinking that another person should be a certain way because of our personal expectations, is a burden, which when held in our cells weighs us down. Being weighed heavy with expectations, needing an apology, thinking ill of another, seeing anyone as owing you anything is certainly not as we consider God sees us. Chains. Weight. “I forgive everyone, everything.” FREEDOM.

     The day before this session my morning journaling had been about freedom; about seeing how and what freedom is to me, in my personal life. The freedom to create my life as I see it to be, as I dream it, as I want it to be. The freedom to co create through my knowing, faith & belief in Spirit as my rock, my foundation, my entire path – freedom. Freedom is only available to anyone when the chains are dropped, when we un-clench from expectations, stories, false identities.

I see and know ‘forgiving everyone, everything’ as an excellent mantra for an outcome of freedom. Try it. Sit with it. Repeat the words, then perhaps a list of names will come to you, repeat, forgive, repeat. Each day, each morning, forgive – and be sure to include forgiving yourself. Set yourself free. 

shared in love,


The Prayer of ‘Okay’

In my morning journaling  my stream of thoughtlessness writing began: I am okay, it is okay.  It has evolved into this prayer – so important to repeat and say out-loud so you can feel & hear it. So much human pain & discomfort comes from feeling less than – for thinking and believing the lie that we are not enough. May your day be blessed with Divine Okayness

” I am okay. It is okay for me to dream. It is okay for me to want, to desire, to intend. It is okay for me to want more abundance, even great wealth. It is okay for me to want to change, to see things differently than everyone else, than my family, than my spouse. It is okay to dress as I wish and appear strange to others. It is okay that I am empowered, that I feel good about myself, formidable and strong. It is okay to feel attractive, to know I am smart, to dream of new. It is okay to follow my dreams, to think outside the box, to know what I want – and to achieve it. It is okay to believe in health, in magic, in the non-physical of life. It is okay for me to see what others may not, to speak of new ideas, to encourage love. It is okay for me to believe in God, to know God, to believe in healing, in angels and all which is Divine. It is okay for me to co-create all which I can desire, dream & wish for. It is okay for me to believe in you even when you do not. It is okay. I am okay. I am so okay, that you too can believe whatever you want. It is okay for me to be me! And so it is!” 


A Tough Love Memo

Too often what brings someone to therapy or counseling is their concern over another person’s behavior, and wanting to know how to change them, so they themselves can be happier. If only that was the way it worked! Alas, no, you have to do the work, your own work. 

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Tough Love #1. “I am the center of my world.”

It is never about the other person. Never. Until you get honest with yourself, see yourself with compassion and clarity, in order to make different choices, in order to show up differently in whatever experience it is – things will not change, your relationships will not change, you cannot live a different life or life differently; until you change. You cannot change until you are willing to listen and hopefully hear suggestions & ideas, then choose to try one. Your life will not change until you change your thinking. It is never about the other person being different, or the other person not doing that or not doing this or to stop saying that or for not listening to you in order to act differently so you will feel better.  It is never about the other person. It is not about your boss, your parent, your child, your spouse. It is always about you. 

Tough Love #2. “You reap what you sow.”

In order to be fulfilled, happy and have an opportunity to live an evolved life; you must care enough about your life to care deeply about your thoughts. In caring deeply about your thoughts, you exponentially care deeply about life. In caring about your thoughts, you care about what you read, listen to, converse about, speak, say; you value what you give your attention to. 

Tough Love #3.  “Nothing you seek is outside yourself.”

If you are looking at everyone else as having an issue, a problem, judging them, worried about them; etc. You are not looking at yourself. This is avoidance. Remember, it is about you. You are using them as an excuse to not look within yourself, to not unpack your own emotional baggage.

We can only do our own work, no one can do it for us. And in turn, we cannot do another person’s work for them.

Shared with tough love, Deborah

balancing acts……

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The goal of balance has always called me, even before I consciously walked a path of what we call spirituality. The idea of it, of balance, many times wondering if it is even attainable. Recently I have been considering its’ existence on an intentionally spiritual level of life. 

