The God Help Desk…………..

Is it a need, a desire or a calling? That thing, that idea, that thought? What am I to do?

Sound familiar? It is amazing what trips our mind and heart can take us on. We can get this idea and give it growth by thinking about it; this way to make money, or this way to reach others, or this new business idea…or even, an entirely new way of living, of being, of showing up in the world. We can get an idea to change jobs, to move, to quit what we do and await our next idea!

I believe most of us get a single change idea at one time. Some, get the whole ball of wax, of  rewriting ones life all at once.  Weather it is to change jobs or change how, where & when you show up in the world in every single aspect of your life; discernment is always called for.

How we discern is each different. Many talk with trusted loved ones, bounce ideas around, get input. Is that enough? For if others only see through their own visions and spirits, is that reliable? No, not by itself. What it does do, is stir within us new ways of seeing the idea and this can only be a good thing, when we listen to our own hearts and do not depend solely on others to allow them to decide for us, but hear what they offer and feel if it lands for us or not.

Perhaps you discern on self reliance, as if you in your own humanness know all you need to know, like a human unto itself with no requirement for reflection, only depending on what is known right now. Self reliance is not a positive thing. It is of ego and leaves out all the magic that is possible, all the miracle building, all the holy connections and exquisite collaboration of an inner journey.

For me, prayer & discernment is all about my relationship with God. To inquire, share, ask & trust in faith of answered prayer. I really do think, and anyone who knows me will tell you, that I have an ongoing chat with God and I really do believe that Jesus and I are good friends and He is always by my side, carrying, dragging or walking with me – given what is best for me in that moment.

It is not that I do not trust myself. However, it is that I trust God more and without allowing for Gods input, I fail myself in my faith. I so want the Universal Presence of Creation to just pick me up by the scruff of my neck and place me right where I want to be – unfortunately life does not work that way. But, if I sit in the quiet, place a request at the God help desk, and then let it go – I always get an answer. It is not always what I wanted, but it does always feel right, always gives me relief – and then I trust it.

For me, a need comes from vacancy & lack, and discerning with God fills that void. This will often lead me into Divine collaboration with others input. A desire may come from ego or the heart – and God gives me clarity on that. A calling, an intimately personal desire,  keeps thumping at my heart strings, causes me to go into the quiet often, feels enormous enough that I know it is impossible without God, can hardly be seen as an option in the moment – and those require all I have in my trust, faith and belief in the One Power, One Presence and Oneness of my birthright.

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with great love, Deborah

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