Let the Vacancies Be Filled!

I remember a time when I did not have faith in a Power Greater than I. I remember a time when the idea of depending on something that I could not see was neither a blimp on the screen nor a heard of option. I remember a time when I worked very, very hard to force something to happen and for an instant I was proud of myself; only to see it fail. I remember a time when the words God, Holy Spirit, Creator, Jesus, Divine Intelligence, Universal Presence; were not part of my vocabulary. Now, my life is very, very different, for it is all I know, all I rely on, all I trust, all that fills what was once a vacancy in my mind and heart.

As I typed the above paragraph I repeatedly heard the word ‘swimmingly’. Such a lovely, flowing, free, graceful vision, this term – to feel the freedom of going with the waters, rather than fighting upstream in going against.

The energetic shifts we are in have caused me to make many moves in our home. Moving of rooms, furniture, placement, new items, etc. Always, as I shift, my surroundings do. Doesn’t that make logical sense? For me, this particular shift began early 2020, with direct guidance to buy new bedding, shift colors, change knobs on bureaus. In August as my personal ascension growth took momentum, it was to change my office, (which I am now naming Deborah’s Universe), create an office for my husband, (which took his desk, his work files and guitars out of our spacious living room and into a private room) which caused the major shifting of a total of five rooms. Even though it was physically a workout, it happened swimmingly. And I do believe, for now, as of this morning, when I shifted my new healing space for the FOURTH time in as many weeks in ways I never saw were possible for in the past six years – I am complete. Or I will be by tomorrow when I have all my art supplies, paints, easel out of closets and storgae in place!

Understand, we moved to this house 6 and a half years ago and I had not yet, till now, seen how I could possibly make space for ALL my passions. We moved from a 5200 sq. foot home to 1800 sq. ft. I love caring for our home, I love being a minister, I love working with clients, I love painting, I love writing and my book is in the birth canal. Well, we know we are each a work in process. Each step we take, brings the puzzle of who we are together more and more, each decision unlocks another block, opens a new pathway in order for us to see with greater clarity. Every step we take is important. None more vital than than another.

Seeing space (OR ANYTHING!) created when one does not think there is even the possibility of is only done through faith. I always believe there is a solution. I may not be able to see it, but when I give it to God, God always comes through for me. Spirit always fills my vacancy. This past weekend I was guided to complete my new office/meditation/client/healing space to also fit my art (those who know this room are gapping their mouth’s open right now thinking how the heck??) – and I was, I AM amazed at the vison I was given! But, also, another moving around of furniture was not on my joy list, as these new energies are walloping many, including myself, so I asked to wait. I needed rest. This morning was it! When we do not force, and allow for alignment, all goes, swimmingly!

In my upcoming book I speak often of vacancy as being a calling for God. An opening, that only can be filled through ones willingness to surrender to the Power Greater than I. IT WORKS!!!

with great love,

Rev. Deb


2 thoughts on “Let the Vacancies Be Filled!

  1. Deborah, I am so happy to hear that you have made room for your art supplies! I have a room that is my office, library, art, music and drumming room. It holds my computer, books, art supplies, drums and other musical instruments- as well as a couple of kitty condos. I have had to be inventive, living in a home with 880 square feet. Somehow it works, and is “enough” for me and my cats.


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