for my beloveds

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The collective ego appears to be screaming recently. I am also seeing it raising its venom head through clients/beloveds personal stories and experiences. I witness how ones heart can be in such pain as it points outs another persons wrong doing – it is amazing to watch the ‘bigness’ of ignorance. The vastness of the ego simply floors me sometimes, how the ego upon ego answer,  only creates more friction; yet without awareness of  Holy Spirit, without acknowledgment of the atonement, it is all one has to bring to the dance.  This is so not pretty.

I know for a fact, when I feel the ego on automatic reaction mode, finding fault in another persons way; I feel miserable. The truth is, we each do. It will tear us open, gut us like a fish, to see another person, especially someone we love, as ‘wrong”. When we can only find fault with the ways of a person we care about, our insides wrench, our heart aches and we loose sight of loving. It is a rabbit hole of insanity.  This horrible dance will feed upon you and upon you until there is nothing left of you but a totally misguided lie that you know what is best. …and you will crumble into little pieces because you are standing upon absolutely nothing. 

We do not know what is best for another person, but God does.

The way of seeing fault in another persons actions, choices or expressions is, as ACIM teaches us, because ego sees only ego. I am going to attempt to put this in every day language. – When you know yourself to be God in form, when you know you are Source energy, when you accept your Oneness with God; you accept anothers’ also. And thereby, you accept your Oneness with them also.

(ACIM: Atonement – the Holy Spirit’s plan of correction to undo the ego and heal the belief in separation; came into being after the separation, and will be completed when every separated Son has fulfilled his part in the Atonement by total forgiveness; its principle is that the separation never occurred.)

I have to first forgive myself for the times, moments and expressions when I have forgotten, failed to remember, been in ignorance of who I AM. When another person mistreats themselves, they mistreat another: in that moment they have forgotten who they are.

Love will forgive and remind them. Ego will berate and blame them. 

How do we remind another who they are? We invite Holy Spirit into our minds and hearts. We invite Holy Spirit to speak through us, as we internally forgive another persons outward actions of forgetting, of failing to remember they are ONE with God. We gently love them, reminding them who they are, how we see them as knowing what is right here, we encourage them to have faith to choose differently,  we know that somewhere within them, somewhere deeply buried beneath shame and lies is their Truth – for it is the same as each of ours; we are One. 

I continually remind myself that they too, whoever they are; knows. They know Love. They know Holy Spirit. They know God. They know…………they have simply forgotten…….and the only reason I have even seen this in them, noticed it; is because I forgot too.   

Shared with enormous love, Deborah

A Course in Miracles has taught me that if I want peace, forgiveness is necessary. Whenever I am not at peace, I know I have interpreted a situation wrongly and must forgive...this piece of advice creates so many miracles for me!


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Bill Moyers 1993 book, (and PBS special of the book) Healing & the Mind changed my life.  Before then, I had read and indulged in many metaphysical books; Shakti Gawain, 1978 ( I remember buying it fresh off the shelf!), Creative Visualization & the 1960 books by the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce, & the countless brilliance of Louise Hay; the list is very long of the varied, diverse and lovingly shared information through many avenues.

In 1992 I opened my first healing center and office for hands on healing, and other non mainstream offerings for allowing the bodies emotional and spiritual balance to align ones life with their highest good, and express as such. Since that day, my path as a healer has been diverse, ( –   leading me to know absolutely no boundaries between our faith in the Creator and our ability to heal, manifest and deliberately create our lives.

This morning I awoke to a local man stating on our towns FB page a cry for help with his addiction to smoking. Seeking a hypnotist, he stated his years of smoking have caught up with him and is his reason for his heart issues. I immediately thought; no – not loving, heartbreak, lack of forgiveness is your reason for heart issues. But, I thought, perhaps I would offer him a session in order to introduce him to hands on healing and support his desire for help. I turned to his FB page to find out more and was blatantly hit with the most distasteful, angry and ugly FB topper I have ever encountered. It had horrible language in it, stating hate and *&^% towards others, as well as his photo stating the same, depleting, harmful, glaring anger. My bodies response was nausea.

