The Redefining of JOY.

The other day I posted this comment on my personal FB page: “How would your life be different if joy was your priority?”  Many liked & loved, yet this was the only comment: My belief is that our culture is overly wrought with the attainment of joy and happiness. And it spawns so much dissatisfaction, discontent, materialism, and unhappiness. My goal is acceptance, equanimity, and peace. When I am present in this way, contentment follows and often joy, but I would not say they are the priority. When I made joy a priority so much of my self was compromised in that quest.”

For the foundation of this interaction, I do know this person who wrote this comment and we have worked together twice, but she is not an active part of my ministry. I instantly admired her strong voice and ability to state her beliefs, and they reflect what I felt was a very different expression than mine. I chose to not comment on her comment. My experience is to let conflicting comments be, and input keeps it going. For me, it always works into an experience I wish I never fed. I respect her, I love her, we each have our own eyes. These conflicting moments, (for me) are the crossroads as I refer to them, are where we grow, expand and come to know ourselves more deeply. After I recognized my gut felt suckered punched, (someone disagrees with me!! oh my!! My ego!!) I went into my own heart and asked why. I first saw that perhaps this comment I made was better suited for my ministerial page. Then I said no, joy is joy. And then it hit me; we even have to redefine the word joy. 

I still go for joy. We each, as we know, only see through our own eyes and I can only guess what her perspective is. I only know my own. For me, joy is of God. 

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Many (!!) years ago a God Sister gave me a holiday card with this quote on the front. I still have it. Taped above my kitchen sink. A little worn, and in my face each day. 

I see joy & happiness as two totally different experiences and vibrations. Happy is fleeting. It comes from an exterior experience of either validation from another or a material venue. These, are in the shallow end of the pool, momentary, short lived, no roots. 

I see joy has having depth, deep roots. I seek the joy of God, my spiritual quest  – in prayer, in witnessing others, in walking beloveds home, in supporting minds, hearts and bodies to heal, in authenticity. I seek to be aware of the deep, palpable feeling of the Presence of Holy Spirit in my body every moment, the moments that either breathe deeply or actually take our breath away. Can we live there? I do not think so. BUT, we can expect them, seek them, intend them, look for them. 

I think of the whirling Dervish……and the blissfulness reached as they dance for God. Image result for picture whirling dervishI believe that when we reach for joy with God as our compass, absolutely nothing is compromised, material, selfish or shallow – all is peaceful, accepting & loving. 

JOY is the inner feeling one has. I can have it in a silent moment smiling with a stranger. JOY is the palpable experience of our innate GOD awareness through love.

She is correct, the comment author, My belief is that our culture is overly wrought with the attainment of joy and happiness. And it spawns so much dissatisfaction, discontent, materialism, and unhappiness.”  Looking for love in all the wrong places, when ones search for joy brings about anything but the palpable awareness of God.

shared with love to all & gratitude to my well spoken friend.



Listen Deeply

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Listening deeply is truly a spiritual practice/art form. I find it takes not only a daily practice – it also takes discernment and trust. Especially when we are being challenged with life cosmic uprisings and wanting desperately to ‘do’ the ‘right’ thing, take right action.

I am a seasoned meditator, pray-er and woman of faith. AND still, when uprisings take place, when I find myself at a crossroads of fear or love; I sink in and listen. Let’s see..the ego or the heart? God or my own way is speaking? What am I hearing???? 

Recently I have had the calling to listen deeply as a loved one of mine is in crisis. When I sit with a client; all is clear, messages flow, only hearing Spirit is practiced, easy and clear. AND I am human and my family is made up of humans (!) , and all journeys have bumps. 

The very clear recent directives/message for me has been  – stay out of it, stand back, let them walk it, they know you are here, they will find you when they are able, do not push, let the storm pass, it is their storm not yours, stay out of it. 

I have no doubt, through my faith & discernment this is profoundly clear. In fact, it is an all around message for me right now; do not push, let them come to you – who ever they are – they know you are here, they know you, if they want you, they will get you. 

Hearing, listening and trusting Spirit is not always comfortable. Yet, the wild animal kingdom has also guided me clearly – by coming onto our yard and starring right at me – and my grandmothers are in my dreams reminding me they are behind me, with me and hiding space of support. And yesterday I just HAD to buy one of those whirly – thingys for our yard, after looking at them ALL last year!  I did not like the colors they had displayed outside, (wanted purple) and after asking the owner he said he had one inside he could not describe, and that was it, I took it home. Gold, purple, shimmering. He asked where was I putting it and i said ‘on our lamppost near the road, I need to clear and also welcome and draw new energies’. I got it home, them took the tag off of it; it is called  “The Double Cosmic Rainbow”.  (So, as I am writing this the words are  red – and will not change!!!!!)

My point is we have to trust. When we are faithful, when we practice, when we listen deeply, when we discern; we then have no choice but to trust, whether we like it or not. I want to step in and fix it all!  And no, I cannot, I will not. I will allow others journeys and know the God within them and see them in the Light & Love & embrace of Holy Spirit; and wait. Impatiently, but I will wait. 

shared in Love,


a strong core.

