What Do You Know for Sure?

The New year is a time for reflection – and in that I ask, what do you know for sure? Anything? Think about it. What do you know for sure? Sure meaning absolutely, void of doubt, minus any resistance. Plain and simply; absolutely know for SURE. 

It’s funny, perhaps what we know for sure cannot even be proven – I know a power we call love exists. I know because I feel it and when I call upon it, changes take place. So, I have proven that, at least to myself. In fact, I have proven it over and over again, when times are challenging, confusing, messy, unclear – I call upon love. I also call it God, the power of consciousness, of the mystery, of that which cannot be seen, yet the effects of it are my proof. Actually, I am calling upon God right now. A beloved is troubled. I did not have good enough answers for them which were pleasing, in full disclosure, most of the time my answers only cause him to anger. My intuitive and  ‘unproven to them’ answers only cause them to feel more troubled than before they asked me for help. Their cerebral mind is lost in the aspects of interior guidance. Messy. So, all I really know for sure, is that when I ASK God for help, I get it. This knowing has nothing at all to do with intellect. I know beyond doubt, that when I turn inward, ask and let go, I am ALWAYS led to a space of understanding and renewal. Aways. I depend on It. I ask, I expect answers, and I always get them. Whatever the feeling of messy I was experiencing is ALWAYS over-shadowed in a sense of relief after I ask for help from God and let it go. ALWAYS. I trust this beyond anything in my life. This trust is intuitive, gutsy, guided, faithful; not intellectual thinking mind.

My life would be much easier if everyone did this, I state sarcastically.  And I know for sure this is possible, for all things are possible, yet I also know it is not the way. Not everyone, not every single being is in a space of non physical faith of a Higher Power which is unseen. Our human mind needs to figure things out.  I know for sure this is extremely uncomfortable and not where the answers are. Not even close. This is proven to me time and time again. I know for sure that every person I have ever met, either through friendship or as a client, beloved, family member or congregant – who is struggling to any degree of an emotional impasse – and they are forcing, begging for answers through their mental capacities, are more miserable each moment they think about the situation. 

I know for sure, and have seen for sure, time and time again, that when a person consciously chooses to soften their grip on figuring anything out in order to have emotional relief; when they soften enough to let go and consider, even for the briefest of moments, another view-point; miracles occur.  The slightest crack occurs in the cement of ones human requirement to figure out a problem by going over and over it time and time again……..and a flower emerges from the dust. …right through a speck of softened mental gerbil wheel locomotion. 

I know for sure, with absoluteness, that the mind can be our greatest enemy or our unequivocal dearest and most precious friend. Do we use it to hang on, or let go. Are you using the mind to hang on to the problem by struggling with all your heart to find a solution in the midst of the pain of the story – or are you willing to ask God for help. This is a most absolute quest. 

The human intellect is a beautiful tool, the mind is the vehicle. In asking for help to an unknown and many times unfathomable mystery of the universe – if one is the least bit open, like a teeny-tiny crack in the cement, one may welcome the Light to come through, in fact, it cannot be held back – and then we will be directed to a new viewpoint, or have sudden and unexplainable relief, or somehow, in some weird and new way of seeing, simply no longer care about whatever it was that was life threateningly eating away at ones sanity. Unexplainable in human rational terms, yet undeniable in God terms. 

I know for absolutely sure that a power greater than i exists and it has my full dependency whenever I let go and ask. I can promise my life to anyone for this truth. I know this. I know, that with the slightest step towards Gods Grace, one can be flooded with care, support, love, relief and unexpected ways of seeing a situation one only saw one way for too many days to count. And I know it does not matter at all what the subject is. Not at all. 

So, this is what I know for sure, this God exists idea. It is my top of the pile absolute – and the absolute from which all others form from. 

  • I know for sure the more we pay attention to anything the more it exists.
  • I  know through this we are creators, incredible manifesters.
  • I know for sure we are all connected.
  • I  know for sure that if something does not feel good, get another thought; quick! I know this is only contrast, allowing me to make a new choice. 
  • I know for sure we have CHOICE!
  • I  know for sure, that in order to be free, we MUST forgive others for not being what we want them to be. Others as in parents, spouses, relatives, teachers, anyone. Forgive others their human-hood. Forgive others for not living up to our personal expectations of how they should be.
  • I know for sure that how I decide to be is the most important choice I make. How you decide to be is up to you, not me. 
  • I know for sure I cannot give you anything, I can only offer, it is up to you to take it. And whether or not you choose to take it has no effect on me. 
  • I know for sure I feel better in every aspect of my being-ness, if I let go of any expectation what so ever considering anything at all. RELIEF. 
  • I know for sure I cannot own what is not mine – your choices, your actions, your decisions. I am only responsible for my choices in life, not yours.


I share this with great love. May 2019 be the year of those who are lost, to find their way.




Be Still.

In the midst of feeling lost, where can you be found? And what exactly is lost? Where is that mo-jo? Each one of us finds it differently – on varied paths – yet, is it not a sense of belonging? Does the ache of lost (NOT loss) – is the ache of lost, an ache of feeling like one does not belong, wherever they may be? 

We feel lost when we go against our Self, the True Identity Self. We can feel the sense of lost in a simple conversation, in relationship, when we are with those we are not aligned with. We can feel a sense of lost when we do anything out of obligation and not joy.  We feel lost when we ignore our own path of happy. There is not one right way. But all the ways lead to place of joy, a place of belonging, a space of connection, a feeling of familiar, of depth, of nothing else matters but THIS, this moment, this thought, this breath. 

In the midst of the night, I feel God calling, and stillness is my path – the place I feel my sense of belonging more than anywhere else. Especially after a holiday filled with noticeable emptiness and lack of connections – this call from God and spark from my brother & friend Jesus, raise my joy level up in one moment of acknowledgement. To become still, truly still, in the quiet of the night, in the dark and silence of a too busy world; nothing, absolutely nothing is missing and all is present. 

I feel it with like minded hearts – with others who WANT to feel better, greater, happier,  awesome, incredible. We each feel this connection when we are feeling love & loved. We feel this knowing of connection when we are choosing to do something that ignites that well with in us. It does not have to include others; like a walk alone in the woods, or breathing in the air on the beach, or getting lost in the rhythms of waves at the ocean side, or sitting in the sunshine with warmth embracing us, a perfect morning run, listening to the rain, smelling the pine trees, holding a baby, meditating, silent prayer, writing, or holding a yoga position. 

Many are lost for they have yet to know what creates happy for them. They have yet to experience a sense of joy – the palpable-ness of ‘belonging’. We find it within ourselves first, THEN we get to share it through human connection. Some feel it through family, others do not. Some feel it through partnership, others do not. Some feel it through their work, how they express in the world, others do not. Some feel it through the arts, some do not. Some are still seeking. 

Perhaps the greatest of Truths is every single person is seeking It. I do not deny it, I seek God – if I am not, I am miserable. Each moment I seek to feel that feeling, that feeling of belonging, of connection, of feeding my soul in order for it to burst forth from my center and radiate all over anyone I am with. You cannot give it to me, but when I feel it within me, when I, and I alone make that inner connection of palpable joy – then all is well in my world. And when I am lost, looking in a wrong direction, such as resentment, obligation, should haves, anger, not being awake in a moment of this incredible life, not feeding my own heart & soul its favorite menu – then, then I sit and listen in order to re-energize my self and remember, know; that I AM God is everywhere.

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with great love for you, Deborah