Heart Hunger

I awoke at midnight and just had to get up. The thoughts of how we simply need to reach out to one another, for that connection we hunger for was stirring. I came into my sacred/quiet/office/space, in my groggy sleepy state, I checked my phone and had a message from a client – she is a photographer and from a group she is in, she shared with me three incredible photos she thought I would appreciate. She just knew I would love them. Let me tell you they are wow! Beyond orbs! But the take away is my heart opened because another person had thought of me and reached out. This has been a theme these past few days – the necessary heart connection we all NEED.

Then I opened FB to take a peak and the post was of my step sisters first great-grandchild had come home to visit with her clan (from Alaska to Cape Cod) so an amazing baby new soul with photos of her being adored by relatives, being welcomed, and her soaking up the love and spreading pure joy. How perfect as I awoke pondering this human connection ‘need’.

I wish we all realized how precious this human connection need is. It is a radical calling from our hearts I am labeling heart hunger. I am not speaking about love of the human form, but the caring of ‘inclusion’.

an invitation. a door held open. a smile. a hello. a sharing of food. an extension of patience. a card in the mail. a random phone call. leaving a voice message. sending a text. offer a cup of tea. simply sit with another. random assistance to a stranger. checking in on neighbors. how can we make another person feel cared for, thought of, remembered?

The other day I heard a story of a fourth grade boy who was helping his neighbor feel comfortable on the her first day of a new school, wanting to be sure she was ‘comforted and cared about’. Oh, my heart.

Caring is an underrated word. We use it too much, yet, the true vibration of it is under valued. Authentic caring. It stirs our hearts and brings tears to our eyes and tenderness to our existence.

To care is NOT about fixing anything. It is not about the ‘carer’ doing a good deed, but about the vibration of caring which is exchanged in kindness.

What can we each do to express more caring? It is the stories of caring that get us, every time. The caring of an animal, the caring for others, our love of the caregivers.

The energy of caring – the unselfish, authentic, simple acts of caring – what can we say it is ? – loving put into action? The tucking in of our broken pieces, of the rough edges, of the aches, wounds, emptiness…..I see this, let me care about you, not because I know you even, but simply because caring for another is a most natural act of our souls. Our souls know what it is to care. Not care with an agenda – not care because it is our obligation, or job, or even calling, not caring out of worry or concern – the simplest act of caring for another human no matter how slight, small or insignificant we may think, is a calling of our souls. Caring is how our soul speaks – and it is in very, very simple, small acts which in the radiance of the unselfish motivation itself, magnifies love in the purist sense possible.

How can you care today? Hearts are hungry, feed them – with authentic, unsolicited, radical giving of your soul through a simple, simple act.

with great love,



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