Get Off the Gerbil Wheel, or Put the Monkeys to Bed.

Language. Words. They can get in our way or get us to where we want to be; depending on how we choose them.

Take the phrase; God Bless Our Home – or God Bless You. How ever we use this prayer; on a plaque, verbally, or a wooden sign from Esty – say it out loud. Note how it feels.

Now, say this instead: God Blesses Our Home, God Blesses You.

Did you feel the sublime shift from asking to affirming? If not, try it again. Listen and feel the words.

It is radically amazing how the shift from asking for to affirming presently changes our mindset, and hence, our lives.

In stead of a begging/asking/beseeching wording, we can choose to affirm. Perhaps affirming health feels too far fetched when one is ill or in pain. BUT, affirming that health is a possibility, is available feels comforting.

Everything we need is here, in affirming this are bodies relax, being reminded of this Truth. Even if we do not see it yet, this prayer/exercise can place us in a space of feeling the possibility of.

When our mind falls down a rabbit hole, gets on a gerbil wheel of fear ……..(you know what I mean) – I LOVE affirming out loud;

“Love is here too. Courage is here, strength, peace…are here too. Answers are here, health is here, the Light is here, knowing is here, healing is here, Divine perfection is here, calm is here”…..over and over again………..

May these few words support you.

In Gods Light,


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