surprise help.

So, this morning I googled myself. Not a usual thing for me. Not sure if I ever have before. But, what I found was fun – the above link to my former blog. Surpise! (Lots more reading opportunities.)

Here is an excerpt from one of the posts. These words were given me from Spirit after I asked for help with an issue in 2014. It is the same help I was wanting this week. When I offer all I have and a client consistently continues to rally verbally for their lack awareness and insists on seeing things only their way, I have pangs that I have not done enough. I feel I have failed God. It is a miserable feeling. Yet, I am asking them to own their own feelings & emotions and not blame others for them, as God directs me to own my own too. Mirror, mirror.

from Spirit:

“”1. Do not feel guilt, shame or judgement about your feelings. They are just your feelings. Its okay, they are just what you feel. That’s it, they are for you, not for them. And their feelings are for them, not for you. You don’t have to do anything with their feelings and they are not responsible for doing anything with or for yours.

2. Do not blame anyone else for your feelings. No other person, nor their actions or responses, or non responses are responsible for your feelings.

3. Own your feelings. Stand with them. No shame, no judgement. They are simply what you feel. Its okay. There is no right or wrong, remember?  Share if the relationship requires it, or if you so want to; but share in standing with them as your own, without expectations the other person will change to make you feel better.””

Still wise words. Always wise words.

Shared with love,


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