What To Do Now?

Too often we awake to finding out, hearing, reading or seeing life playing out in ways that are painful, challenging and make our hearts spin. We are human, after all.

And what is this ‘human’ excuse we hear so much about? We say it as if it holds automatic forgiveness or an excuse for ‘bad’ behavior. Some days I am simply appalled at ‘bad behavior’; and you? Yes, I am sure, you too. How can you not be? Unless you live at the top of a mountain in a cave, alone, with out world access. It is rampant in our politics, in our authority figures, in life. Why? Why do so many have such poor boundaries, live in so much fear, express through fiery anger? Why is it, that so many react, rather than express calmly? Why do we do what we do to one another? Why do mothers yell at children in grocery stores to the embarrassment of by passers and the deep lifelong humiliation of a child soul? Why do people engage in killing, in war or street crime? Why, in our ‘humanness’, do we see ourselves as less than? Less than our Divine selves? Less than being able. Less than knowing better? The entire thing makes one sick. Literally. People making horrible, horrible choices, being blatantly unfair, caring more about their own self ego than the betterment of humanity.

Why do we say we are ‘human after all’ – as if we are NOT Divine, not capable of more, better. As if we somehow, because we are human, we are outside of the perimeters of God? Well, we are not. We are not living in a duality – and that is exactly why intolerable and bad behavior bothers us so much. And, because we have forgotten, or we fail to remember love, we feel and live as separation from our Divinity.

And for all the ones who are hurting, and expressing what they feel in ways that can be found intolerable – there are others who are expressing lovingly, kindly and with tolerance. There are strangers helping strangers, people working food banks, people educating, teaching, healing and guiding others to remember their innate Divinity. The helpers exist. WE can choose to be a helper.

We have to keep talking. We have to teach and expose our children to the importance of sharing without fear, listening without judgement, respecting different. We have to come to a realization that there IS Yin and Yang in this reality. We are not a utopia. We live in a world of contrast in order to choose higher. BUT, if we do not learn this; that we have choice, we will react from fear for we will feel there is no basis to stand upon.

A young mother I personally know, love & adore asked the other day on FB, how to talk with her preteen daughters about racism. This question stirred me, it moved me, it bothered me. It bothered me deeply, that that subject was a conversation one HAD to have with young people. She expressed that she felt it was required, that one should not avoid the subject. I have given this much thought. The truth is, young blacks in this country of America have had to live in that conversation their entire lives. All because of someone else’s fear, they had to be brought up in fear, in being caution, in being on high alert.

Racism comes from fear, which is the absence of love. It is based in ignorance of understanding the scope of the meaning of humanity. Racism is the absence of integrity and an expression of ego. Racism of ANY kind is NOT, NEVER, EVER acceptable – if it is making fun of a person, avoiding them when walking because of their skin color, gender or age, or feeling in authority over another human, or being abusive…the list goes on and on, doesn’t it? Racism is an empty vast dark hole; which everyone but the privileged white, of which I am one, have had to live with.

So, what do we say to our children, children of any color ? What do we say to our children of any gender, any size, any background, any ethnicity?

Can we talk with our children about this melting pot known as America? A place where many from other countries were once welcomed, and we pray, one day agian will be. Can we talk with them about feeling good about who THEY are being, no matter what any one else thinks? Can we tell them that humanity is made up of a glorious symphony of colors, shapes, sizes, languages, cultures and expression? Can we tell them that every single persons is different, like snowflakes – and that different does not mean wrong, bad, right, good, less than or better than. Can we tell them that there are people in this world who think that just because they have white skin, they are automatically better than others; this, my darling, is wrong. This is fear talking. Can we tell them that the world is made up of many ways to express, and we must care about how WE are doing, for that matters. We must learn to recognize loving, kindness and understanding. Can we tell them that this thing that makes people act out in fear upon others is an expression of who THEY are, not who you are. Even when someone makes fun of another person, when bullying happens, this is an expression of that persons sadness. Their heart hurts and no one has listened before to them. Can we tell them that we live in a world of not only diversity of people, but also of feelings, thinking, beliefs, thoughts – and it is very important for us as individuals; for you, to grow up discovering what you believe in and how you want to express in order to help the world, to help those who are suffering. And, as your parent, I am here to help you to this, and to example for you, what living from love looks like.

Can we tell them anything like that? Can we tell them no matter the color of ones skin or ethnicity; there will be nice people and not nice people. It is ones actions that speak of their integrity, not their skin color. Can we tell them to find security in their own choices, and to know that this is a huge, big ole’ world, and there is much good here, much joy here, much love here for you. Look for that.

