Gerbil Wheels & Rabbit Holes.

Morning time, the time to open to the Holiness of life. 

The earth life is filled with opportunities for gerbil wheels and rabbit holes.  Fear can be given attention and we are on our way on or down. Much like dodging holes in the street while driving, in order to not pop a tire or set our cars alignment out of balance – we must do what we can to avoid the pitfalls of our mind thinking.

All health is mental health. Feed it the very best.

I am a teacher, advocate and hopefully example of; first thing in the morning meditation time, time of devotion, time of centering, time of focusing on love — heart time. THIS IS Spiritual PracticeThis is the time of feeding the well – so gunk doesn’t fill it up! Time to forgive ourselves and others, to uncling, let go and focus on LOVE & LOVING. Our heart muscle is the strongest muscle we have – its Divine, magnificent radiance spreads far & wide. WE GET THERE THROUGH OUR THINKING. This Holy time alone in the morning before we touch the day envelopes us in a resonate field of love, and enables (supports) us to see the day and all its experiences through a lens of love, forgiveness and delight in the play of life, as well as draw to us like experiences. 

This is not new to probably anyone reading this – and yet, I know no one who does not need to do this each day. I do not care if you have been a teacher of spirituality for 50 years, or you are a reincarnated Lama- we must spend time in devotion each day – to avoid the rabbit holes. (Be a student, always.) We must spend time internally with our own heart centers, no matter our labels, our experiences, no matter how many followers we have, how many best sellers, how many students, how big the house, how many mountains we have climbed – none of that or other or anything else matters. We must get out of our heads, stop looking externally for any quick fixes no matter the labeland go within. 

You know anyone who is not registered to vote, yet they complain about politics? Well, if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your life and you are NOT committed to a time of devotion each day………well, what must you do?

This is as necessary as feeding your body healthy food, putting high grade oil in your car,  choosing the best gasoline to run on – feed your mind healthy thoughts.  Every experience comes from our thoughts. As we practice our morning Holy time, like practicing the piano, we grow our faith in the Power of Love, of Life, in the Universe – more & more, wider & wider, deeper & deeper. We will begin to respond to the day and life through OUR own perceptions, rather than RE-ACT to anything out side of us. Our Holy core is strong! Our hearts are radiating strength & power of Love. 

As we think – we feel, as we feel – we radiate and as we radiate – we create. 

What are you creating?

with Love, Deborah

deb at Bets wedding

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