Inside My Bubble

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To me, this photo is exquisite. I took this from our hotel window this past weekend in Maine. Let me share with you how I see it. The sun looks like a cross. I see a trail of Light coming down into it, and then downward, then into the ocean….as it hits the land it turns into facets of gold, look at that, like gold crystals into our room. (enlarge it to see the crystals!) And the incredible orb to the right as the Light hits the land…and an orb, a perfect solid round orb INSIDE an oval energy field. I think this photo is extraordinary. A gift from the Universe, all is well, Christ Consciousness is present.

I introduce this writing with the above recent post from my ministry Fb page because I feel it explains much about me……how I see things. And how I see something is usually very different than the ‘norm’. For me, this is not just a sunrise or a pretty photo of the ocean. It is a gift. It is a reminder of the Divine magic there is here for us…of the beauty, of the love.

At a high school reunion several years ago a classmate shared that she thought I had always been in a bubble. I could not agree more. (Although in truth, this bubble is really our energy field, a grid made up of 144 points of light in which WE are, all our beliefs – and for now, it is, the bubble!)

As I age I realize that I have always been there, always aware of, this bubble, in this cocoon. Always hopeful, faithful and at peace. I have formed few long term relationships. I realize many may feel this is not right, even unhealthy. This does not mean I am not helpful, nor connected with loved ones, but it does mean there is no holding on. Unconditional love & faith offers freedom to choose, not chains that bind. Many people formed lifetime friendships in high school, not me. I recently learned how many deep and abiding friendships were formed at the summer camp I went to; not me. Women on the camp Facebook page are deeply attached to the camp and their years there and the love and memories they have; not me. They are still connected. There is definitely a part of me that can feel a bit of envy for their fondness of their memories, but then I see – I have good memories, I loved the swimming, the pine trees, the all of it too……but in a much ‘lighter’ way. I guess, I know that joy can be felt anywhere, not just at that moment in time. There is so much beauty in the universe, so much love and joy for us to experience, it is never found ONLY in one place.

I have always been on the outside of any circle. I am always at the deep end of the pool. Once a shaman friend and I had a conversation about how in our community I was welcomed everywhere, but belonged no where. This could be explained as only child syndrome, born an independent Aries, and other linear explanations; but I would disagree. I believe it is not only possible, but is the potential of us each to live in each moment fully engaged AND not attached.

My life has not been ‘all roses’ as the saying goes – yet for much known and unknown, I never attached to the lack road. Yes, I grew up in alcoholic family, (with many other dysfunctions), had a challenging first marriage and divorce and lost jobs. I always knew I could walk through it all, that there was another way. Yes, I have enjoyed therapy along the way and have immense faith in talking things out, being witnessed and seeking support whenever we feel the desire. And I do believe that mostly; I just let it go and kept moving.

So many of our earthly relationships are conjoined through lack, through what our trauma may be, our addictions are, what brings us pain, through our sufferings; rather than our joys. Many get stuck in a story and have challenges finding their way through.

Perhaps our bubbles our made up of what ‘activates’ us. When I began my ministerial, metaphysical and Universal law studies; all fell into place for me. I could finally see what my ground was made up of, what I stood upon. I see too often that what activates many is what they lack or what angers them or what they feel is wrong or missing; rather than what brings them joy, elevates them, fills them with love.

Yes, I have friends, but no need to be in constant contact. I know they are well. I can love them from afar. When the request arises, we are there for one another.

I have no desire to conversationally and emotionally repeat (and repeat & repeat) old stories, for then I could not be in the present moment. I have no desire to discuss what does not work for that keeps it not working. This definitely limits social interaction. Thank God I am a counselor and healer, or I may never see anyone! (That is an exaggeration; I am married, have a few friends and family.) One of my closest friends has another very close friend she lives near and sees most everyday. They talk several time’s a day. We laugh about it because she realizes I have no concept of that at all; what in the world is there to talk about that much?!

Yesterday morning in my mystic-self time of devotion, the bubble image came to me, this palpable knowing I most certainly live in a bubble, one that I love. I then asked Spirit about it, about the ‘health’ of it. Then I tuned into an Abraham-Hicks video and got my answer! (Love that!) A-H spoke of ‘be in a bubble’.

In my bubble is being present and faithful to the max. In my bubble is what some may call magic, multiple dimensions, simplicity, unconditional love. In my bubble is devotion, God Consciousness, listening, hearing, joy of living, gratitude, thankfulness, security, art, creativity, choice, books, freedom, abundance, eternalness, kindness, beauty, order, knowing, openness, laughter, light, coziness, sharing. Just as important is what is NOT in my bubble; fear, dependency, blame or victimhood. I know that when an ‘off’ day or moment happens, that this too shall pass. I am able to let it be without judgement. I love my bubble. I love being in it, living in it, sharing it, acknowledging it. Definitely a form of monastic living; yet not in a cave, or mountain top or retreat center.

What is in your bubble? Are you happy there? Does it make you feel secure? Are your perceptions you live through from conditioning or choice? Right now, I am going to go make tea, sit by the fire and journal all about my bubble! What is in there? What can I welcome into it? What do I want to let go of, to let in, to seek? You can do the same.

What’s in your bubble?

Thank you for joining me here.

with great love, RevDeb

One thought on “Inside My Bubble

  1. Beautiful! Love the visualization you shared of your photo taken in Maine. And moments of solitary synchronization. I feel similarly, and my bubble is in Nature, with my loved Ones: God, dog, tribe. ❤️🙏❤️


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