“Me & God”

Image result for mr rogers quotes   Recently, I have been aware of the possibility of one feeling overwhelmed with all the spiritual teachers, books, words, prayers, ideas and guidance anyone can see in any given day.  (Whew!) Very aware of all the face book messages, people I am friends with, ideas, suggestions, etc. I have been one of those teachers since 1992 – no matter what I chose ‘to do’ or how I chose to show up, whether it is here right now writing this, or my former television show, being with a client, or offering a workshop…no matter what it was (my experience is varied!) or is – always, always, always; God comes first, God paves the way, my faith is ignited in intention; no matter how it looked or looks on the outside. 

I intentionally ‘be’ with this knowing lately, seeing it all lead to one place only – the combination of our personal relationship with God and how we are in this life due to that.  

With all the paths we can choose to ‘enlighten’ & ‘awaken’ ourselves, which can also mean, I just want to feel better, do better, be better…..perhaps the simple question is; are you a good neighbor? Yes, friends, Mr Rogers had it.

I speak often that my work has been to help others remove the husks from their seeds. The seed being their GodSpark, their innate cosmic-ness, that gets covered up with fears and blinders and ego; the perceived messiness of humanness. Can it be simplified to simply being a good human, a kind human, a loving human; yes, it can. Can we just strip away all the foo-foo ness, all the fancy labels, all the constructs we design for self importance and simply be a good neighbor, no matter where we stand or who our neighbor is. Can we just be nice? 

Can we let go of all the fancy rituals, expensive workshops, all the stuff we make up, gloriously so…… and let it come down to our own actions, our own self responsibility, our own feelings of kindness. Do we REALLY have to travel to know God? Don’t you want to feel God anyplace you stand? Don’t you want to really, really embody that ALL ground is Holy ground? Do you really have to travel across oceans to feel sacredness? Do we really think that Spirit is there and not here? 

The other day a beloved said to me, after sharing the question of why her family was (still) treating her with what she sees as less than respect, “Deborah, I thought that if I studied all I have, read all the books, traveled, became a minister,  did this and that….that it would change that.” – Which led our conversation to feeling the word of God, not just reading it, or preaching it.  Perhaps theology vs spirituality. And definitely about shifting our interior, not only the exterior; the outer learning is the way in, the inner awareness is the way through.

F-E-E-L. Feel that which cannot be seen and let it thrill you! Let the vibration shake open your heart and FEEL Spirit. One of my favorite places to go is churches, the really old ones, the ones where hundreds have sat before me…and be the only one there, and FEEL the essence in the space. And, in a really, really good moment, I can feel THAT anywhere. I can sit on the park bench, and feel the trees, the light of day, the essence & vibration of the holy ground of God – and the spark is lit.

Sit and feel IT, then get up and go. 

So, I have a big birthday (huge, momentous, OMG, how did I get here!)  coming up, no doubt why so much introspection these days…. and having been totally committed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to this path, now for 27 years, and in slowing down some, not having idea where I will land, I do know this:  We MUST feel our way to God. We MUST see our role in our daily lives of what is around us and take 100 % responsibility for our responses and actions. No, not always easy. And yes, always possible. We must come to learn that life is about ‘me and God’ first; then, we simply go about our day. 

Thank you for joining me here,




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