My Mission

I often am gently reminded through Spirit, what is my intention with a client, what is the ALM mission? I call myself on it, wanting to stay on tract of  my deep devotion to God. Since 1992 my intention has always been and remains the same; to support you to awaken to a personal, palpable and positive relationship with God.

I offer this through spiritual redirection, teaching and healing energy work. My goal is whatever your goal is when you first come to me, and when that is met, either after one session or a few, I will let you know, see, through my eyes how you have met that intention, then we can move on to a next one, if you wish.

“Thanks to my sessions with Deborah I am experiencing joy and peace. A friend recently told me she has never seen me look so happy. I feel free of negative emotions which kept me from expressing who I really am. It feels wonderful! Thank you, Deborah!”  C.T. Bibby

Western guru’s and teachers often refer to FREEDOM as the goal; freedom from the mind. I agree – is not surrender to God a vehicle to experience freedom from our thinking? – to learn to direct the mind, rather than allow the mind to direct us?  A God Sister of mine once reminded her Yoga class; ‘you know, just because you think a thought, it does not mean you have to pay attention to it.’ I am told there were gasps.

In unraveling the success of my healing work:

Your happiness and joy in your journey, the peace you experience, your ability & practice to listen, to feel, to know OTHER, the non-physical –  is of the upmost importance to me. Healthy boundaries, in understanding what those are; is very important to me. To grasp an understanding of unconditional love which does not mean you lie like a rug; is important to me. How to retell ones stories so the pain is no longer your jumping off point; is important to me. To support you to see through your God eyes in order to engage with forgiveness of whatever it is you are clinging to; is important to me. How to set your self up for success, how to look upon others in detachment, how to dream, how to apply and see Universal Laws in this existence; all, important to me. For you to realize you are CREATOR energy, and your True Identity is not your body, but your Spirit; is magnificently  important to me. Having out of body experiences through energy healing work is icing on the cake! Having you trust your intuition, feelings and learning emotions are not your friend; all, important to me. In all these, you will experience  Freedom. – We must  address the seed of the wound which is not yet healed which is causing you to experience turmoil.

The past two weeks, a few clients have reached their initial ‘goals’. I will happily see you as a client, for as long as you like – yet, when you have reached your set goals, this, this is time for you to realize you have developed your own FAITH in your True Identity. Perhaps we stretch out your appointments from weekly, to bi weekly, to monthly. Perhaps we move into only energy healing body work; one hour rather than two. Or perhaps you come once a season. Or perhaps you are new and come once a week. You know what is right for you. 

A client entered my home in an entirely new state of Light yesterday, she sat down, we began: “Something &^%$#$%$# great happened on that table two weeks ago! I have no more anger, no more resentment to my molesters.”   

And, THAT is why I do what I do. Freedom from our stories. No longer letting our wounded-ness drive the bus.  God, the universal cosmic force, Presence & power; always has your back. 

I will never kick you out of the nest, but I will let you know I see your wings, I think you are flying.

In Love, Deborah

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This fabulous quote caught me this morning, after a sleepless night of more ‘upgrades’. Upgrades, when the old parts of ourselves disperse and leave our True Identity – OR – when yet another step of our merging with our Higher Selves, our True Divine Potential takes place – OR – when we surrender deeper, deeper, deeper into (Higher) Consciousness, a more awake awareness – OR – many speak of this as the 13th DNA Strand of Consciousness.

Whatever we call it; there are no roads, indeed. For ourselves as individuals we alone are feeling, experiencing this journey as all we once knew to be ‘real’ or our life, is vanquished, forcing us (allowing us, gifting us!) to (be able to) only live what is True for our Hearts. We find as this process continuous to unravel, that we cannot go against ourselves any longer. Once, we could hide from ourselves by saying no, when we wanted to say yes , or doing that – when we wanted to do this….or working at what was best for a linear reason rather than following the heart calling. No longer.  (Thank you God!!) 

For me, I see us (those who are saying yes) merging with our God Selves, our letting go of most human attributes and living the life of infinite potential. Source is Present in all aspects. This truly feels like the time we have been waiting for! Manifesting is  not only instantaneous, but others are seeing it also, through the experiences you are showing them. 

The ease with which (my) healing work is taking place is incredible. The depth of vibration and frequency of unconditional love is brand new! SO much joy! Palpable Presence. 

