Expiration Date

If you have ever attended one of my groups, there is a good chance you know what this blog is about, if not, SURPRISE!

I am going to talk about death, or rather, the truth that it does not exist. Yes, our bodies do die, they have an expiration date – but, the True Identity of who we are does not. We live on, exist on in another realm. Due to my lifelong experiences of helping others to transition, soul to soul communicating and mediumship, this is my belief. I also do not use the term death, I call it transitioning. The True Identity leaves the body.

Flowers die, go to rest, at the end of summer, they come back the following year…..no, not annuals – but think of yourself like a perennial.

This is SO important to grasp my friends. If not, one lives in fear – fear of this or that – fear of dying – fear of trying new things – fear of eating the right food…..the list is as long as there are people. If you live like this, chances are you are not living either…or rather you live each day in some fear that something, anything, a person, a flu, something is going to kill you, yes, take your life. You are living in grief for those who have ‘died’ before you. Or, as many say, who “LEFT me”. You cry each time you think of them, rather than celebrate them. AND more importantly, rather than feel them around you, possibly see them, commune with them – many wallow in their absence.

Yes, this is a HUGE subject. AND you have my promise, that when one stops fearing death and believing in eternal life, the fear and sadness that is lifted cannot be described!

In my not yet published book I have one chapter titled; “Let Me Know You’ve Landed.” In this chapter I share stories of how Beloveds have let me know they have fully crossed between the veils and are ‘home’. My hope is in sharing these stories, others may soften to believe differently, and experience more ease, love and grace in their lives. Here is just one short story:

  “After several months of weekly visits to Nina’s home, it was time for her to transition. Sitting with her in hospice, planning her life celebration, I had the opportunity to ask her; please, let me know you have landed.  

       Driving to her memorial service, which I was officiating, I asked once again; please, Nina, give me that sign, let me know you are home. Within a half mile I had to stop for a gaggle of ducks, they were crossing the road coming from my right. I thought, I have driven this road hundreds of times, and have never seen ducks on it, a long way from water crossed my mind. Then, I looked up to my left, watching them clear the road and I saw it. The road sign at the intersection said; Nina Drive.  I could not count the times I had gone by this intersection and never had I ever noticed that well-worn street sign, ever.”

When we believe in death as a forever act,  it is deeply traumatic, painful and difficult because it is not true.  Anytime we believe in or act out or speak against Universal law, it does not feel good. Our bodies, each one of ours, have an expiration date. BUT, we thrive on. It really, really helps to make friends with his fact, so you can begin to live freely.

with great love, Deborah


One thought on “Expiration Date

  1. Thank you, Deborah- this is right where I am now- wanting to let go of this fear. It is what all my writing and journaling is about. As I age, I find that I want to be curious about what comes next, rather than fearing it. I haven’t quite gotten there yet, but I believe that I will!


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