Image result for photo of emeril Whenever I say God-UP! I think of Emeril – “BAM”!! The energy & passion & fire of that one word to raise the deliciousness of the perfect dish. 

When I feel myself getting on the gerbil wheel of any lack thought, I tell myself to God-UP – another words; pray out-loud, say a mantra, stop and breathe; remind yourself of the Presence! 

We can feel ourselves diving down into the depths of the rabbit hole……and then say out loud; ‘This too shall pass’. – and instantly lighten. We can hear ourselves repeating the story we do not want to see again…..diving, diving, diving…..then say; God-UP! 

What if each time you realized you were heading to the lower vibrations, each time you were out of alignment with your Higher Awareness, with your Higher Self, with your God Self…..you thought of it as an opportunity to God UP! – Instead of berating yourself. What if you thought of it as a Holy reminder – okay, NOW! You have an opportunity to – God-UP!  

What I love most about this practice is: I believe nothing is outside the Laws of the Universe, including God. So, when we here on earth realize we are out of alignment with our Highest, most beautiful innate perfection….and we take a moment to God-UP; we allow for more of God to be radiated throughout this universe. Think of it as a holy assignment. 

If you are feeling a bit ‘less’ than……take a moment and God-UP! State a prayer out-loud, say a mantra, listen to music, find the words which raise your vibe! You can do this. My friend Michelle, who made her transition several years ago, use to say, “just sing zippity-do-dah…no one feels bad when they sing zippity-do-dah”.  

      ‘This shall pass.’  ~  ‘God is bigger than this.’  ~  ‘God’s courage is my courage.’  ~ ‘this little light of mine…..I’m gonna let it shine!!’  ~  ‘Shazam!!’  

Many blessings,


If you live in the Groveland, MA area, come God-UP with us this Sunday evening at Veasey Memorial Park in the Great Hall/Chapel. An evening of FAITH, SURRENDER, & HEALING!  More information on website.