True balance is found at the deep end of the pool. (or is it? or do we have to go there and then see-saw back around?) It takes an elevated level of perception in order to allow balance. Here we are, reading and quoting very nice spiritual truths, but, can we live them?

“I am entitled to speak my truth.”  – “I found my voice!” – “I am an empowered woman.” – Okay, each feels positive, good and let us say, spiritually fruitful – AND, do we allow others the same ‘truth’? Do we allow it without judgment, regret, shame and anger? 

We cannot live fully the teaching ‘do not take anything personally’, and then whine that someone hurt our feelings, or we are worried about someone or they cannot do that, it is unhealthy. We cannot only give ourselves the freedom to speak freely without allowing others – if so, it is not a truth, or a law, it is from ego, from special, from self righteousness. 

Seeking balance in our thinking,  gives us our perceptions, which lays the foundation for our actions – for how we live, show up, experience life.

When someone we love retreats, do we allow them, or do we chase them? Do we teach & preach that retreating into ourselves and diving deep is a ‘good’ thing – then when a loved one does, we worry? Do we take blame & responsibility for not being good enough because we cannot help them – or the reason that they refuse or cannot  accept our help?

When we strive to take responsibility for ourselves, as much of an awakened path is, do we also offer others the same gift? Balance. When we do not do this, we feel wretched. It goes against ourselves. 

I feel there is a fine line of finding the balance of being human and awakening to one’s Divinity. And perhaps this is the issue; we keep separating them, making the human part less than. How can we do this? The human part IS DIVINE! 

During this season of summertime we are in right now where I reside, people are outdoors basking in ones humanness and it feels great! Boating, swimming, water sports, eating out, hiking, laughing, kayaking, being in nature in ones full glory of being human. It is always a beautiful sight. The light shines bright upon ones joyous face. 

The balance between what we may call our humaneness and our Divinity is a fine line. Shining and being in joy in ones humanness could very well be the most beautiful expression of our divinity. Is that not when you feel most alive? 

The spiritual path can be such an intellectual path – a path of striving. Perhaps that depth also requires the truth of ‘let it go, let it be’; is required for the peacefulness of balance to come to revelations in ones’ life expression  & experience. 

Could it all be as simple as; YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE, LIVE IT AS SUCH!!! And we have to go from the shallow to the deep, then find our way back to Center. True freedom in the holy balance. 

Perhaps after years of striving, one is forced to simply let it all go – and when they come up for air, balance has been found.

with great love,




I did not write this. I am sharing this with full credit to the channel/author because it is vital, important for those who have been experiencing the emptying out, as I call it.  Find Terry thru this link below.


“Our bodies are changing and we are going through extreme releasing so that more light can enter our cells, and other previous dormant, or what scientists believe as junk DNA can activate. As our old karmic imprints are being burnt away by the sacred fires of alchemy, higher light is able to enter because of these purifying fires. It’s been quite a whirlwind as these new energies are infiltrating.

We are all feeling the many subtle changes going on around us and within our bodies and this will continue to happen so that our energy has time to adjust to the new frequencies being transmitted down, helping us to not only clear the old blockages, but to integrate the very new rays that have new signature patterns.
Many are feeling the battle wounds of this and are feeling incredibly tired and spent. As the frequency rises it may be hard to see the benefits yet and easy to lose sight that progress is being made at all.

We are all going through a cleanse of eliminating toxins and emotional dross that have slowly built up over many lifetimes. Solar flares will continue to be released amplifying and helping us in upgrading our DNA, shifting our vibrational frequency. Heightened sensitivities, electrical surges and buzzing through the body, heightened sensitivities to sound and energy. Muscle cramps and heat flashes that are connected to the releasing of kundalini energy moving through the body. Sleep disturbances and a need for more stillness and quietness.

Dizziness, unexplained flu-like symptoms, feeling lethargic and headachy, and brain fog for no apparent reason. Feelings of exhaustion and burnout and the Thymus fluttering, heart palpitations as the heart charkra awakens like a sleeping giant stirring, are all indications of the change. Our life force readjusting as gentle waves of light moves through us. These unpleasant symptoms will pass as our vibration continues to rise and we correct ourselves and release the energy blockages and distortions we have been carrying around.
These internal adjustments are here to attune us and clear away the inner pollution we have been carrying.

