Doing for YOURSELF

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When we are not pleased with our immediate outer world, we need only shift our interior awareness. We cannot change what another person is doing or saying, but we do have control over how we show up in the experience. We are always drawing to us from where our vibration is. Always. This is universal law. Change you vibration, change your experiences. Truly, this has been truth since the beginning of time – and still, we need to be reminded; as within, so without; as above, so below. 

Many people will say, but this is my job. Or but this is my boss. Or this is family.  Or, but this requires professionalism. Blah, blah, blah….(with love)…blah, blah, blah.

Nothing is outside the effect of Universal Law. Nothing.

Deeply rooted, divinely helpful, awesome, easy things YOU can do to help change your life right now: 

First thing in the morning is important. It sets the foundation for your day.

  1. Meditate each morning. This is THE number one experience YOU can do to help shift your interior resonance and improve your life. A few minutes at first. (Yes, you can work up to 15 minutes or so…) Sit and listen to a fan, or a repetitive white sound noise. Just listen to your breathing. This does not get any simpler. This is about giving your mind something you are not interested in, have no clinging to, to pay attention to, so your interior energy field can have a break! – And, allow for Spirit to get your attention.
  2. Read a daily word publication each morning. Here are two choices:   (I like books, but there are plenty of app’s too.) Always read out loud.

      3. JOURNAL:  Write down everything you appreciated about your day. I appreciated this…I appreciated that. Write down things you want to give gratitude for.  I give gratitude for this person, for this experience, for that. 

       4. LISTEN to ABRAHAM-HICKS: I know of no other more grounded, truthful, awake teaching. And generous! Hundreds of Youtube offerings for any time of day or night! And you can buy cd’s for your car. Check out the website:

      5. Stop Talking About What You Do Not Want. PLEASE.   No more complaining. No more whining. No more repeating the story. STOP. 

6. MOOJI Beautiful, generous spiritual teacher.   go to VIDEOS…..

     7. Practice the Path of Least Resistance. Each day we have hundreds of crossroads; which way? Can you practice the one which has the least resistance? You may find yourself saying more; ‘okay’, ‘if you want’, ‘alright’, ‘oh – no thank you’, or my favorite; ‘if you think so’. Is it worth your peace to enter into that conversation? 

The point is to relieve you of your gerbil wheel mentality, and enjoy this life, have a freedom of your emotions and dwell in a space of deep appreciation and love. As you spend more time in the quiet, focusing on your Higher Self, your head un-clings from the external which is causing you (the clinging, not the thing) – to feel fear, despondency and other. There are many beautiful items you can read and dwell on, either in book form or on the internet – so many beautiful teachers available. Seek to go from the intellect to the feeling; all the juice is in the feeling, shifting your radar to attract more joy. These are each very, very simple things you can do on your won which if consistent, will change you forever. The more you look outside yourself for answers, the faster the gerbil wheel goes. 

People who are frustrated or unhappy or angry, etc; all are looking outside themselves to see how they feel. They check how they feel based on another person, an outcome, an expectation – what happens when you decide how you feel first? Hence, the morning foundation ritual for your day.

Shared with love,



Are you afraid to love God?

I believe it takes courage to love God – to love anything beyond our own selfishness, for what if it lets us down? What if it does not show up for us? What if I vocally declare I believe in this power & presence which is called God and a thousand other names…and what if all I desire does not come into manifestation? What if I look like a kook in my family? – a stand out in the crowd? – a weird one in the world? What if I say prayers at every meal? What happens when all I have to offer is prayer and no ‘real’ input? What happens if I go only by my instincts, intuition and intuitive guidance and others want linear facts to back it all up? What happens when I make outrageous statements of faith and strangers argue at every pulse of my voice? 

Basically the same thing that happens when anyone goes against whatever the other persons beliefs are; they doubt you, relationships may fall apart, people may gossip about you, call you wacky, insane and other names. What is that movie & Bonnie Rait song????……’Let’s give them something to talk about …let’s talk about love’ ?

When you think about it, the world loves to argue against love. If God IS love, then its a game changer – or game ‘understander-er’…………………. I love this so much, so deeply, with every fiber of my being, I am going for it, despite what you think. 

The first day of my sons freshman year at college all parents and new students had lunch together. Sixteen years ago, and I still can see this woman, a mother, bow her head and clasp her hands over her simple hot dog on a bare plate, to pray before she ate. I remember thinking, I want that. That which motivates her to be so grateful, so untouched by a college cafeteria of freshman students and parents as well as a family who did not join her; to give thanks to God for this food before I partake in it.