Yes, all may seem crazy. Yes, friends, relationships, other may be dropping away due to the simplest of non alignment. As well, NEW may be happening, grace bringing all you desire, need & want. This IS the time to be who and what you always dreamed and felt called to be. Your old thinking patterns may say do this….and it feels horrible, or you just cannot GET there – then, you surrender and do what the heart calls; and all is well! Linear thinking does not compute; at all. The universe no longer can transmit, nor correspond to that vibration. 

Being called to action! Higher realms of Being have opened, and many have said yes.

In the Light,


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Sacred Willingness

The understanding of willingness has immense and infinite possibilities. It is a word which carries the frequency of infinite. When you are willing – your life path will change.

Willingness allows for softening, for increased openness, for other, for – ‘or not’.

‘Or not’ is a wonderful phrase to add to the end of telling any story….no matter how severe the story, no matter how dire the exterior appears, no matter how long the experience has been happening – tell your story, go on and on if you wish, then take the sacred pause, breathe, and say – ‘or not’.

The willingness to try, consider, or expect; different. The willingness to even consider another way, another solution, another idea. The willingness to consider believing in health rather than sickness, believing in good rather than bad, believing in joy, rather than sad. The willingness to allow for another way to be given to you, another perception to be seen through your eyes, another solution other than the only one you have been able to imagine up till this moment.

Today I offer you willingness – do you want your life to change, do you wish for different? Then, please, sit with the word willingness, and ask yourself, have you been willing to consider another way? 

I share this with love, Deborah

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Why a Healer?

Why do this work? Why receive this work? Why go to a healer?

I can only answer for me.

To be free of mind attachment. To be free to choose. To support your intended shifts, to recalibrate your frequencies, to help you shift your language. To believe in other. To gain empowerment of self, faith in the universe, positive perspective, to heal the physical body, the emotional body, to bring alive ones awareness of their Highest and Most Sacred Self. TO FEEL AWESOME! To feel peaceful, to be peaceful. To respond & not re-act; ( keep acting the story over & over & over again) . To live fully detached & unengaged with what ever it was that you were allowing to hold you back from your incredible self! To live abundantly, joyously, gracefully. To learn it really IS easy. To merge your self with your greater beingness. To flow. To learn to be and live in 100% full responsibility. To know and thrive in life as the creator that you are. To be kind no matter what. To be present no matter what. To see all and stand in love. To know health, to know ease and unexpected possibilities. To trust. To not only listen, but to hear. To understand without having to agree. To build up and not break down.  To not live from your wounds, but from your heart. To live not from your emotions, but from your unconditional innate self. To live not from how others see you, but how you know yourself to be. To understand Universal Law. To hear your own voice. To be fearless; through faith in That which created you. To live from the inside out, not the outside in. 

The above is always my goal for any Beloved. And, my goals are not as important as yours. Whatever your goal is, let us help you achieve it. And know; there is always –  more. 

A few very recent comments from clients:

‘This work is SO valuable!’ (x2)

‘I use to go to an intuitive, a psychic, a therapist and a healer; you are all that in one!’

‘I could talk with you for hours!’

‘I have not felt this good in years.’ (after one session)

Shared with love, Deborah

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In my morning time of devotion & gratitude, the concept of VALUE came upon me – and then later on in a conversation. God is guiding, indeed.

What do you value? Have you yet realized that we, as individuals, place the value of anything upon anything else? Nothing comes into the world with a value – human man.mind places value upon a person, place, experience or thing; and then we run with it. 

The quirky thing is, many people assume that everyone else values what they do.  Secondly,  even more so, it is ourselves who must find, discover and feel what we value. And finally, it is ourselves who must stand by what we value. This is where it can get tricky – like a coyote! 

Let’s say you believe in something, it is important to you, it is what you strive for – and then your parents, spouse or any other authority figure disagrees. BOOM! Confusion, doubt, self worth issues, anxiety, the gerbil wheel mind begins to move out of control. 

Why do they do that to me?

Why can’t they just say wonderful?

The true question is; why are you not solid enough in your own statement of value? Why is it so easy to knock you off your stance? 

The reason is, you have not yet developed a strong enough energetic foundation within your own body.  When you have accomplished this, it will not matter what anyone else thinks or says – not in an angry way, or defensive way; but with calmness and what I call Divine Okay-ness. When one is rooted in their Divinity, coming only from their Higher Sense of Being – one is fully whole. Nothing can threaten. When one is whole unto themselves, they no longer seek outside approval, or even agreement. They value their own worth.