The more we can continue to process our shadow selves and the more we tend to the house where spirit lives the more effortless our transition will be and the more light can enter. We really are like baby switchboards learning to plug in to many more circuits that previously were not available to us. We can only handle a certain amount of energy at a time running through us otherwise we would literally blow our circuits. Our job is to be open to working the amount of increased voltage that is coming in.

We are opening up to the lines of extra-sensory communication that hasn’t been previously available to us. For this to be done successfully our spiritual, emotional, physical and mental bodies must be purified.”

– Terri Morehu excerpt from The Age of Unity

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Rule #1.  Say Yes to yourself, about yourself. Do not be afraid to be strong, to know what you want, to state a decision, to stand by your values, to listen to your gut, to dream freely, to expect good, to live freely, to be rich, to like yourself, to make choices for yourself, to surround yourself with love, to anticipate joy each day, to stand out in a crowd, to be different, to believe in health, to love Jesus, to believe in God, to know you are a creator, to allow others their own choices, to stand firm, to be courageous, kind and tolerant, to walk by yourself, to be different than the rest of your family, to love who you love, to be called crazy, delusional and special, to adore life, to be capable, to love everyone and need no one, to do an excellent job, to create with passion, to speak your own terms, to allow without judgement, to hugs trees, to lay in bed all day, to believe in miracles, to leave relationships……………….to create your own life…… be YOU. 

with enormous love,

Deborah Evans Hogan


Self Care

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I have been publicly offering my gifts since 1992, when I opened an art gallery, (which even unbeknownst to my own intentions!) was my first healing center. In the first 6 months I did not sell any art, but, people came, and came and kept coming back….and sitting and talking and staying. After I took my first ‘official’ course on healing, a small space was created in the back of the 1000′ sq. ft. space, and my ministry of healing was born until it took over the entire space. That gallery was a beautiful, power-filled bridge to myself and for many others. 

Since first seeing clients in 1992, I have an ongoing list of metaphysical/spiritual seeds which are the core of many illnesses. Another words, what is the seed, the original seed of our mental/emotional/physical non-alignments, another-words, what got me out of balance in the first place?  

To this day I am always in jaw dropping angst on how poorly, if any, so many people do not do minimal, if any, self care. Every time I meet with a woman who has a cancer diagnosis her level of self love, self care is extremely low.  For the sake of this conversation, let us begin with  respectful acknowledgement to the mother of emotional seeds and affirmations for illnesses; Louise Hay. I believe what I see is a more general sense of the lack/emptiness which is the focus of the misalignment which has caused labels to grow and come to tangible fruition in ones physical container.

I am staggered by the level in which any one can think so low of themselves that they put everyone else before them. When we realize we are all God in form, that we respect, value and honor life; how can we not love our selves? 

If you place anything before love, it will show itself to you. 

Client; two labels of cancer. First session:  In pain. Wants pain to go away. Feels awful. Fear. 

I am tired. Why am I so tired.


Yes, I cannot do what I use to do. I get too tired. 

What do you do when you are tired?

I don’t know.

Do you rest?


Why not?

No time. I guess I walk the dog sometimes.  But between the house, family parties and going back and forth to the hospital and appointments there is no time. 

I know you have a lovely yard and live in a peaceful neighborhood. Next time you feel too much pain, I would like you to stop, sit in your yard and simply look. Gaze. Feel appreciation. Then, also please consider taking a nap, a rest. Just for a few minutes. The pain is telling, rather asking you, to stop. Will you do that? 

Next session: 

How was your week?

Good. I did it. I stopped and sat in a lounge chair in the yard.

How did it feel?

(Mumble) The pain went away.

The women I have met who have cancer diagnosis all have had one thing in common; low, if any, quality of quality self care. (In a more extensive writing we would now speak of doing for others and ignoring self, giving up dreams, ignoring ones own needs, thinking one can give from an empty well, playing the martyr, having poor boundaries, being emotionally attached, reacting rather than responding, thinking one has to fix everything, paying attention to everyone else and ignoring ones own issues……)

Loving self care does not have to be expensive spa days, or vacations. I am actually referring to daily/weekly self care – at the VERY LEAST. 

