Hello Again………………a while since I shared here.  Many have had a wild ride, attempting balance on the energetic waves coming from galactic weather, solar storms, astrological happenings, ascension turbulence, Spiritual DNA, Light Bodies, crystalline frequencies…….many names, definitions, explanations…..in the nameless understanding of love vs. ego, faith vs. emptiness, internal vs. external, head to heart, human vs. spiritual.

Everyone’s ride looks different, IS different. Every individuals ride to get from where they are to where they want to go is unique. It is when we attempt to generalize it, compartmentalize it, compare it, that confusion and human ego lack thinking enters. From that, the clinging increases, the judgements explode and fear has its way with you.  

Human eyes are always looking outside, externally for answers. In that moment, one is ignoring their beyond valuable, innate, God-given, interior knowing of all that is. This moment of choice is crucial. This precious moment of choosing to seek OUTSIDE oneself for comfort, an answer, authority or other. THIS moment, THIS is the grand split energy and hence begins the rabbit hole ride, deeper and deeper senseless, repetitive and eternally vacant ego ride. 

Our consciousness has been being gradually raised since the beginning of time. (Or since enough of us fell down the rabbit hole and caused the great split!) Every generation has had great thinkers, lovers, those who go ahead of the mainstream middle. Yes, it does certainly feel there are many who are more awake to non physical existence than before – and many who are struggling to let go, unclench and believe in what they cannot yet see. 

And what is enduring is that the those who think outside the box, those who present original, new & not yet seen by the majority ways of seeing – eventually, perhaps generations down the evolution path, are validated. Eventually. (off the top of my head, Einstein, Curie, Plato, Gandhi, King, Yogananda, New Thought leaders….) 

If we simplify; what is the quest? Faith? Faith in what we cannot yet see? Gut? Believing in our guts, what we FEEL vs. what the majority sees? Or is it all to simply realize we are Creator energy in form and each one of us is formidable beyond our small mindedness and we are all on a path to realizing our innate GREATNESS! 

I do believe we are each creating by what we choose to engage with. Without doubt, this is  my way of being. KNOW your innate ability to choose and hence create. Self realization for sure! Whatever you engage with grows. Your interest, speech, seeing, noting, repeating, paying attention; all sacred fertilizer. 

And what about the ride? Do not go against the waves which are naturally created as you expand and change. Welcome the shifts. Unclench your hands. Remain faithful. 

In Light & Harmony-

Lovingly, Deborah

The Amethyst Light Ministry

head shot looking down