Loving takes such courage. Perhaps because we innately know that when we truly love, we give our everything. Giving ones everything is quite threatening to those who have not yet discovered such a passionate submission. How can you let go of so much? How can you allow such openness? How can you take such a chance? 

For me personally, I cannot imagine living in this world without my commitment, love for and faith in a Higher Power – for me, living here without my God awareness is  much more frightening. I understand peoples fears, depressions, and anxieties – I no doubt would have them too, without my faith in God, my personal relationship with Jesus and oh so many others beyond the veils of this 3d reality. I am set up in a family order where I am different, always have been – and it has certainly been good training to stand outside any box of any common ‘regular-ness’.  This certainly does not mean it is easy.

Standing in faith as a woman of God is a challenge each day – and a huge blessing. For me, I even stand outside the traditional training, church boards and religious teachings. And still, my faith and love of God carries me – each day, moment & breath. To need time alone, to sit in quiet, to not be socially active, to love to talk about my favorite subject, to have faith when everyone else is crying out in anger, in fears or actively going against something on this earth plane which pushes their buttons. To live as one who believes we create our own experiences……well, that is not popular dinner conversation. 

Years and years ago Oprah was allowed in a convent to film. (I was mesmerized!) She had film of the novices taking their final vows, the families were in the audience who had attended their daughters final vows of chastity, poverty and obedience as well as nuns sharing their stories. One mother was quite  honest in sharing her personal disappointment in never seeing her daughter married and having a family.  Other families spoke of how hard this choice had been for them to embrace. Being a bride of Christ was not what they had in mind for their little girls. And then there was the spokesperson – this incredible young nun who was absolutely, beyond any doubt, the most joyful soul I have ever seen. Her eloquence in displaying and speaking of her happiness was palpable. She moved me – to this day. A quote from one of the sisters; “If you never believe in something greater than yourself, you will never become something greater than yourself.”  

Shared with my love & joy as a woman of God –




Fall-Winter & Winter-Spring

I love supporting my body to be in its innate God given full alignment with health. I teach that we are perfectly created in Gods hands and illness is simply an empty bowl awaiting God realization. I believe in health, I believe energy work and prayer can heal us – I also believe in feeding and treating my body with respect & love. Here are a few items for consideration as the seasons change. 

I take extra care of my body during the change of seasons – from  fall to winter (f-w) and winter to spring (w-s). 

  • Believing more in health than illness.
  • Do not think of germs as an enemy out to get you. Whatever lack there is, cannot touch you when you are in perfect alignment.
  • A not feeling well can be seen as something is moving through and leaving my system, I will rest. 
  • Always fresh air.
  • Always water.
  • Change your toothbrush often, like every 2 months and always after an illness. NEW toothbrush.
  • I put apple in everything I can – from oatmeal to salads.
  • Resting when called, not fighting tired as if it is wrong or bad.
  • Eat out less and make home cooked meals f-w and fresh foods w-s.
  • Green soup f -w. This is mine – and how I love it!!! And the nurturance of it is palpable. 

In a soup pot, two boxes of organic chicken bone broth. (I always buy no or low sodium products.)

Add chopped washed and rinsed kale, parsley, spinach, celery, four large sweet onions, two or three chopped garlic cloves. (Vegis; a large bunch, a large bag, a full head, the entire package….always organic preference.) Low bubble for couple of hours. 

In other pot, boil small organic chicken with herbs you love. When done, soft, falling apart…..remove chicken onto plate, and pour through colander the stock, into vegi pot. 

Add chopped carrots and chopped butternut squash. More time till carrots and squash are soft.

(Add any other vegis you love; keep it mostly green. I like adding organic frozen corn to our soups. Yesterday I had left over corn on the cob and took it off the cobs and added. 

After chicken has cooled enough hand pick it and tear it part and shred it into the soup pot! I like hand shredding, feeling it completely to prevent any bone or other. Add cracked pepper, paprika, if you like spicy hot, white pepper. (More spicy for any congestion release.)  Your body will thank you! Breakfast and all day!!! SO good for you, easy to digest. 

  • We also love beets. I place them as is in pot, fill to top of largest beet. On slow boil for an hour or more, till soft inside when poked with fork. Run under cold water and skins will peel off easily. You can then use them hot, chopped with a bit of butter, s & p……or cold with chopped with balsamic, goat or feta cheese, walnuts….YUMMY!!!
  • We LOVE Brussell sprouts – so diverse and you can shred raw cold in salads or use cooked one left over in salads too.
  • I love a few drops of eucalyptus in the shower. If your head, sinus or other feels the least bit challenged – and good for headaches too.
  • I take vitamins when Spirit moves me; a good daily from my acupuncturist, extra D and magnesium. And some days a Vitamin C packet too. 

