This Little light of Mine…….

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When our perception of the world or others weighs us with heaviness, we seek to feel freedom from our own thinking, relief from whatever it is we are intertwining with in this dance of creation. In other words, we are looking for the nearest exit. Even for those who have devotional practices for years and years, meditation time each day, more positive beliefs than they have ever practiced, even for the spiritual teacher, the life long faith seeker, the healer, the parent that never gives up, the eternal optimist – some days, don’t we all seek the exit door ?

For me, my first exit door, as trite as it may sound, are the winter candle sticks in our windows. We keep them lit during the entire winter darkness, the moment the dark comes to the day, when the holidays are upon us, these lights are placed in every window of our home. They will stay in our windows till we are fully in spring and days are longer. When I awake hours before sunrise, or in the midst of the night – I have an instant sense of peace. The darkness of our home, living in the woods, the simplicity of a solitary candle in every window fills me with immense peace, gratitude and beauty; when my monkey mind is spinning and my illusion is that not is alright with my world.

My second exit door is our living room. This is the room we each loved when we first looked at this house. This room carries immense peace for us. When we need to breathe, to feel content, to feel relief – we go and sit. Our living room has no television or computer. It does have a fireplace, old moldings, beauty, and symmetry – a large square room with two windows each on three sides….as well as perfect views of either a sunrise or sunset. This room just feels good. To relax my husband and I will both choose this room. To nap, my husband chooses this room. Every other room has tasks associated with it – cooking, eating, washing, working, sleeping, watching tv. Not our living room. In the night time and predawn, to simply walk into this room with a candle lit one can take a breath, a full breath. One can sit and let it all go. One can discuss in tranquility, in the hope and knowing of solitude, in remembering how to simply be.

Our third exit choice is our back porch, with twinkle lights on year round – but we cannot use it during the cold. When any warmth comes into season, we are out there in the morning with our coffee and tea watching the woods and birds.

Each of these exit strategies allow me to disconnect from the outer world and reconnect to my inner being-ness. In a moment I am free of anything I see as a burden, or from any concept, thought, worry, concern or lack I am entangled with.

We all need an exit strategy from our own minds. Being a life long healer, teacher and member of the clergy – I have a tool bag that overflows with options, and you know what? – sometimes even these options can feel like work. I realize nature is the common choice, to walk, hike, be in it. Yes, this does it too – and for us, my husband and I, we have created a home that enfolds us in love, peace and tranquility. Let all those little lights shine for as long as you want, they really do let our souls sing.

In Light and with great love,