  • waking up early to sit and enjoy coffee or tea while listening to the birds, give yourself 5 minutes by yourself.
  • taking a walk
  • journaling
  • time of devotion
  • feeding yourself beautiful, healthy foods (not putting junk food in your temple)
  • resting, even for a few minutes
  • speaking kindly, watching your words which come from your mouth
  • no self trash talk
  • reading a daily word of positive empowerment
  • spending time with a friend
  • taking a yoga class
  • going to a work shop – even a one time evening one
  • finding a spiritual community to fill your well
  • listening to positive videos, meditations, talks on the computer (SO-MANY CHOICES!)
  • watch a funny movie
  • sit by a body of water, and gaze
  • making choices which allow YOU to be nurtured too.

Basically, loving self care means; do not go against yourself. Whenever we do not feel good, (in any form: anger, tears, hurt, etc) it is because our thoughts are against our true selves, the highest level of our being.

I love you,






3d, 4d, 5d perceptions

Here is some encapsulated information regarding defining 3d, 4d and 5d for those who are curious. 

Living in 5d is extremely different than 3d – by now you may have heard references made to one or other, or even 4d or other. Each of these labels are to intention a level, a state, of a person’s conscious awareness of universal existence as in the non physical realm of life. Some call this a way to measure ones journey of enlightenment, of waking up.

In 3d one see’s life from a very linear perspective. This is common. This is often rigid, it has no allowance of other. People refer to this as the realm of duality beliefs. It is a perspective of right and wrong, anger, going against. Many illness’ are birthed through a 3d mentality. Ego and victim hood are words used often here. A person in this state does not yet realize one is a creator, nor many times, do they want to, for that speaks of taking responsibility for ones life. Life happens TO a 3d mentality. There is no sense of soul, of spirit, of the magic &  joy of life. There is death, there is fear, there is a need to prevent, protect, control, conquer and fight. In this perception of life, one clings to others, believes in ownership, reacts rather than responds. One does not yet have a sense of unconditional love, of living with joy, of thriving; rather than surviving.

In 5d+ one is in flow, there is no resistance, no going against, only for. One’s heart center is open, one has understanding of Universal law, the God Code and how life works. An awareness of Oneness, of Love Consciousness. Here, there is an understanding of choice. Here, one walks through taking 100 % responsibility for their experiences and is the creator of their lives. Here, one listens for inner guidance. There is only the sacred yes here. Choice is the key. There is a deep understanding that each being is not only a reflection of oneself, but also a God seed. There is the understanding that we each are thriving and living, that life is eternal. There is a fully embodied understanding of; as I think, I AM. In 5d one is knowing of the Divine life force in all things, that energy is all that is, that the Divine Architect has created an incredibly beautiful & magnificent Universe of which we are part. There is an honoring here, a respect of LIFE Itself. Language looses its value, for one is feeling their way along the journey here on earth. It is difficult to have conversation with 3d people, the cavern is vast. There is joy, no blame. There is here, hardly a response, for all is and accepted. There is an understanding that each is always choosing, and the joy of life is just that. There is the knowing that as we seek, we find and as we engage we become. There is an understanding of yin/yang, dark/light – and a deep respect for the Divine Architects Design. There is to be a playfulness here, a childlike energy. The + to 5d is all attributes simply become more and more as one increases in their awareness and surrender to God, the Divine Architect. Intuition, soul communion, OOB’s, and more are a way of life. Seeing through ones 3rd eye, hearing what others cannot. Communication is an entirely different level from 3d. 

4d is the bridge. A bit of this still some of that. A light goes on now and again. One wants to understand but does not yet embody. ‘Facts’ still play a role, intuition is being tested. Many empaths are in 4d perception, for at first it is painful to feel all, prior to realizing the gift of divine choice and creating healthy, respectful boundaries. In 5d+ ones boundaries are seated in a strong foundation of faith & universal law. 

Perhaps next will be life beyond 5d?………..where I believe the magic truly happens. 

with love, Deborah

Claim Your Day!

