a strong core.

No, not Pilates…..a strong spiritual core. I strong spiritual core, even this, can look different to many, as all of life’s experiences can. A strong spiritual core is always unwavering strength, even in the midst of chaos. In the most general perspective, it is knowing that God has this, whatever it is. And in the most personal sense, it is having built up such a strong core through your spiritual journey of faith, that you have developed faith in your own knowing, own personal relationship with God, with how the universe works – in spiritual law – that you never re-act to outer perceptions, (what you see), for your own inner core is the only reflection you see. 

Some people ‘error think’,  in seeing a strong spiritual core as stubborn, holding fast, denial. This is incorrect. A strong spiritual core allows you to NOT entangle emotionally with anyone, yet love unconditionally at the same time.  

A strong spiritual core comes from daily meditation, times of devotion & study which feeds your inner well, the well where your very personal relationship with Holy Spirit resides. 

A strong spiritual core allows you to respond, not react – as in no arguing, no re-act-tion. No voice raising. (No feeding the beast.) All of this is due to needing another person to change in order for you to feel better.  You are trying to force another person to hear you, therefore entangling emotionally and adding to the chaos. This is NOT where better takes place.  In fact, only chaos comes from this need. The only place any improvement takes place is within your own mind & heart, then it is reflected.  

When you come from your core, a core of faith, your are able to stand firm in faith in your own choices.  Mind you, this core is NOT about manipulation or force, in fact, it is all love

When we stand in equanimity, we surrender to the idea that another must change. We surrender to acceptance. Acceptance calms the chaos. Acceptance is part of the inner core, yet can only be reached through faith in a Higher Power we walk with. 

After almost thirty years of walking this path consciously and a life time of experience, it has become excruciatingly clear, that those who do not have a Higher Power concept, a relationship with the Universal Presence of Good – suffer. I realize this sounds rash – it does to me, and yet, I see this as true. The label does not have to be God – but the surrender to Universal Law and having personal experience with good is. 

My husband call himself the most irreverent person he knows, (dumbfounded he is married to a minister!) – YET, his relationship with kindness IS his path. He puts kindness first; through his humor, lightness, actions and words. To me, I see him as a very Holy person, one whose kindness directs him – and due to this, he does not entangle emotionally. He stands core firm in kindness, in loving, in love. He puts kindness first, despite what anyone else is doing. 

Mind you, a strong core does not mean you do not need to walk away, sometimes. It actually can give you the strength to walk away. It means you know without doubt you have done all you are able, shown up as you are able, shared what you are able – you are firm in your core – and you no longer entangle. This may even mean you stay – you simply are no longer ‘dancing with the devil’ – you are standing  firm in good & love, nothing causes you to break. Nothing as in another person’s opinion, or their fears, or their voice, or their choices. 

tree #1

shared with love, in hopes to inspire & quench –




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