On one hand, I do not understand why we are still having these conversations, why there are folks who do not see the connection between thought, mind, body and ones physical, emotional and spiritual health. On the other hand, I realize I am myself still stubbornly not ‘getting’ things – striving each day to refine my thinking.

I listen to Abraham-Hicks often. I am constantly amazed at the patience and repetition required to keep telling us the same thing over & over again. I amazed at how many times we have to hear the same truth before it seeps into our knowing, before it lands within us. One of my teachers in ministerial school once said, after 26 years at the pulpit; “it was time for me to retire, I kept saying the same thing over and over, every single Sunday.”

Our stubbornness is a testament to how we also are able to let go! Opposites, opposites, opposites; natures most DIVINE balance.

Repetition & patience goes a very long way. They are excellent tools. We begin with a vast emptiness, then can rise to hope, to believing, to knowing….and then; embodiment. Embodiment is the Beingness, our cells have changed, our spiritual DNA is alive, our awareness is awake with the literal vibration of pure Source energy.

So, the nausea I felt when I saw the FB header earlier has subsided. Now, my heart has regained its purpose; to reach out and see if this path would work for him. Or, do I consider the FB header a roadblock? If I do, am I letting fear be greater than God – which is impossible.

See, always tweaking the thinking process, always in practice mode, each one of us.

with love, Deborah


the practice of FAITH

a new year, each day, a fresh opportunity

each morning when you awake, what is your first thought? this is how you are beginning this brand new day. do you like the thought? does it empower you? does the thought make you feel positive? does this very first thought which is crossing your mind upon your fresh awakening ….is it helpful?

first thoughts can vary, from old buried fears having risen to the surface to be brought into the light through your deliberate awareness and ability to shift your perception……..or they can be a thought of God, of faith in love & goodness….and all else in between.

is there an in between? is there a grey area when it comes to our faith? i think no, but, there is the ongoing process of fine tuning. if you are faithful of God, you are faithful – but we do get to perfect this faith at every turn. if you are over 55, think of the rabbit ears on your childhood tv set…attempting to get them in just the right position in order for a clear tv screen to be enjoyed without all the static. if you do not remember those, think of being in the middle of  no where with your cell phone, turning to the left, then the right, then down, then up, walking ten feet ahead, getting out of the car, standing on top of the car…..attempting to find a clear connection in order to hear a call without dropping it.

each day we are given a new chance to perfect our faith, to remove the static for greater clarity. i find, that the deeper i go with my faith, the more i depend on, call upon, expect from the Divine Creator, from the application of the Laws of God – i get these opportunities less and less, but when they do show, it stands out like a spare thumb!…. for more and more clarity. no, no, not testing. we are NOT being tested. we ARE being gifted more and more chances to apply what we say we know.

so, the other day when i was feeling quite full up with positive expectations, deliberate thoughts of abundance, and rather ecstatic joy of the season pouring through my outward below zero snowy presence –  i went to my car after doing errands at our local plaza and could not find my keys……..yes, one of those moments when i watched my self react. i ALWAYS have my keys on my wrist, always. i NEVER remove them – where did they go??????? i lost my keys???!!!

my higher self certainly enjoyed the show. it was not until a woman in the grocery store asked me if lost something simply based on my facial expressions and outward demeanor that i realized; stop deborah. ask.

in the parking lot, as i walked to my car to double check the seats i stopped, and intentionally asked all my angels and masters of misplaced items to show me where i left them; and voila, the thought, go to rite aid, on the counter appeared.

sometimes fine tuning our faith, that which we believe takes practice, no matter how practiced we are! being given these unexpecting moments to see where old habits still have momentum enough to appear is gift. we get another opportunity to give MORE momentum to our faith than whatever tid-bits of fear remain within our energy body.

each day upon awakening, when you first realize you are done slumbering, think a good thought. think a deliberate empowering thought. it can be as simple as, ‘today is going to be a really good day’.  or ‘today i welcome unexpected abundance.’ or good, or joy, or income, or happiness or grace and ease ……………..whatever your next good thought is, say it to yourself in the sleepiness of your morning mind, then as you sit on the edge of your bed, give a sacred pause moment and speak it out loud.

a beautiful way to begin yet another opportunity to walk your faith.

I love you. Bless your beautiful heart.

Rev. Deb

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