Hope this may support you!




Roots, Space & Growth

I am a New Englander, for sure – this fall time of year touches my roots, makes me feel warm, secure, nurtured, alive and loved. Oranges sparkle and shine. Me happy. Deeper reasons resonate with me as well this time year  – i like the deep end of the pool. I live from within out, going in, coming from our roots; my happy place. 

 Nature teaches us. I have been busy transplanting trees and bushes which have outgrown their present space. I find it a spiritual experience. How incredible to dig up a living thing, get at its roots, dig a new home for it, pour in some food, water, cover it with soil, make it feel safe and watch it shine. Watch it blossom after a season of  rooting. Being in the cave – magical.

With our recently transplanted dogwood tree, it took a couple of days for the leaves to have life again, but this morning, they do. Such a feeling – praying over it each morning, talking to it, letting it know it is okay…and then the effect of its roots having made a holy connection with its new home……..and it has begun singing. 

Yesterday I moved two hydrangeas – immediately they were happy! In four years they had grown SO large and were touching the house, they needed more room, more space – and this morning, wow! Happiness is pouring forth, they look and feel healthy, happy and grateful. I feel their relief. 

I realized as I walked around our yard this morning, checking in on my plant beloveds….how recently I too, have been giving myself more space, (ah-ha moment!) – more air, more openness. A palpable realization. Divine perfection. 

One facet of self care is giving ourselves enough space to grow. Have you outgrown your room, your home, your relationship,  your thinking, your job? Are your own thoughts too tight for you? Is your dream big enough? Do you feel claustrophobic   in our own skin? No one is comfortable in clothes too tight – and plants do not like pots that are too small and shrubs are not happy being blocked by the house – and we do not thrive in rigidness, or tight thinking, or fearful surroundings. Our roots; they require attention, space and loving respect.

Nature teaches, every time. Give yourself some space, allow your roots to expand. It is the perfect time of year to go within and grow. 

with love,




change so i will feel better, please.

Image result for byron katie quotesByron Katie has been in my head lately. If you do not know of her, look her up, buy her books, ‘do the work’. Do the work is a phrase from her – one of truly seeking truth of a situation. In her early years of fame and teaching I did sit with her, maybe 2 or 3 times and did the work. Many years later, her teachings are resonate each day. 

In our lives, one of our emotional diseases is; believing another person has to change so we are more comfortable. It is a disease of victim-hood, manipulation and many times, spiritual by-pass. (old language: self – righteousness) We each know how it feels when we endure some form of embarrassment due to another persons actions, or how in public a stranger does something and we are appalled and feel sorry for them and talk about it all day long, or how a person we love is in so much pain we feel it is our ‘responsibility’ to tell them how to fix it – when in truth, it is because it make us so uncomfortable and we find it so wrong, we have to make them change because we know better, or more, or it will help them. (The other disease is, I know how your journey should look, so let me fix it for you.)

Because I am a minister, healer, counselor, i am often invited in to do this, a door is open for me to make suggestions and help others see a situation differently. And, there are many times when I am just being a friend, or a relative or wife or mother; and no door has been opened for me to state what is making me SO uncomfortable or what I see could change – and in this moment the only option i have; is to change myself, my own thinking, take the silent high road and self talk myself into loving what is. (Or pray, or journal, or write a blog post.)

The Byron Katie exercise in her very first book changed my life. I came to the profound truth that if anything pushes my buttons, it is for me to look at. There is a palpable internal difference and with practice can grown into an awareness, between observing a less than kind, loving, intolerant behavior and having it become your story, mission, task or highlight of your day and sometimes even life. The difference is not your business or getting your buttons pushed. The difference is this is yours – and oh my, this is mine!

The exercise (as I remember it and have used it – read the book to be sure!) ) is to take an episode of someone who bugs you, who makes you upset, who you are mad at; and write it all out on paper. They do this, they do that, they say this, they are this, they are that. Do not hold back! Do not over spiritualize it for you to feel good about yourself. Be raw, be honest. After all, you are the only person who is going to read or see it, right?

Read it out loud. Then, cross out their name and put your own name. Re-read it out loud. Sit with each line. Sit with it. 

Okay now, now we are in the work! Now, this gets to the good, deep, juicy stuff. The deep end of the pool, as I call it. And, it is amazing! Truth sets you free baby! 

