Personal freedom, is actually freedom from our person-hood. In seeking a higher perspective, all energetic cords of any human attachment are made free, and so are our thoughts.

Imagine feeling free of anyone else’s story! This is what understanding unconditional love can do for you. What would that look  like? To be free of another persons emotionally based fears…… be so empowered to realize that YOU are always choosing to believe, or not to own….those words. Imagine growing up in a home where the story is; ‘if you do this, i will have to do this’. Too many do. Then, this becomes your story – this becomes your jumping off point, as i say – all which you relate to in your life will come from this spot; i am responsible for your feelings. i am sorry i drove you to that. i apologize for making you feel so sad. i did not mean to hurt you. well, they had to do that because of what i did and it’s all my fault. Sound familiar?

True freedom is growing up realizing you have been given choice, and no one else’s story is yours; only if you take it on! As well as, when you own another persons story, you deny them  ownership, and an opportunity to heal. True freedom is living by choice, empowered to choose, understanding the Laws of the Universe, feeling safe enough to choose differently. To see your family tribe as well as other individuals  as humans who also made their own choices and you choose to not be victim to their thinking.

I send you love. May self realization, freedom of the gerbil wheel, be yours. Deborah



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