Today I am very excited for everyone! Today I KNOW you have the power within you to change your life right now. I know that your word is everything. 

What are you claiming? What are you speaking? What story are you telling? What words are coming from your mouth? If you journal, what are writing about? 

I want you to know, that every single word you speak is a seed to that story. A seed grows. This is NOT a complex law. Actually, could it be any simpler? 

I LOVE intending my day. I LOVE segment intending – meaning, that like chapters in a book, we have various segments of our day, and speaking them into positive outcomes & experiences is utter joy. It is incredible to be present, to claim ones day and then feel & watch it unfold into the experiences. 

I am deeply grateful to realize this law, this Divine set up of what power-filled beings we are; creating, creating, creating. 

PLEASE hear me; YOU are creating! YOU! When you realize this formidable law of the Divine Matrix & then use it, apply; everything changes

You no longer are complaining, in fear, worrying, anxious, waiting to see what anyone else says or does! Imagine that. 

The further down the rabbit hole you are in this moment, the wider you want to caste your word. “I will have a decent day.” – Pretty general, not too far a range for you to connect with.

If you have been aware for a while, you have some foundation built up and can be more specific, like my day yesterday: “Today I am taking a day for myself. Phone off, away from home & office. I am going to go to Peterborough, shopping – to all the antique shops I have never gone into, (because, my husband will only go into so many with me). I will have a really enjoyable day, meeting lovely people, finding the bargains I want, a new angel for our garden, things on sale! Everything will be great prices, very affordable. I will have lovely conversation with people, enjoy a delicious lunch and enjoy being by myself. I love this day, the weather is amazing, the air is clear, this day I am so grateful”.  – and yes, it was all this and more. At each turn I was in palpable amazement. The first store I stopped at had a garden angel right in front, with a bird bath for half price! (I have wanted both and here they were all in one! Yikes!!! ) I entered the shop and strolled, first seeing an item I had been wanting for a year!!!! It was the perfect color for what I was wearing and I walked out the shop with it on! The sales woman was lovely and amazed how it went with my outfit. What else I loved about this shop was that they had among the very pretty items, a reproduction red pick up truck. Interesting for me, I loved my red Ford Ranger for 18 years and miss it since I bought another vehicle. I just starred at this….in among very feminine light airy items, was this red pick up truck for sale! I picked it up, in awe. (Another law, once you open to good, it can ALL flood in!) Soaking in the creation of this perfection. Then she voluntarily stated, you know where you should have lunch?…and directed me. I then went to the second stop and once again, what my husband calls a Deborah store; antiques, old things, pretty things, birds, plants and more pretty things. Rabbits, bunnies, birds; oh my! Old windows, reclaimed wood, lots of garden benches (wishing I had my truck so I could fill it up!)  – without any doubt, I was certainly in my physical element.

I did not buy the angel and bird bath, something said wait till you are on your way home, be sure. 

My day continued. Snatching up small marvelous items for my personal joy! I went to the lunch place suggested to me. A woman was standing by the checkout  and it felt like she knew the place, I asked where a menu was and then she and this other woman who came out of the ether and walked me through – helping me with such joy, making suggestions of food, how good all was! So many lovely conversations with strangers! 

As I got out of my car at one parking lot I heard humming and looked up and this woman, late 70’s, early 80’s was walking to her car…as I went by I mentioned  her humming was a happy sound; You heard that!? A bit embarrassed, but very happy, we smiled joy at one another.

In my way home I went by the first shop again, sat in parking lot, looking at the garden angel for sale with the birdbath and said to myself; no, that is a cherub, not an angel. I want wings, not cupids. I left. A bargain is only a good bargain if you love it.

No more than 50 feet from that parking lot, I turned a corner – another antique shop, although closed,  I drove into the driveway to check the hours on the door and there she was. A large, statuesque outdoor angel with wings.  Thank you Universe! 

I have emailed the shop inquiring if it is for sale and the price. I am still basking in the joy of my intentions of yesterday, to such a degree, I hope to never NOT start my day or any experience in the future, without intending, claiming, stating! 

With that said, I am off to do just that.

with love, Deborah