Being human is not for wimps…

I awoke this morning with two simple realizations of how incredible it is to be here, together, in human form and how every single ‘message’ we get is universal. Let’s begin with being human.

There is no one person who cannot see all that people go through, or have hardships within their family, or have a friend or loved one who has been sick, or has had a broken heart, been fired, had any multiple of challenges in their lives. No one can deny; being human is not for wimps.

As a healer, minister and counselor I have listened to and sat with many during their journey of humanhood. And you know what? ANYONE can see it; in a grocery store line when a parent is tired, or an elder could use help loading packages into their car or a child is sad, or simply in one owns family. In the midst of life, living life, life is all around us.

I have a theory that the souls who come here and have really tough times have the most faith. I imagine a chat with God before we come into form about what we want to learn, what we want to experience in order to feel for another, and that we only sign on for the greater challenges when we have greater faith and knowing that God is always with us. Imagine it comes our time to incarnate, and we say; “Yes, I know You are with me, and I LOVE those moments when I realize You, when I feel that emptiness get filled, when the Divine Spark of Holiness is ignited within me!! I love those moments! And I KNOW that each time we feel them, this helps to ignite an increased awareness of YOU God, of Love, of POSSIBILITIES! Sign me up. I am not afraid. My faith is my life line. I KNOW it is all temporary. I can do this. I KNOW you’ll feed me when I am hungry, and heal me when my body is ill and give me hope when I feel failure. I’m going back!”

Imagine that, that the ones with the greatest challenges have the most faith. They may not realize it yet, but it’s in there.

Now, if we believe, as my circle of beings do, that we ARE ONE – how can ANY message NOT BE Universal? How can if the world is hurting we not hurt? How can we not be exhausted? How can, as many of us believe right now, believe we are going through a massive awakening into what is labeled a higher level of consciousness, how can any message NOT be for the masses?

Every message IS for everyone, and they will receive it at their personal level of perception. And, doesn’t empathy tie us together? Like a beautiful ribbon, our ability to sympathize, to feel for another unites us, as love does, and are they one of the same?

At any rate, let us love for a while, for a year or so, you and me. That’s a form of divine drunkenness that we can all try. ” F. Scott Fitzgerald.

This is my chosen quote in my college year book. I am so pleased when I read it, and think how much I was not yet aware of, yet something within me knew who I was to become. It doesn’t take much, that is proof of God to me!

Our soul knows. Our heart center knows. All of this and more unites us. There are those who will live their lives trying to avoid it, but unification is at our core. We try so hard to express our individualism, and we do – yet our soul level is where we unite.

All the sayings; do not judge another, walk in another’s shoes, be kind, walk a mile in their shoes…….all these and more promote our unification as humans who each have the ability to love, empathize, and exhibit holy unity as souls who chose to have this earth experience. Every message is universal.

I do not have to know you or like you to love you. We are here together.


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