Below is a video I feel is very important  – i feel my students & clients will appreciate it.  I have listened to and worked with the Abraham Hicks teachings for nearly 20 years. I recommend them to everyone. (Really I do, ask anyone.)

This particular one, Staying Confident in Every Situation caught me in many places – my attention that is. I feel there were two vital areas worth sharing –  #1. When Esther is interpreting Abraham as this truth: When we are younger we are brought up to please others and these others were not open, awake, nor aligned with their Higher Being. (my wording.) I stopped the tape and gave this tremendous thought! WOW! She goes on to speak about #2: Developing patterns of Cooperation. 

Our patterns of cooperation are taught to us by our parents – and will remain as our go to until we delve deeply into how we are and make different choices. Do we cooperate to PLEASE? And if those who trained us to please were shut off from their higher selves…..then what? What if they were all ego and had hearts wounded?  Think about this!

If you feel you have the label unworthy or you lack self confidence or you feel insecure in your choices, please give this a listen. Yes, our confidence comes down to faith, to knowing our Higher Selves, to all of that – AND there are many perceptions we can see through, lots of lenses of defining why.  We cannot be present with ourselves until we know and realize the sacredness of our beingness.  with love, Deborah

Set Yourself Free

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         In a session with a recent client, these powerful words were given to me from Spirit; “I forgive everyone, everything.”  They poured through and even if I wanted to, I could not stop thinking them with each hand placement on her body, with each touch, with every shift from here to there, with clearing, with balancing, with every thought, these words poured through me, onto and into her entire energy field. Yes, it was quite profound. 

        As we sat to process after she got up from the table, I gave her these words and we sat in the silence, repeating them as a mantra in our own minds, as the vibration in the room raised in palpable-ness  and our hearts were open in pure freedom. Yes, freedom.

         Forgiveness is the key to awakened freedom. Sit and repeat these words in the silence of your own mind – feel the chains fall away, feel any burdens lift, feel pent up, held in, captive tears fall. 

      Walking through life as one who believes in owing another person, or that any one owes you – is a weighted burden. Anyone – parents, children, family, first grade teachers, bosses, employees, friends, politicians – anyone. Anyone you are holding captive through your personal expectations. Walking this journey thinking that another person should be a certain way because of our personal expectations, is a burden, which when held in our cells weighs us down. Being weighed heavy with expectations, needing an apology, thinking ill of another, seeing anyone as owing you anything is certainly not as we consider God sees us. Chains. Weight. “I forgive everyone, everything.” FREEDOM.

     The day before this session my morning journaling had been about freedom; about seeing how and what freedom is to me, in my personal life. The freedom to create my life as I see it to be, as I dream it, as I want it to be. The freedom to co create through my knowing, faith & belief in Spirit as my rock, my foundation, my entire path – freedom. Freedom is only available to anyone when the chains are dropped, when we un-clench from expectations, stories, false identities.

I see and know ‘forgiving everyone, everything’ as an excellent mantra for an outcome of freedom. Try it. Sit with it. Repeat the words, then perhaps a list of names will come to you, repeat, forgive, repeat. Each day, each morning, forgive – and be sure to include forgiving yourself. Set yourself free. 

shared in love,