Moving Parts

For those who dislike change, consciously or subconsciously, life naturally presents resistance. Not very comfortable.

Personally, I love change. Always have. I have easily lived in many places, many different homes, had different jobs, careers, interests. I do many things, wear many hats. Even as a minister, I am outside the box of anything conformed or ‘in one place’. Yet, as I ‘elder’, (my new verb) I see how change is not always a breeze for me, as it once was. I catch myself, feeling the resistance that lives beneath my surface saying…”no…not that… like this…..this is the way I have always done it….” In that moment the resistance is loud. I do catch it, I talk with it, I question myself. It leaves or I choose the decision for it to stay as I wish, but it is dooly noted.

(The change that bothers me the most is when I LOVE a television show and they go and CHANGE it. Dang. It was SO good the first season…why did you do that?)

In this space of observing my resistance I note how life IS change. I see how all parts are moving, all the time. How the old saying nothing stays the same is innately true. Everything IS life itself in form, and it is always adjusting, contracting, growing, expanding, fitting, becoming. Yes, I do feel Life and God are one of the same. This is a brand new ah-ha for me! (See….change!)

Change is something new, different, not as it once was. Everything is life, and life is affected constantly through ITSELF. EVERYTHING IS A MOVING PART MADE UP OF MOVING PARTS! This year I have not been able to keep up with myself. It has been that, as soon as I make one choice, or move one thing in our home, or make one decision about my ministry; within a week or so it is challenged with a new inner guidance request! Keep up Deborah, keep up!

I feel what was is not wrong. This is important.

Important #1. We do not change because something was bad, or wrong or not good. A catalyst, but not the reason we change. We change and choose because the energies have shifted within ourselves. We may try (and we do) to blame it on another person or a poor choice last week, year or even lifetime! BUT, the way it works is that a change in our energy has taken place which means WE have changed and now we see it this way, not that.

Important #2 – Is to NOT make what WAS wrong.

Years and years ago I moved rooms around in our home and when my brother came over he asked; “why didn’t you get it right the first time?”

It is not easy for a black and white person to see choice or understand an artist eye to evolve. Although I got his question and wondered myself, the prior design was simply as I saw it, now I see it this way. Not a right or wrong, but energy it self that is evolving and causing me to evolve.

I had to go there so I could get here.

Our cells are consistently shedding and changing. This is nature. Nature itself shows us the beauty of change. We ourselves, being Life Itself, are changed each moment, by colors, conversations, words, what we look at, think about, see.

If you are uncomfortable with change, you may want to get friendly with it. Life is much more enjoyable that way.

Thank you for joining me here – I must go catch up with myself!


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