The Interrupter

the mind. a true blessing & a curse. like every-thing, there are opposite polarities – we love it when we have a happy thought, we do the happy dance, we tell all our friends, we smile and laugh……and then, we can literally be paralyzed with fear; based on yet, another passing thought…. through which comes a heaviness, a mud like overlay of energy surrounding our body, our hearts, our spirits……….and many, give up; all from, one single thought.

‘no, Deborah, not ONE thought…from all of THIS!’ – yes, all of THAT, which comes from one single thought. the gerbil wheel begins somewhere. we each know it well, especially those who have been willing to observe, to go within, to watch ones mind.

the other day i watched my gerbil wheel. this new wave of energy (since July full moon)  feels like a mud bath….pouring down and around… feels as if where we are, where we are is being ‘instilled’, given a greater depth, our root chakra, the non loving thoughts in our foundation, are now being pushed up and out. we are truly being turned inside out!

i had this thought, this thought simply came through my mind……that i had not been recently called by a loved one. but it did not stop there. all of a sudden; they were ill, they were shutting me out of their life, they were never going to call me again, they were going to write me a good bye letter, they were being pushed to do this by their spouse, they were cutting all cords with me. i felt miserable! all of this took about 15 seconds.

i knew it was a lie. i knew they were just busy. i know that. BUT, my  mind, did not want me to feel that. it wanted to be the boss. i forced myself to go into my heart. i talked to THAT thought, those thoughts, i told them they were lying to me. i assured them what was the truth. i told myself, how busy the person was, how young they are, how  was i at that age. i assured myself the truth. this self talk took about an hour, plus a ‘whoa is me he will never call home again’ talk with my husband who without missing a beat simply simply said; you know, he is busy.

our minds love to latch on to any thought which takes us away from the truth of our heart, from love & kindness. the mind is the great interrupter; of peace.  this does not happen to me anymore; i was shocked! yet, i knew this was an old, old, idea. it surprised me, how i hooked onto it for a ride down the rabbit hole! but, i chose to not ignore it, to disperse it for good!

in order to seek peacefulness in any situation, this  takes a devotion to self realization, a willingness to look, to observe ones own mind and to hear what is the one thought, the one lie which is causing us to spin out of control…..and talk to it. deeply inside the silence of our own being-ness, not to any one else, but to our own mind, which is not our friend. stay centered on the heart, on love, on self love, on truth. value the non physical. value awareness. value consciousness. value the source of all. value the great Isness.

yes, it may feel like a full time job, in the beginning – BUT, the thoughts and time it takes to come directly from the heart will lessen and lessen; the more devotion and intention you choose to give your own journey to love. if you choose; a guide, counselor or guru can support this experience with you.

now, due to this most recent wave of energy; all that has been unseen, all we have not yet unpacked, is being pushed up from our root to be seen and shined light upon. old ideas may come up in dreams, may be reflected to us by others, may ‘randomly’ ( another lie, there is no random) appear.

this is all wonderful! get it ALL out! shine Light on ALL of it!!!

my very, very best to you!

with love, deborah



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