Listen Deeply

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Listening deeply is truly a spiritual practice/art form. I find it takes not only a daily practice – it also takes discernment and trust. Especially when we are being challenged with life cosmic uprisings and wanting desperately to ‘do’ the ‘right’ thing, take right action.

I am a seasoned meditator, pray-er and woman of faith. AND still, when uprisings take place, when I find myself at a crossroads of fear or love; I sink in and listen. Let’s see..the ego or the heart? God or my own way is speaking? What am I hearing???? 

Recently I have had the calling to listen deeply as a loved one of mine is in crisis. When I sit with a client; all is clear, messages flow, only hearing Spirit is practiced, easy and clear. AND I am human and my family is made up of humans (!) , and all journeys have bumps. 

The very clear recent directives/message for me has been  – stay out of it, stand back, let them walk it, they know you are here, they will find you when they are able, do not push, let the storm pass, it is their storm not yours, stay out of it. 

I have no doubt, through my faith & discernment this is profoundly clear. In fact, it is an all around message for me right now; do not push, let them come to you – who ever they are – they know you are here, they know you, if they want you, they will get you. 

Hearing, listening and trusting Spirit is not always comfortable. Yet, the wild animal kingdom has also guided me clearly – by coming onto our yard and starring right at me – and my grandmothers are in my dreams reminding me they are behind me, with me and hiding space of support. And yesterday I just HAD to buy one of those whirly – thingys for our yard, after looking at them ALL last year!  I did not like the colors they had displayed outside, (wanted purple) and after asking the owner he said he had one inside he could not describe, and that was it, I took it home. Gold, purple, shimmering. He asked where was I putting it and i said ‘on our lamppost near the road, I need to clear and also welcome and draw new energies’. I got it home, them took the tag off of it; it is called  “The Double Cosmic Rainbow”.  (So, as I am writing this the words are  red – and will not change!!!!!)

My point is we have to trust. When we are faithful, when we practice, when we listen deeply, when we discern; we then have no choice but to trust, whether we like it or not. I want to step in and fix it all!  And no, I cannot, I will not. I will allow others journeys and know the God within them and see them in the Light & Love & embrace of Holy Spirit; and wait. Impatiently, but I will wait. 

shared in Love,


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