No, not Pilates…..a strong spiritual core. I strong spiritual core, even this, can look different to many, as all of life’s experiences can. A strong spiritual core is always unwavering strength, even in the midst of chaos. In the most general perspective, it is knowing that God has this, whatever it is. And in the most personal sense, it is having built up such a strong core through your spiritual journey of faith, that you have developed faith in your own knowing, own personal relationship with God, with how the universe works – in spiritual law – that you never re-act to outer perceptions, (what you see), for your own inner core is the only reflection you see. 

Some people ‘error think’,  in seeing a strong spiritual core as stubborn, holding fast, denial. This is incorrect. A strong spiritual core allows you to NOT entangle emotionally with anyone, yet love unconditionally at the same time.  

A strong spiritual core comes from daily meditation, times of devotion & study which feeds your inner well, the well where your very personal relationship with Holy Spirit resides. 

A strong spiritual core allows you to respond, not react – as in no arguing, no re-act-tion. No voice raising. (No feeding the beast.) All of this is due to needing another person to change in order for you to feel better.  You are trying to force another person to hear you, therefore entangling emotionally and adding to the chaos. This is NOT where better takes place.  In fact, only chaos comes from this need. The only place any improvement takes place is within your own mind & heart, then it is reflected.  

When you come from your core, a core of faith, your are able to stand firm in faith in your own choices.  Mind you, this core is NOT about manipulation or force, in fact, it is all love

When we stand in equanimity, we surrender to the idea that another must change. We surrender to acceptance. Acceptance calms the chaos. Acceptance is part of the inner core, yet can only be reached through faith in a Higher Power we walk with. 

After almost thirty years of walking this path consciously and a life time of experience, it has become excruciatingly clear, that those who do not have a Higher Power concept, a relationship with the Universal Presence of Good – suffer. I realize this sounds rash – it does to me, and yet, I see this as true. The label does not have to be God – but the surrender to Universal Law and having personal experience with good is. 

My husband call himself the most irreverent person he knows, (dumbfounded he is married to a minister!) – YET, his relationship with kindness IS his path. He puts kindness first; through his humor, lightness, actions and words. To me, I see him as a very Holy person, one whose kindness directs him – and due to this, he does not entangle emotionally. He stands core firm in kindness, in loving, in love. He puts kindness first, despite what anyone else is doing. 

Mind you, a strong core does not mean you do not need to walk away, sometimes. It actually can give you the strength to walk away. It means you know without doubt you have done all you are able, shown up as you are able, shared what you are able – you are firm in your core – and you no longer entangle. This may even mean you stay – you simply are no longer ‘dancing with the devil’ – you are standing  firm in good & love, nothing causes you to break. Nothing as in another person’s opinion, or their fears, or their voice, or their choices. 

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shared with love, in hopes to inspire & quench –



Gerbil Wheels & Rabbit Holes.

Morning time, the time to open to the Holiness of life. 

The earth life is filled with opportunities for gerbil wheels and rabbit holes.  Fear can be given attention and we are on our way on or down. Much like dodging holes in the street while driving, in order to not pop a tire or set our cars alignment out of balance – we must do what we can to avoid the pitfalls of our mind thinking.

All health is mental health. Feed it the very best.

I am a teacher, advocate and hopefully example of; first thing in the morning meditation time, time of devotion, time of centering, time of focusing on love — heart time. THIS IS Spiritual PracticeThis is the time of feeding the well – so gunk doesn’t fill it up! Time to forgive ourselves and others, to uncling, let go and focus on LOVE & LOVING. Our heart muscle is the strongest muscle we have – its Divine, magnificent radiance spreads far & wide. WE GET THERE THROUGH OUR THINKING. This Holy time alone in the morning before we touch the day envelopes us in a resonate field of love, and enables (supports) us to see the day and all its experiences through a lens of love, forgiveness and delight in the play of life, as well as draw to us like experiences. 

This is not new to probably anyone reading this – and yet, I know no one who does not need to do this each day. I do not care if you have been a teacher of spirituality for 50 years, or you are a reincarnated Lama- we must spend time in devotion each day – to avoid the rabbit holes. (Be a student, always.) We must spend time internally with our own heart centers, no matter our labels, our experiences, no matter how many followers we have, how many best sellers, how many students, how big the house, how many mountains we have climbed – none of that or other or anything else matters. We must get out of our heads, stop looking externally for any quick fixes no matter the labeland go within. 

You know anyone who is not registered to vote, yet they complain about politics? Well, if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your life and you are NOT committed to a time of devotion each day………well, what must you do?

This is as necessary as feeding your body healthy food, putting high grade oil in your car,  choosing the best gasoline to run on – feed your mind healthy thoughts.  Every experience comes from our thoughts. As we practice our morning Holy time, like practicing the piano, we grow our faith in the Power of Love, of Life, in the Universe – more & more, wider & wider, deeper & deeper. We will begin to respond to the day and life through OUR own perceptions, rather than RE-ACT to anything out side of us. Our Holy core is strong! Our hearts are radiating strength & power of Love. 

As we think – we feel, as we feel – we radiate and as we radiate – we create. 

What are you creating?

with Love, Deborah

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