This is the result of daily meditation, seeking a relationship with the Source of Life, realizing ones innate Divinity. This is the result of understanding we are creators, as according to the Laws of Nature, of God.

“There is within me, as me, a power greater than all else; I AM made, created, of this Divine Eternal Presence. As I sit each day and allow myself to become aware of this innate, birth given, True Identity; I recognize I am not my body. I feel within me, as me, a power of love, a knowing-ness of kindness, an awareness of more, other, an indescribable ‘something’.  I rest my heart and mind on this knowingness. I let this be, I let this guide me, I share only from This.” 


Shared with love,

Deborah Evans Hogan

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The holy unraveling is happening at record speed. Even my last post, is now moot. We are beyond the growth spurts, the re-feeling of stories – we are now, in the moment of owning our Divinity, as never before. The intensity of separation has caused us to enact the gift of free will – if not with grace, through fear & force. Now, now when we choose, we are feeling the heaviness of ‘no longer’, ‘cannot go there’, ‘absolutely & fully no longer aligned with that’.

Awakening to the full realization of there is me, and me. There is no God and me. There is no other. This realization brings the awareness of separation, which in the Light does not exist, to our hearts. What does this mean? In the Light, in knowing we are Divine, Divinity, Holy, Sacred, Love It self – when around others who are not yet awake; the experience is palpable and literally places you outside the experience. It is no longer uncomfortable, as prior, yet it is palpable awareness. 

Others are talking in the human state of being, and it is now a foreign language. 

Once, when we spoke to ourselves, we could hear ‘us’ and the still small voice. Now, there is only the still small voice and it is us. Me and me. There is no outside of. God upon God. Sacred upon sacred. No human AND divine. Simply, Divinity. When one has this awakening, tears and eternalness are expressed. 

Our souls have been calling and now, for many, our souls are fully present. If one does not honor  their soul voice, uncomfortableness reigns. The immense, ‘oh, I do not belong’ is heard. When one is fully embodying Light soul language, absolutely no separation exists, one is fully, and without hesitation; Being.

This is the language of the soul. The language of Light. For me, I only see & feel & know energy. It is simply how I am, and it is not an ‘easy’ way to be. I have been this way since I can remember. This is not about being an empath, this is about knowing, seeing, feeling –  the energy, the vibration, of anything; a person, a sentence, an illness, an idea, a thought, a thing, an experience. This is seeing the language of being-ness of (most) expressions, communicating with them; and in order for healing to take place, applying order & balance to offered ‘things’. 

In order for the language of Light to be remembered, we have had to go through this present rebirthing, which was brought about due to the initial ego fractured-ness of our civilization. Now, the individual expressions of Source energy, (humans), are remembering – this process has caused chaos, and now, we in the final series of realizations. Many are here to support, to prep the way for individual expressions who wish to know, to see also, and let go of the past and rebirth into this new age of realization.  

Blessed Journeying. 



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The law of spiritual growth spurts…..many times we go backwards for a bit, before letting go and moving ahead. It is nature, we all do it; physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

We do this all the time. Many are doing it now. Expansion. Growth.

As we prepare to rise, prepare to awaken more, prepare to evolve – we always go back for a bit. And/or, we are awake to the old moving through us, the old thoughts, the old stories, the old ways of being…prior to the full release of our attachment with them. In full release, we may say NO to them, we may ignore them, or react in disgust at their presence, or wonder what the hey?! We can, if aware enough, actually ‘measure’ how far a long this expansion we are by noting how we do respond to their presence.  That AGAIN??? Or…, back again or just the final passing through? 

Since the last full moon many unconscious old stories & thoughts have been showing themselves in my mind, and I know through my clients, in other minds also. Very quietly, with no preview what so ever or obvious trigger; there it is…that old idea.  There it is, that almost invisible judgement i have had, the one that never is outward, i would never act on it….but, there it is, rising to the surface, to be seen one final time

They allow us to see how far / or not, we have come in tolerance, kindness & unconditionally loving. “I USE to really think that way!” “I have never acted on this thought, yet it resides within me as an energy form, pattern, cellular node.” 

This growth spurt season of our journey can cause us to be extra tired, need more sleep than usual. As well as, patience and self love. There is nothing wrong……honoring the sacred law of spiritual growth spurts! On the other side of any discomfort there will be less of ego – you, and this is a VERY wonderful thing – and more of TRUE Identity you!

Shared with love, Deborah