the very best reminder

You have probably heard the one, “do not tell God about your big problem, tell your big problem about God.”

You may continually ‘re-act’ to/of what you feel is a problem, thereby giving it more and more juice, growing larger and larger by the moment. Your complaining, talking about an issue, trying to figure anything out, gossiping, proclaiming it on social media or even in the quiet of your best friends ear  —  is nothing more than spiritual trash talk and self sabotage. You may want to give that activity some deserved reconsideration.

Being in relationship with the I AM Presence, rather than a ‘problem’ will dissolute the issue, as any lack cannot thrive in the purity of unconditional love.

The all possible Presence designed our environment as humans to have the ability to choose through our thinking to see with  varied perceptions; and the gift to choose which lens we see an experience through.

The next time you feel angst towards a situation, remind YOURSELF of the Great I AM, sit and connect, relate to THAT.


as love, Deborah



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