Thank you for reading.

with great love, Deborah


A Pandemic Take-Away

This is letter I sent out to my email list this morning. It was suggested I share as my blog, so here it is!
Good Morning……….how are you feeling today? Life is just so dang interesting, isn’t it?
So, have you come away with any life changing decisions from the past few weeks? I have heard of many people who have. My dermatologists decided to retire. Just like that. They must have liked their time off! A friend decided to close her healing center, after 16 years. Relationships have shifted. This pandemic experience has changed us, changed the way we see the world, the way we see one another and the way we know ourselves to be.
For me, my change has taken place as a result of yet another deep internal dive into my own heart. Which yes, is the only way any substantial change takes motion. Every single physical and emotional ‘obstacle’ always brings me back to the same thing; “my trust in God, in that which is greater than I, in that which I am part of and IT is part of me. In the WHOLENESS and ONENESS of this existence. My deep Trust and awareness of the laws of this grand design…….and my ability to apply them.”
Oh, and there HAVE been obstacles these past few weeks. My humanness showed up big time! Yet now, after 30 years of my commitment to this path, a part of me gets happy when this resistance shows up, because I KNOW, no matter how hard it all seems at any moment, I AM guaranteed a way through. AND I KNOW YOU ARE TOO!
I am coming through this pandemic experience, which for me has been based in dramatic daily life changes; with an even stronger faith, with a deeper respect for others, with a greater awareness of how I bring it all on through my thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An experience of being able to see oneself so clearly that blaming another is impossible is so, so, yucky and so, so great!!!  I laugh at myself, honestly. If we listen deeply, sometimes we can hear our own voices in our head; “I am so miserable, why are they so *&^&^% happy????”
So funny.
So, the creme de la creme of my pandmeic takeaway is this: “I only want to talk about God.” Seems simple to you? It is and it isn’t.  My life was turned over and over to my faith many years ago, and yet, it keeps increasing. There is always more. My faith in what I know, what I have taught, what I have preached about, how I see life and attempt to live it; has only increased. This IS what I AM and how I do this life. There is nothing else for me.
In the beginning of this waking up deal, in discovering Louise Hay and positive thought, I can now see myself driving to work in my little white car, from Haverhill to Andover, down 495, talking out loud in my car stating; “I love my career, I love my job, etc. etc.” This was over 30 years ago. I was determined to be HAPPY! I was going to apply all the books I was studying and get it done! You know what, I did………..and it keeps increasing.
Well, there IS nothing else for me but chatting, sharing and focusing upon the Love, the Oneness, the Wholeness and Light that is here for each of us, and to support others to see it also. ..if you wish – or else I will simply be basking in it all by myself – but when you join me, it is all so much fun! For aligning with your very best self!
with great love,


Mothers Day Heart Ache

Mothers Day is not filled with joy for everyone.  For some, it is a day that reminds them they wish they had done better, different. Through all the joyful commercialism, they are instantly reminded their unhealed wounds caused a cycle to continue, their addictions, dysfunction, ignorance, immaturity, pain — has hurt their own child. These mothers feel like they failed. This is a devastating emotion.

For others, they feel they did all they could; they loved well, they were always present, they were warm, loving, nurturing, they were honest, kind, mothering – yet, it appears it was not enough and their child is or was not happy. Some mothers have children who do not communicate with them, who choose to shut them out of their lives. For a mother, this is un-imaginable.

Some mothers have children in jail, some mothers have children who have made choices that are beyond their own understanding, their comprehension.

Some mothers have children who blame them for their own adult issues, some mothers have children who died at birth, who committed suicide, who had horrific accidents, experiences. Some women always wanted to be mother, and never were. The ache remains.

My heart goes to these mothers – and I say to you; you did the best you were able to with what you had; what you had emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I say to you, each soul has their own karma, their own stories; even the ones who come through our own bodies. We do not come into this life as blank slate, we come in with tangled histories, with past lives that call upon us to seek.

I believe we choose our parents, as souls, we choose our families, in order to live out our karma, our desires, our souls journeys. There can be great peace in this belief – and also can lie great empowerment – to know that no matter what has happened, this too is a path that was needed somehow for this soul to experience.

I also want to humbly share, I came from a childhood home that I could be living from/ blaming right now for any number of past lack experiences – but I consciously chose a different path; to CHOOSE differently, not by default of my upbringing.  I believe, I know; anyone can do this. Choosing differently is always possible. 

I send you all love this day. My heart is wide open for you. May prayers of unconditional love, forgiveness and showing up the best we are able be ours today. May our children know we love them, and may we know how much we love them; unconditionally. Be in peace.

with great love, empathy, compassion & understanding,