The Super-Power of Belief

2017 welcome flag!

The above is a photo of a flag I have hanging in our yard at the head of our driveway. I very much like that it greets others when they arrive. (I also like that this is springtime and outside right now is freezing temps and snow.) In society it is now a rather average colloquialism to say ‘I believe’. People say I believe you, I believe in prayer, I believe in this or that. Rather surface, shallow end of the pool expression. 

When I meet with a client who is considering a variety of medical and or wellness options for their own healing journey, my first offering to them is to choose what they believe in. Whatever they choose, make sure, deep within themselves, they believe in their choice. Even as a holistic and master energy practitioner, I say to them; if you believe in chemotherapy, do it. Consciously choose what YOU believe in. 

Now, there may be a multitude of reasons for their believing in their choice; that does not matter. What matters, what is most significant, is that they choose what they BELIEVE in.

I have addressed this subject in this manner since 1992. As of now, I will add a second subject.

Do you believe in belief?

Do you believe, have knowledge of, the POWER of believing? Believing is a cosmic superpower. One may believe in anything, but, do you BELIEVE in the POWER-SOURCE that lies within the matrix of the energy of BELIEF?

Think of how it feels when your health practitioner says to you, – ‘this might work, it has worked for some folks, lets try it’ – you leave less than hopeful.  OR ‘this works great’! – you leave the office much more upbeat & hopeful.

Instilling the power of believing in oneself is one of the greatest teachings we can offer our beloveds, our children, our selves. And with that said, how does anyone with low self esteem raise themselves up? Can we teach, or rather expose one to the super power of BELIEF. Not necessarily in themselves, but in the CHOICE they have chosen for what ever reason, to work, to come to fruition, to heal? Can one believe in believing?

Feel the shifts as you test the waters and speak these words out loud, feel your body….I believe this might work. I believe this will work. 

Do you believe in believing? Perhaps, all the True power lies within ones ability to BELIEVE; beyond doubt, beyond scope of intellectual description. To BELIEVE in – and then watch.  

shared with love, Deborah

Use Your Powers for Greatness!

What happens when we take the word ‘healing or healer’ out of the conversation? What happens when we challenge ourselves to truly KNOW and express our True Identity? 

Recently I have taken the terms healing and healer off my website, eventually off all ALM advertising. I have come to feel it is a word which holds us in victim hood. Victim hood to being less than our own Divine Creations that we are. Less than knowing all is possible! 

Think about it. We are NOT broken, we are simply asleep. We are NOT in need of fixing, we have forgotten who we are. Waking up to the power of the universe which birthed us and all life and what this means is what we need to contemplate, to spend time with.

Every morning instead of whining in need of help and support, what would happen when you choose to CLAIM your power! I AM a child of GOD! I AM an amazing being! I AM a child of the Universe, this huge, expansive, billions of years old incredibly amazing universe!!!! Believe you CAN – and you WILL!!!!!!! I BELIEVE I can! 

I believe you do not need healing, you just want to wake up to your Divine Being-ness. Stop denying your self of your Divine Birthright! You are an amazing creation! You have CHOICE! You have conscious thought – use it for your benefit, NOT against yourself. 

Stop trash talking yourself – start telling yourself YOU CAN, YOU ARE, YOU WILL. 

Stop looking at what you do not want,  what is empty, void and lack of the Light of the Divine and LOOK and think and contemplate what you DO WANT. Use your powers for GOOD! Right now, use your powers for GREATNESS!!!

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Unflappable Faith

A beloved student of mine and I shared these words this morning – too good to not share with you! She had requested words of support in a Facebook post, and my response was I had unflappable faith in her. She immediately coined it – so here it is; UNFLAPPABLE FAITH! (Yet, another tattoo idea.)

How does the idea of Unflappable Faith feel to you? For me, I see God as you and know all good for you and trust in the atmosphere of Love to override any doubt or lack thinking you may be experiencing. BOOM!!! Done! 

I have Unflappable Faith in the Laws of the Universe, of God to provide. I have Unflappable Faith in the Law of Good. I have Unflappable Faith in myself to always in all-ways know this to be my Truth.

                                                   “UNFLAPPABLE FAITH!!!!”

I do not know of this book, never seen it or read it – yet, how perfect for this blog, yes?

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with great love,