the ultimate balancing act

Human-hood. Consciousness.  ~ Being a person. Created of God.  ~ Human. Pure Divinity.

Somehow, we must reach an unattached balance.

As in all things, we and it and all has been created with the ability to be polar opposites – different ends of the same spectrum. We can feel TOO much joy – delirious, or too deeply sad that we loose ourselves….in the dark paper bag with no light. When we are trying to find our voice after being squashed down for years, we may scream at first, exude vocally without restraint….be over bearing…..until we reach balance and speak gently, yet with strength & a silent confidence. I share with my beloveds the holy see saw. We begin on or near one extreme end……to find health we visit the other end….then after some internal excavation; we reach center point, still point, balance. Not too hot, not too cold; just right. Not too loud, not too soft; perfect. Not a victim, not a bully; kind.

I have come to see, we go to extremes first, prior to landing at ‘steady’.  It appears to be nature, law, the way it is. As well as when on a chosen spiritual path. We have seen it with extreme evangelists, or power hungry clergy, or ruler carrying nuns. A Buddhist Lama once said to me – do not do the 7 year cave thing, i have done it twice, do not do it; no need. Find it where you are. It is here.

I have been contemplating what happens to our minds when we come to the realization we are pure consciousness in form, we are God in human form – what happens to our human-hood? Where do we see our person? Yes, we are Consciousness in form – yes, there is only One, All – there is no you or me; BUT, how do we place our person in all this? How do we love & adore our paths? How do we honor and enjoy the fact that we have these amazing instruments called bodies, we each have had incredible journeys which are how we unraveled to ourselves in the first place….and some, i have seen, just want to toss that all away.  once they reach a space of self realization. No, no, no.

These amazingly painful journeys many have experienced, these multi faceted personalities which contain our stories and perceptions, these lives we have lived and are living are amazing!!!!! – AND we / God gets to have these experiences through and as us. In honoring ALL of it, in an unattached love, in an unattached perception of what may be painful stories; we give thanks, for they have made us what we are today. We do not stay in the meditative state at every breath – but we can be aware of God at every breath. We do not have to be fully merged in our awareness of the Light of the Christ in a vocal, palpable way each moment – yet we can be internally aware of It – and that awareness will shine forth.

Balance in all things, including our awareness of God and our awareness of person. Think of it, the balance – the living, breathing, walking around of Pure Consciousness containing eternal knowledge and unconditional love…which we can, through practice, tap into at any moment – AND the body, our personal history ( in this lifetime and others) – and they are truly opposites; yet, One.

I am not saying all there is to said on this conversation, because i cannot find the words, much of it is wordless….and i have just scratched the surface – yet i invite you to contemplate it. I feel its a biggie.

with much love & my very best i can offer, Deborah


balance, balance, balance…..

book heart and mind

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