name change.

Hello – First off, to anyone who reads this blog and according to numbers they give me it is a quite a few- I thank you for joining with me in this journey of life, living, sharing, faith, authenticity & love. There would be no reason to write publicly unless others were reading! Any good here is a collaboration, for sure. You are deeply appreciated. 

I have changed the name of my blog from revdebblog to THOUGHTS. . And the tag line as well – offering guidance, experience & support through our awakening journey.  This is a reflection of all the changes I am experiencing combined with respect to  the fact, we each have different thoughts about one thing – and is that not all we can possibly ever share? I never want to claim to be an expert on anything except myself. But, I do have experience; broad, wide & insightful – and I am a woman of deep faith, so the combination creates me – and I share that, I do hope authentically, passionately & with humor. I am not only a minister – and what is that truly, but one who ministers to others as so many people do –  I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a writer, a painter, an artist,  a creator, a reality maker, a designer of life, a spiritual midwife, a tree lover, a connector, a gardener of flowers & other pretty things, a woman who knows what she likes, knows what she believes in – a human. I do what I love; I get to empower, guide, support, share what I call God’s Grace. This is a tremendous blessing in life, I never, ever take it for granted.  

I believe in bringing ones faith in a power greater than i into our every day living, all of it.  There is no ‘just Sunday’ with me. If we are faithful in love, then we are faithful in love! No matter where we are or what the circumstances. I promise you, I call myself on this every day and expect myself to live it, fully & out loud.  

These changes are about a softening, a means to more inclusion & collaboration, as well as deeper connection.  I love writing & sharing – and according to my clients, it is very helpful – so, for now, I will continue to do so.

New names are power filled. Think about marriage – to take or not to take, perhaps to combine…? The change shifts our vibration. Rev. Deb vs. Deborah vs. Deb vs. Debbie (who left the building decades ago,yet her photo remains. below.)  Revdebblog vs. THOUGHTS. Most people call me Deborah or Deb.  I love my Buddhist given name, Dechen. Maybe one day I WILL morph into holding the vibe of it completely. I hope.  It means the Blissful One. I tried once, but was not there yet. 

Welcome to THOUGHTS.  Offering guidance, experience & support through our awakening journey. 

with much love & appreciation,


deb at Bets wedding

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