Say ‘NO’ to fear

No doubt you have heard the statement, ‘you are always coming from either fear or love, you cannot come from both at the same time, choose’.  

It is far too common for people to allow fear to be the igniter for their decisions. Much of the time, when we are not even realizing it. We CANNOT let fear win, ever. (It never does.) LOVE is the only winner. 

This is being revealed in our every day lives.  Fear is where we go when we deny our own Divinity. Fear is where we go when we believe anything or anyone else says rather than check in with our own intuition and inner guidance, rather than when we choose to rely on God. 

Fear is the greatest distraction from our Divinity.  It is the ONLY distraction.

I know a woman who once stopped acupuncture, which she LOVED, because her doctors told her acupuncture was bad for her cancer diagnosis. She just did it.  She never questioned it. After one prompting, she was AFRAID to do something that made her feel wonderful. I was stunned, totally perplexed. It is amazing to me how often we fail to check in with our Higher Selves first, or to to even TRUST our intuition in the face of fear, to TRUST that feeling good and enjoying something (proven to be healthy, beneficial, not going on unhealthy binges), in the midst of a life threatening illness could possibly be bad.

I feel my fire come up whenever I hear from a client, ‘my doctor told me not to do this, so I stopped.’ Or ‘I can never do that again, it is bad for me.’ It riles my faithful heart to hear people place so much value in what another person says, rather than their own Divine accessibility. It MIGHT be the right answer for you, but CHOOSE it because it feels RIGHT to you, be in alignment with it, NOT because someone else said so. Then, you are coming from fear, feeling miserable and blaming another for how you feel, because they told you so. Coming from love, you get to the place of, this is my choice – and you will not be carrying fear! Never go against, go WITH. 

Whatever anyone says, do not make it I was told I can never…..blah, blah, blah. I was told I will not live longer than…………..I was told I have to take this medication even though……………….I was told this is the only way…………….

When we feel positive, our bodies respond to this. When we feel fear, our bodies respond to this. Basic, basic, basic. 

I am afraid I will get this, so I will choose to do that. I am afraid I will get the flu, so I will get a shot. I am afraid to be alone so I will stay with you. I am afraid I am not good enough, so I will stay in this horrible job. I am afraid I cannot afford it, so I will not let myself dream. I am afraid to loose my job so I will not speak up. I am afraid you will yell so I will not share how I really feel. I am afraid you will blame me so I will hide.  I am afraid you will not forgive me, so I will never tell you the truth. I am afraid, I am afraid, I afraid. 

Please, do not let fear win.  I cannot express this enough. People act out when afraid. People act from within when coming from love. Practice listening to what your motivation is. If it is fear, practice having faith in good, faith in possibilities, faith in God to carry, to Light your way. Practice having faith in YOUR choices, in yourself. 

Shared with Love, Deborah

I take It Back

I lied. I am going to blog. My last post said I would not. Oh well, such is human-hood.  

I LOVE the Season of Advent. It is my favorite. I awoke this morning, 11 years since I wrote this Sunday message below, excited! The past two days I have been decorating our home. I find pure joy in this, every day, but this season of bringing in the greens, drying fruit for potpourri, gathering pine cones in our woods… joy swells. Gratitude pours through my veins and I know anything is possible.  I send you love on this first Sunday of Advent, 2019.

Sunday Morning November 30, 2008

‘Tis the season of Advent. My favorite. I love this season; the intention, the teaching, the story, the idea. I awoke this morning, knowing in my soul this was the first Sunday of Advent and peace and excitement poured through me! How glorious this time of year. And how even more glorious to welcome this expectation of the Christ into our everyday mentality.

There are a few stories about the Advent wreath and its origins. The ones I hold close to my heart are that in the darkest of times, the German country folk, (some of my ancestors); brought greens, berries and candles into their homes to remind them that the darkest times will pass, that the Light is coming. The greens reminding us of Life force, of the eternal nature of Life – that warmer weather, longer days and planting season will one day be again. The red berries bring us into the knowing of birthing, of fire, of bursting forth from seed. The candles, yes, the candles are the symbolism for Light.

As the Church took hold of the “older” ways and redesigned them to fit their intentions, the Advent season, meaning a season of expectation, of expecting the LIGHT, became the season of expecting the birth of Jesus. For me, and for many others, we have conformed this teaching to the Christ. Not a person, but the celebration of the historic birth which brought forth a man who has exemplified the Christhood/Enlightenment/Awakened more than any other; the embodiment of Love, of knowing that ‘when you see me, you see the Father that sent me’.

I love that across the globe and perhaps in universes I know not of, others are thinking about the Christ, in the expectation, the hope of the embodiment of such goodness and Love, that we truly live as One, in the collective embodiment of an eternal nature of good.

This being the first Sunday of Advent I think about expectation, of preparing the manger of my heart for the birth of my individual Christ awareness as me, Deborah. I think about how the universal energies are supporting me more than ever before to behold the Christ in all beings. I consider how in future weeks many will be hearing teachings about faith, hope, joy, love and peace and it is my personal expectation they will bring these ideas into their every day lives.

Advent, the season of expectation, of preparing for birth. Today is a good day for each of us to reflect on what do we expect? What do you expect? What do you expect in the world?  For your personal life? What do you expect from your spouse, your family, your self? What do you expect? How do you expect yourself to respond to life’s challenges? To life’s joys? How do you expect yourself to feel tomorrow?

Do you expect your own awareness to express and embody the Christ? Do your expect yourself to embody unconditional love? Forgiveness? Kindness? What do you want to birth through you, as you, as the expression of this season, this life?

Expect to be happy. Expect to be supported in all ways through everyday of your journey. Expect good. Expect that the Christ awareness is for everyone; every single living thing, sentient being. Expect to be guided. Listen and expect to hear. Expect Gods answers. Expect love and loving ways.

When we choose to expect the Christ, a peace will pour through your body, mind and spirit and then God can do through you.  You may choose I expect good. I expect success. I expect love.

Advent. Expectation, hope, faith in the yet unseen. The three wise men, prophets, seers; left to find the Star, to find the Light – they already KNEW it was there – they expected to find it. No doubt. Knowing. Pure expectation. What do you expect?

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