Behaving vs. Believing

I wonder, is the path of spirituality less about what one believes, and more about how one behaves?

Dogma based religion is about what one believes, who one believes in, how to believe, worship, and often, many rules. Too often religious based options make/teach the human to be a victim in life without choice… as in; unless you do this or that. In this I ponder; where is personal integrity as simply a kind human being which affects how one choose to act? How we choose to be? How we choose to show up in our lives?

Caring about our own behavior – is this not the key to peace? To joy? To commitment? To tolerance? To communication? To relationships? To all the good that is here for us to responsibly & consciously CHOOSE?

The options that spirituality offer us are inward, not external. The paths are for us to KNOW ourselves better, to take responsibility for how we show up in the world, in this day, in this experience. The path is one that builds us up as child of God, the Universe, or even starlight – the what, or the label we prefer is not as important as how we apply the teachings and insight we gain in order to help create more good, more love, more peace in our world. In other words, how we behave.

If you know me, you know I am a woman of tremendous faith in God. I am an ordained interfaith minister, brought up in a conservative protestant household. In my heart & mind, I know Jesus. My faith lights my path – no doubts at all in a Higher Power of Creation. AND, I take full responsibility how I apply this in my everyday life through my behavior.

As I consider my belief in Karma, my knowing of Universal Law, my deep intuitive knowing & realizations of my own expression, which I would never have spent time with had it not been my calling to what is labeled spirituality – I easily see the strength, courage and resilience that taking responsibility for my words, tones, actions, thinking & beliefs make up each moment of my BEHAVIOR – and for this, I remain, eternally grateful.

Thank you for joining me here.

with great love, Deborah

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