“My System Reset”

“My System Reset”

In speaking with a dear friend this morning, she used this term; “my system reset” – and i immediately thanked her for the title of my latest blog post! Love it!

There are many stories of people being healed through simply being in the presence of a Sat Guru, teacher,  Avatar; or one who is in the state of pure love. It is true, we feel better and can easily acknowledge interior shifts; when we are in the presence of one whose love, we experience………..a parent comforting a child.

Purity. Gods Love is pure. The love of the Great Isness is what does purify us of our ego – anything not of Its purity. In this experience we are recreated whole, as our true Self.

This can happen in an instant, less than a breath. My friend was in the essence of such teachers and felt her system reset. Something changed. I have been witness to the resetting of beloveds systems – an undeniable system reset, rewired,  reboot.

I call it spiritual chemistry, or as the Fillmore’s from Unity named it, spiritual quickening.

What is this thing called pure love? It is easier to say what it is not, for we have no words for what is is. It holds, or is, ONLY the vibration of pure love – no ego, none. It does not hold selfishness, anger, resentment, blame. It is literally ONLY love; unconditional. Being in its presence does renew you, born you again if you will. Some call it The Christ.

The goal is liberation, freedom, wholeness. The goal is for people in human form to KNOW the Light and come from THAT jumping off point in relating in this existence. Imagine living a life fully from heart consciousness – embracing only tolerance and kindness; radiating ONLY love.

THIS is why we sit. This is why we meditate, contemplate, go to teachers, seek spiritual guidance; to reset – as i say, to jump off the gerbil wheel and deeply center into the well of our Divine Existence.

Ones spiritual DNA gets ah-ha’d!  The stories you have told yourself can no longer exist. In this knowing, one lives from the inside out. We are cleansed of that which keeps us clinging. Our systems are reset.

Thank you God! Hallelujah!

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