Are you a Christian?

Since being ordained in 1997, I have been approached with this question often. I remain unsure of the answer. It depends on your personal dogma which then leads you to even ask.

Because I am a non traditional member of the clergy, many want to know; am I a Christian? Do I believe in the Christ? Absolutely. But, our definitions may vary. Do I know Jesus Christ to be my savoir? Well, that’s a tricky one. Do I believe in the crucifixion? Yes, but again, a grey area in terms of defining the meaning. I know what and why they are asking, but i am not in alignment with the premise.

Many times these questions come to me from other clergy, priests, members of traditional churches (who have just heard me speak) with labels which are easy to understand. They want or need to immediately know a category and hopefully be able to place me in  a somewhat defined box; Catholic, Episcopalian, Unitarian, Congregational, Lutheran, etc. Unfortunately for them, i become tongue tied with such requirements for compartmentalization. How in the world does the idea of an all powerful Presence fit in any box?

I  know Jesus from Nazareth to be a man who exemplified faith in God, the Great Mystery, as well as in  pure unconditional love. I believe he was born as an enlightened soul.

I believe the Christ to be another name for the Pure Consciousness from which we each are created.

I believe his story to be the saving Grace. Realizing unconditional love as our Truth, we are saved from the ego.

I believe he was crucified, as were many others who were considered robbers, unwanted, instilled fear, spoke against the human powers that reigned. I believe the love he personified was too  bright for the ego which was present in that era.

This is THE story. Each of us walk the journey from ego to love. Our civilization walks this journey as well as individual souls. An enlightened, awake soul is one who comes from unconditional love, whose ego has dispersed, one has surrendered to The Christ, to love, to faith in the pure consciousnesses from which we came.

We are walking this journey together. We are walking one another to the heart – to the act of surrender – to the no fear zone – to the no cling zone – to the space of non attachment;  to freedom.

You are blessed. You are consciousness in form. You are love beyond explanation.

As love & Gratitude,




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