Personal vs Wholeness

I often consider this quest; is there a fast-track, an instant something that I am missing, to offer another being in order for them to attain “instant’ understanding and leave the personal stories behind?  Dear God, there are times when I plead; please, please, let me know what it is.

As a spiritual teacher and guide, (really, is that the label I choose? some days I want a new one), a fine line lives between ’empowering of another and wanting to do it for them’ which raises its convoluted head now and then. This line is painful, uncomfortable and stagnating. It is paralyzing, for it does no one any good. I HAVE to keep the empowering tool in front, I HAVE to maintain sight of YOUR I AM PRESENCE, of YOUR CHRISTED True Identity – or why come to me? And yet, some times my humaneness speaks to me, my lowest self, my ego self – another words, sometimes i believe your story more than my knowing of God.  YIKES!!! NOOOOOoooo!!!! When I do this, I fail you, and my self, and God.

Here is a secret to feeling better, leaving your personal identity behind clears the path to wholeness, healing & joy. All the personal identity does is 1.) blame others, 2.) demand forgiveness, 3.) ask that some one change so you can feel better, 4.) look outside self for answers.

Are you doing any of these? If so, you are coming from personal identity. Personal identity is dark place. It keeps you separate, makes you feel different, causes you to not share, keeps you – apart. Apart from others and apart from your True Identity; Spirit in form.

How to change? Go deep into YOUR OWN personal beliefs. Why are you not taking responsibility for your own actions? Why are you giving another person authority over your life? Over how you feel? Why do you not know, believe, live; that there IS a Higher Power that HEALS our minds and bodies?

Are you WILLING to let go of what you THINK you are, to see what you actually are?

Are you willing to change? Are you willing to consider changing? Are you willing to trust? Are you willing to forgive everyone everything? Are you willing to allow incredible beautiful shifts in your life?

Are you willing to read suggested books? (on my website)

Are you willing to delete all negative input on your social media and ONLY allow positive issues, words and affirmations on your pages?

Are you willing to stop going against anything and begin to go for FOR something?  Are you willing to meditate each day? Are you willing to stop trying to change everyone else and simply change yourself?

Life is meant to be beautiful; with ease, love, abundance. (I know, crazy, huh?) Yet, this is only experienced when we let go of the personal and become part of the whole. Is that understandable? When you think you are the only one, or you have to do anything alone, or you feel sorry for yourself, or think no one can understand, no one has ever felt this way, or you do not share freely, authentically, or with judgement – life is a challenging. As long as we see ourselves as separate, we stand outside the energy of wholeness. And I promise you, this does not feel good. Every person has at least one issue! (I state that sarcastically.)  We are here, on planet earth, in these bodies for a dang good reason. Get over yourself, you are part of the soup! This bright, big, mushy, incredible soup of life. Join it. Recognizing the God of each of us, the standing in unity rather than fracture, through the recognition of our own Higher Self expressed through a physical body invites a sense of wholeness that simply feels good.

You are amazing. I do not have to know you, meet you or see you to know this. I believe we are each a speck of Divine Magnificence – each of us able to be kind, tolerant, amazing. I believe we are to hug madly and laugh as much as possible. I believe we are to dance, to consciously choose and to breathe deeply. I see the God in you. I see your potential. I have faith in you to be your very best self. I believe life is to be enjoyed, not endured. I believe being here is a huge gift, and whining is a waste. I believe in good, in angels, in love, magic and most of all; in a Higher Power. I believe in the non-physical. I believe in prayer, in having faith and I expect guidance each day. I believe in the simplicity of being POSITIVE! I believe in the words ‘ I CAN’.  My issue? I want you to know this too. And in truth, not everyone does – at least not in the same lifetime. But, you will. One of these lifetimes, you will experience wholeness. My issue? I want it to be now. And in that, sometimes, I want it for you more than you want it for yourself. (Me, coming from the personal and IT does NOT feel good.) 

with great love,


Standing Firm

Hello. Been a while for me, since I shared on this venue. But, when called, one goes!


In the earlier hours of the morning I turned in bed, with the thought of how much I need God. Such an intimate and palpable feeling. Now, if you know me, you know I do not care what word one uses for their perception of the Highest Power, just that they have faith in something greater than themselves. As well as, that God, to me, is Creator Energy. The One Power & Presence.

Anyways, I awoke with this loud awareness of how much I not only need God, but have to acknowledge Its Presence in my life each & every day, hour, moment in fact. I have to, for my self, for my life, for grace, ease, comfort, love; I have to. In order for me to see where I AM standing – I have to first see, feel and realize this One Power, this enormous Presence. 

I really, really need this. There is nothing in me that ever wants to forget this, or to go through a day in this life without accepting & welcoming God into my thinking, my feelings, my being. To think I have to do anything alone??? Never. Not for me. I turn to God all the time.  

You know what happens when I fail? I believe the lack, the fear, the lies too many live. I will fail to hold the High watch, to know that all is possible. I will be ill, sick, pained, negative, afraid. I will become part of the resistance rather than the flow. I will depend on anything outside of myself, rather than my own spirit. I will look for answers in another persons validation rather than my own heart center. When I fail to remember what I know and have faith in I will fall down your rabbit hole with you! And that does no good at all.

When we stand firm in our faith WE KNOW the same for others. When we stand firm in our own reminder of Truth, our vibration radiates this into the world. We become part of and give to the flow; not the fear. 

I invite you to do the same. Remain hopeful, stand firm in love, believe in a power greater than yourself alone. Practice, meditate, experience the wordless Presence. Honestly, this is the difference between living and thriving.

 with great love,

Deborah Evans Hogan

I can be found on Face Book, both by my name as well as The Amethyst Light Ministry. I am in a private spiritual practice in Townsend, MA.