Holiday Transitions

This time of year…..since I was ordained in 1997, it is my experience that many souls transition home to God once the holiday vibe is ramped up. Yesterday I was told of three souls who had gone home. From my perspective, it is an extraordinary experience to witness, one I find comfort in, when I seek the highest most unconditional perspective.

Perhaps the joy and excitement people feel about the holidays opens up a higher vibration of being, creating portals for those who are suffering with long term illness to let go, and let God, to cross over and through the veil. To experience relief.

Perhaps it is the love people begin to feel around the holidays, gathering with family and friends, taking time away from work to break bread, gift to one another….perhaps, this raises our own vibrations and frequencies to allow for unconditional love to be more present, and fear to no longer exist – and the journey home is a grace-filled process, no longer a struggle surrounded in fear.

Perhaps this holiday vibe allows for the Christ energy to be stronger, more vibrant, more present, which allows the veil to be thin, for those on the other side to assist more, to show themselves with more clarity, to reach through the veil and help us along our journey. 

At any other time of year when I see a Xmas tree on the roof of a car, I get this joyful feeling…oh, they are celebrating love, before they feel they cannot. They are sharing with a loved one a most beautiful gift!

Perhaps it is so an eight year old boy from Central MA could have Christmas in July – and all others who joined in, shared in the love. Maybe so a Harley Biker club could form a parade and lead Santa Clause to this child in his wheelchair. 

Maybe it is so a family purchases a Christmas tree and decorates with lights everywhere…… so their loved one does not miss and they do not miss their Christmas together, so no matter what time of year, we feel the Spirit of Love. 

I once dated a man whose father died on Christmas day. He never wanted to celebrate the holidays again – until he realized, that was not celebrating his father. If anything, as parents and as children, do we not want for another to be happy?  

Think about it. Right now, if your time has come to leave this physical realm and journey home to Light – do you want your loved ones to mourn? Do you want them to put their joy on hold? Do you want them to be sad every time they think of you, or do you want them to remember and celebrate the love, the humor, the memories, the joy, the moments. Do you want people to say I am so sorry for your loss – or I am so happy you had one another. 

This time of year, magic does happen. It happens and reminds us love never dies. Our cords of love are eternal, they are forever. 

Deborah Evans Hogan



One Way Streets

Have you ever considered what would happen if the ocean waves only went towards the land? How could it work if the ocean waters only blessed the land and never retreated back into the main body of water? And at that stage, it is no longer a blessing, but a tsunami. There would never be the lovely sounds, the in and out, the giving and receiving, the renewing and sharing of. A one way ocean would not be working by the natural rhythms of nature, it would flood the lands and run dry.

If one only drove on one way streets, could you get anywhere? Would you be able to get back home again? Is there a start and finish, or only a start? 

The universal rhythms of balance require a giving and taking, a releasing and receiving, a loud and a quiet, an active and inactive. Without life and its naturally designed rhythms being honored and reflected in all things; wells run dry, we never cry or let go, we are stuffed with food, we live for ever, there would only be birthing, there would only be daylight or only be darkness, or only accumulation and never any giving or sharing or tossing.  We would have nothing at all or be a hoarder. Think about this. The law of yin & yang, balance in all things, extremes meeting in the middle, is necessary for health, life & existence in all areas of our lives, for evolution, continuation,  process and progression.

Only loving others is empty if one does not love themselves first.

What happens if you only work and never take a vacation? What happens when you go, go, go all day; pretty soon you collapse – a forced built in stopping mechanism brought to your innate inner guidance.  

Have you ever known anyone who only did for others? Since childhood, their innateness told them and somehow they were shown; only take care of everyone else – pretty much, your needs & dreams do not exist, what you want is unimportant, put everyone else first. If one is taught this at a very young age, this expresses as a one way street and will one day down the road of life show up as the body’s wisdom, through one’s physical instrument, crying out for attention through exhaustion and illness. STOP.  God says, I WILL make you pay attention to yourself. Here, deal with this. 

Through the spiritual energy medicine perspective, these people will emotionally harbor, be uncomfortable with others doing for them, not be able to receive; keep going, keep going, keep going. Perhaps not even being able to take a full breath – for they are so energetically congested with everyone else’s stories who they have cared for, there is no room for themselves, no space for their own life force. They never took time for themselves, at first they never even considered their own dream. And then, each day was filled with someone else needing something from them.  The habit of being and expressing they developed was; here I am, use me. A one way street.

Be aware of your own balance in life, of how you are showing your children about play & work, of giving, sharing and receiving, of refusing to take vacations, of not working at all, of not seeking your purpose, of only being on purpose for others. 

You know the folks who never take a vacation and have to be sick to stop and take time off – think about it. Or not, and as the years go by, your body’s wisdom will get louder and louder until denying your own natural needs to receive, to rest and to allow others to give to you is all you can do.

One way streets. Two way is much healthier !

with love, Deborah


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a flowing foundation

I live in New England, bordering central Massachusetts on the New Hampshire border – and our falls are exquisite. I was born and raised here in Massachusetts – and the four seasons certainly are an important part of my natural cycle. Presently, we are hinting at winter, with only a few trees left with color, quite a bit of browns, and cold nights. Many days the sun still shines, giving more time for yard tasks and the cutting back of the gardens. The exterior process is gradual, at least my husband and I make it that way – a bit more here and there, until all is put away from rain barrels to summer umbrellas to make way for snow. This year we have bravely chosen to leave the leaves! All we read advice’s it, and why would God have them fall if not good for the grasses?  We will know more in the spring……….for now, we are a golden carpet of a yard.

As one who loves to tweak our home, fall brings much interior joy also. Candles lit in the early morning before the sun rises. Quilts and warm blankets for comfort scattered about the rooms. Even something as simple as a quilt for the summer bare dining room table brings me joy. And then, there is orange! This glorious shade makes my heart sing.

And fires, outside in the fire pit and inside to keep us warm and just because. 

I do more cleaning and organizing in the fall than any other season – like preparing the scene to go within. Creating a space that will give me the peaceful foundation to meditate more, write more and spend more time inside on all levels, than out. I love order, sacred order. I love order in my day, in my home, in my life, in communing with others, in how I work. I believe there is a sacred order which exists in all nature. A foundation must be set for success of anything. I have discovered the effects of order can be joy, as well as creating more time for spontaneity. Funny how that works. When one has a strong foundation, one no longer spins – stability is the gift… can open to unexpected good. 

A strong foundation is necessary in every aspect of life; work, relationship, marriage, friendship, keeping a house, creating a home, family, nurturing a yard, garden, cooking; everything.  A strong foundation is not about controlling any thing or anyone or any situation. A strong foundation is created through authenticity, respect of all involved, clear listening, and observing universal law. One cannot make a rock soft. One will not see harmony created through blame. One cannot cook a specific meal without the appropriate ingredients. The right tools make all the difference – no matter the subject. 

To give myself a strong foundation in my new day – tea, quiet journaling in front of the wee morning hour fire, reaching out as a teacher, healer, counselor and minister by writing a blog post, reading spiritual writings which inspire my heart, and meditation. All part of my time of devotion to God, the Universal Creator. After this I consider what does my day look like? Do I have clients, what time? Are there emails to reply to? Letters to write? Texts from clients that need my attention? Groups I want to plan? Do I have errands to run? Does anything in the house or yard need my attention? Are there any tv shows that were on last night that I want to catch on demand? 

All part of the foundation of a new day in this body on planet earth. How do I want to show up today? 

How do you want to show up today? Intention as an intricate facet of a flowing foundation. 

Shared with love, Deborah