Some of the contemplation’s for me are – have I ever done this? If I am disturbed by another person not having been honest with me, and I hear my name in the read out loud statement – i am asking myself, have I ever lied to them or another? (Oh, I HAVE done that!) If another persons illness, or manipulation or fears are bugging you, when you sit with this exercise, there is the opportunity to see where you once felt the same way. (Oh!!! I did that to so and so!!!)   

The experience, story or outcomes may be very different, but when we are honest with ourselves, we CAN see where; oh, yes, I HAVE been that frightened, that cranky, that ill tolerant before. (I get it!!!)

Oh….. i did break up with someone that way once…..
Oh….i was afraid to speak up once too…….
Oh…..i  did feel like so and so was too fragile once…..
Oh….i did that in the meeting last week!!!!!!
Oh…i hid such and such from that so and so….I get it.
Oh…….i understand being uncomfortable about that, i remember when…………

Well, i do have money fears also, i get it……………….

Through this softer awareness comes an understanding, an empathy – the compassionate heart is ignited – and everything changes. Why? Because we did the work to own our part of the story and the palpable internal energetic shifts take place and we show up differently – more loving, accepting, tolerant, kind, patient.

Through this self awareness the mirror effect is cleaned up!

As we continually own our part of our story, we will get our buttons pushed less and less……our little child will no longer be driving the bus….until one day, our internal energy field is so filled with love, we no longer see through our wounds – and only have love to offer. 

What more is there, but to show up as love?

May the blessings and good fortune in your day be all you see,


gazing meditation

This morning i did the most beautiful practice – and I want to share it with you. I am awake many hours these days. In the dark of the very early morning, I played some truly beautiful mystical music, had a fire in the fireplace, and sat in my living room. I had no plans. I gazed,  gazing at the space. I simply gazed at the energy of the room. Not listening to music, yet absorbing, not starring at fire, yet aware. I simply gazed. Our room is open, it is easy to do. 

I sat and  ‘felt’ the room.

I did not even observe – for then judgments may come….I gazed, I felt the room. I was aware of the universal life force, the Presence, that which connects all. There was no intention, or purpose. There were no emotions; simply feeling the space and allowing my interior to merge with all that is.

I hope I sit in the entire day this way! A lovely way to practice non attachment with in ones vibration. 


Whining or Praying?

Image result for whose daughter am I quote – and may the men remember whose son they are! We are each a child of the Divine!

There are times and moments in each of our lives when we find ourselves speechless (or whining really, really loudly) at what is before us. Now is one of those times.

From ignorant false white male privilege which too many believed for far too long in our history, to what I simply call, ‘bad behavior’.  (Like the guy in the truck last week who entered the main road too quickly and gave me the middle salute as I passed him. ) And as we know, way too many other options in between, horrendous actions against humanity as well as deep sadness and exhaustion at our emotional human roller coasters. 

Every now and then I feel my own-self reach a peak of such times – the heaviness of intuitive awareness of the stories, the conflicts,  as well as the nature of life when in one week far too many beloveds have died – and one more God cry pours out when I think i am running on empty.   

What I have learned is:  I am, we are, never actually running on empty. There is always more – there is always another moment, another sensation, another cry, another laugh, another connection, another way – there is always another way to see beyond / through what is before us. 

Perhaps this is the eternal promise of love. (God is Love.) Our beautiful abilities to seek beyond what is at hand. For me, this means seeking within. Byron Katie’s work is all about loving what is. I really, really like her, and in her early years of teaching I sat with her a few times; life changing. Her question is always; ‘sweetheart, is that the truth’? (Still after many years, i can hear her voice clearly.) – Yes, I love what is – i love the feeling of what is, even if it is pain due to yet another beloved making their transition – the pain is from loving, it is critical, sharp and a magnificent expression of our connection. How can I not love that? – Did you feel the shift from loss to being aware of connection? Connection heals.  

When I am emoting on the concept of the ignorant illness called bad behavior, i sit and remind myself of my inner connection with Spirit. I remind myself, I must only pay attention to my own behavior, to how I am showing up. I see my brother Jesus and ask myself, how can I show up this day? Am I being kind? Am I being judgmental? Am I sharing freely? Am I harboring ill feels? Did I tell anyone I care about them today? Did I pray yet??!!! 

Yes, what others do may push a button in us – turn within, reconnect in your awareness of your innate Divinity – love that. Recognizing love always releases anything unlike it. Recognizing love is the holy connection, the sacred cord of unity.

Loving what is – loving your Divinity, practicing loving behavior, remembering who we are. 

with great love, Deborah