Awakening is not for wimps…………

Catchy title? I hope so. 


First, let’s clarify what I mean by ‘awakening’.  I believe this journey we are each on is all about going from the head/intellect/ego perception – to the heart/love/feeling/intuit perception. So many words are being tossed about these days – it use to be self realization, now it is Ascension. Some may say it is living by ones own means, to handing it all over to God, and trusting in That. It also can be called a re-emergence into the Cosmic-ness of Life. Perhaps we say heaven on earth. Bringing heaven to earth. Raising our vibration. Living through unconditional love; ONLY. Letting go of ego (edging God out).  God self, Higher self. Oneness. Raising consciousness. 

Whatever we call it, anyone who is going through it, or who has gone through it, if you are what is labeled ‘awake’ – you know the turbulence which arises. I am not speaking of the first layers where friends change, family drops away, loneliness prevails, divorce, loss of job, questioning life…………….but the palpable interior shifts which have been dominant this past year and the most recent three weeks.. 

Due to the galactic energy waves of Light being pounded on our planet –  two major physical issues have risen, which as a healer I witness in clients.  

#1. The balancing of the left & right sides of the brain, the masculine and feminine. Before this summer, since 12/2012, it was that the waves were igniting the strength and power of the Divine Feminine coming alive…… in resounding force. Then, the Divine masculine got very, very loud, (in human retaliation, yet law of nature in balance) – NOW, we are coming to balance. This balance is clearly seen in clients, as they too are reflecting the cosmic infrastructure in their own path and this is supported by healers through energy work. Just this week a bridge was required to be built between a clients two sides – and when we were done she perfectly described her experience, and it was exactly what Spirit had directed me to do. I love when this happens. 

#2. Clients are having the experience of a volcanic eruption. Literally aware of the volcano energy in their body, possibility bringing nausea and or heat. This happens either when on or off the table.  The old ways of being, the past/previous beliefs come up in release. The Light which has been embodied causes one’s energy field to no longer tolerate old ways – and this is very, very good. If you want to wake up, this is part of the journey. The Higher vibrations, or more aware consciousness you have desired, reveals all unlike Itself. Being with this without resistance is key – allowing the process, honoring. 

Yes, parts of us are dying. The stories, beliefs, wounds. This causes the ego to express fear. Fear in any way, shape, thought or idea it possibly is able to. Do not bite the bait. Celebrate instead. YAY!!!!……my old ways are dying!!!!! Yay!!!! I am becoming more of my True Identity. No, your body is not dying – your God Spark is taking over!!! This is what waking up is – waking up to the truth that separation is a lie. 

No more going against, friends. Fear is going against. Remember, going against feeds the exact thing that you do not want. Choose to celebrate your re-birthing.

“Be still, hold your ground, you will soon fade away.” Come As You Are

May you know love today,


Morning Prayer

I awoke this morning flooded with God love. Words, praises and joy resonating in my mind. I LOVE when the thoughts I awake to are of my love for God, of God. The Holy Presence fills all of me and I HAVE to share. 

I awoke this morning with such dancing gratitude for being in love with God. For having this space within me, this faith I walk with, this sturdy, eternal, magnificent foundation to stand upon when other people’s actions and choices make no sense to me, are harmful, unkind, mean. I turn to You God when I need ‘sense’. I turn to You for everything – for without You there is no me. I turn to You to dig deep for something to say to the outrageous, to fear, to vacancy. I turn to You for guidance, each and every day. Each morning I awake, if You are not on my heart immediately, immediately I look for You. I look until I find You. I expect to see You. I refuse to begin a day without being fully awake to You. Fully awake to myself, to the I AM Presence of me.

I look for You God in the stories I hold and in the stories I witness. I look for You as Law – as Law that works across the board for each of us, Your children, Your creations. As the Law which is changeless and eternal. I look for You. I expect You, when I pray – just this week, so many have asked to be remembered in the energy field of Your Presence –  I expect You, and all your angels and all other forms and Beings of Divine Love to take action for Marcia and Joanne and Danyel and Ben and also Liz’s family. I include anyone reading this post right now God, that Your Mercy shine down and around and through them, that Your Love answers them. Thank you God. 

Each day God, each moment I sit with those in pain, discomfort, confusion due to looking at other people or at life experiences without Your lens – and I quiet myself to hear Your guidance, to feel You lead me to words or actions which will make sense to them, and lead them to You. Dear God, You have given me the tools, You answer all my prayers in this life, You placed the perfect people as teachers for me, the perfect books, scenarios, opportunities in order for me to SEE You…… can I NOT share this? 

Dear God, fill me with the knowing of You, let my heart overflow in the radiance of Your Presence, that others only see You. Let me see You in any conversation, any experience – for You God, are the only thing that makes ANY sense to me. Unconditional Love, beauty, creating, being kind, tolerant, laughter, joy, Oneness, giving, sharing, respectful – only these make any sense to me. Anything else is an empty vessel awaiting You. When any other emotion creeps in through my ego mind I look for You to rescue me from myself! Thank you God!!! Thank You for all-ways rescuing me. YOU are my confidence God. YOU are in, through and as all forms of life. YOU are my foundation of Being. 

Dear One, may you know love today,


Remembering God

Before you do not read this, please know, I say God – AND so many other words can be used – Universal Presence, Source, Creator, etc.. You choose. I only care that you believe, have a palpable & positive relationship with, remembering your True Identity.

I refer to God as Creator of all life. A massive power which created all of heaven and earth, which is the life force Itself, our Souls. This powerful Presence is in all things, of all things, surrounds all things – nothing is outside of God, nothing.  Something or someone may not yet have their awareness activated, yet it still is there. This is the eternalness, the stillness, the emptiness which fills us up.

What is this ascension process, or journey of waking up, except our individual awareness of God Source being ignited from with in?

I believe every single one of us, no matter our life, is trying to find this, to reconnect with the very center of our existence, the place and space of peace beyond linear understanding. This most magnificent awareness is the feeling of utter bliss. When you fall in love with God, nothing else matters. You stop searching. You have reunited with your foundation.

I believe all the classes, all the addictions, all the stories, all the pain, all the many relationships, sexual partners, broken hearts, unhappiness, depressions; all lead us to ourselves. Why? Because they continually fall short of what we seek.  In ourselves, as ourselves, by ourselves; this is the only place we can meet God.  We are each in search of, this familiar feeling, this familiar sense of a deep and abiding something-ness which instantly quells any fears and overrides anything unlike Itself. We are each in search of a Love we can depend on.

Our unhappiness really makes us look, doesn’t it? I was sitting with a Rinpoche teacher once and he said his favorite students were the very wealthy ones, not because they had money, but because they already knew the money was not the answer. They had all gone through relationships, success, abundance, fancy educations, pedigree wealth perhaps, extravagant vacations, expensive toys, true freedom on the earth experience – and still, they were not ‘happy’. I feel, as much as they ‘had’, they came to him empty.

When we have tried everything on the outside from shopping to drugs – we turn within.

The greatest challenge is always our minds – our mind is our servant, it will either be your worst enemy or your greatest friend. A mind that is attached to left brain intellect has a more difficult time. Knowing God is not a word experience, it is a feeling experience. Rumi comes close.

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I send you great love,