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2018 – The year of: STOP STOPPING YOURSELF.

The Amethyst Light Ministry is declaring the upcoming new year, the year of stop stopping yourself! During this in between week, (Christmas till New Years), we are claiming a new question each day, in preparing to be ready to claim ones greatness. 

Day 1: Are your ready to give up everything you think you know?  This is vital. It is vital for anyone to have the openness, the desire  –  to change. Our underlying resistance dwells in ones old alignment of rigidness, stubbornness and fear – that which creates or rather closes the streams of allowance within ones energy field. In holding onto to ones ways with clenched fists there are no open hands to hold new.  I realize, my questions and references feel big. Do you believe your body can heal? Do you believe that no matter what any mainstream specialist says to you – through your beliefs, through what you choose to engage in, what you think about, where you place your focus…which is energy – YOUR BODY CAN HEAL. There lies within your innate seed the Divine perfection of perfect balance – all things are possible. ALL.  

Day 2:  PASSION! Are ready to be passionate about being YOU!  What does this mean? Are you ready to love, adore and believe in yourself as much as what you have seeked outside yourself ? Are you ready to let go of needing anyone’s approval or authority? Are ready to be so grateful for what you know, what you live, what you have faith in…that no matter what anyone thinks, it will not affect you? Are you ready to live from your God Self, your highest self possible? Are you ready to be SO deeply fulfilled with knowing you are a speck of this incredibly power-filled universe and know that you are wisely, lovingly and thoughtfully deliberately creating your life experiences; that you allow nothing to stop you? 

There are a few more days and I look forward to what Spirit directs me to share!

Perhaps: Are you willing to keep your eyes on God? Are you willing to feel really, really good all the time? Are you willing to give Spirit all the credit? Are you willing to surrender? To open to more? Are you willing to meditate each day and awake to your True Identity? Are you willing to let go of right & wrong? Are you willing to know, feel and live as the power of the Universe moves through you!!?? Are you willing to stop being a victim? Are you willing to feel empowered of Spirit?

OR……..will you keep on stopping yourself?

More of this and comments can be found on the Amethyst Light FB page.

I love you…and look forward to fully stop stopping myself!!! and support you to do the same! 

Rev. Deb

Amethyst Light Ministry 

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Holi-day Greetings;
In  traditional Christianity, Advent  began 12/3. I love the idea of Advent, for it means to expect. It is a time of preparing for, hunkering down, getting centered, going within. It is the time we may plant a bulb and watch it grow roots and blossom in what is called the darkest time of year. 
I also love to challenge our thinking. Isn’t it interesting, this darkest time of year in the Northern hemisphere is when the sun is closest to the earth? 
Isn’t it interesting that the darkest time of the year is when we celebrate the Christ? Does that not make it the brightest? Does man call it the darkest, short days indeed, so the Light of Love and our remembrance of the Master Jesus is brighter and easier to see in our minds eye? (Yin and yang together make the whole!) ( I will also not get going here that Jesus was born in April and the Church changed the dates to take the power away from Pagan Traditions of Solstice……….)
As spiritual beings having this human experience, it certainly proves true to our minds to need the dark in order to appreciate the light.  As we grow spiritually and are more and more aware of Love as our True nature, we can appreciate Love without needing the darkness, we can stop needing the mud in order to grow and shine right where we are!
The weeks of Advent, ( always my favorite church time as a previous church minister), teaches us how Love grows, becomes, transpires in our own hearts. The stories attached to the Advent weeks, are really very lovely. We first have HOPE, actually the gift of Prophecy as the  wise folks know and go in search of. The second is of LOVE, for the birth of the physical star is seen. The third is JOY, to celebrate such a birth  and the fourth is the feeling PEACE. The final candle lit on the Eve of is  PURITY. 
Think of these as happening within yourself. You KNOW there is good for you. You FEEL it, and may pray or meditate to feel the palpable Presence of this. It is YOUR own gift of Prophecy which tells you so. Then, you dwell in the feeling of LOVE as you recognize this PRESENCE. You then, and rightly so; CELEBRATE with JOY this experience, manifestation, this dream which has become a reality in your life. Then, a sense of PEACE floods you in the knowledge that your are DIVINE and all you dream of can come into manifestation. You are now aware of the metaphysical Christ, the purity of stopping all distractions and remaining your heart on the eternal Source of all Life.
I leave you with this thought about Light and Dark, the mud and the growth. If, just if now, Jesus had NOT been crucified, would we have known him? Would his story, his life, be the relevant story of  many traditions? Would he even be known if he had NOT been crucified?  Is this historical story, ONLY known BECAUSE he was crucified, and IF SO, do we give thanks to those who took it upon themselves to do so? 
To teach others to be grateful for the mud in their lives, for all and every experience no matter what, for it has grown them into who they are today, then how can we possibly overlook the blessings of this  one?  It is in our ‘crossroad’ moments that we see what we truly are; Divine. 
I love you – thank you for sharing this with me & others. May the Blessings of the Light be yours, may your prayers be answered clearly, may your heart open to hope.
Rev Deb