Are you ready to loose your name?


Listening to my teacher the other day, he stated;  “the river looses it’s name when it flows into the ocean.”

So very exquisite, i tear up each time i hear it in my mind. My eyes are wet.

When we come to (our) self realization of non duality, accepting wholeness as the way this is, our life expands into a greater knowing which is not contained. As we die daily, our hearts open to the infinite awareness of consciousness. Such beauty has no words, nor linear description.

The word surrender may be one of the most open, delicious, beautiful terms we have in our vocabulary –  and yet, the personality/ego defies it. It actually fights against, and this is what keeps it alive. To loose itself is the ego’s nemesis. To cling is its action. To deny is its language.

Our essence, the truth of what we are, is the great in – how great thou art. You were made in its image and likeness!  As we evolve in our awareness of the yet unimaginable truth of pure beingness, parts of us die daily, drop away, disperse, shed, merge to the ocean. The journey of unconditional love is not only the unraveling of what we thought we were, or the peeling away of the onion, but the total surrender, giving up of, detaching from; of any described thought.

SURRENDER: From; take credit for everything and give nothing, to, take credit for nothing and give everything.

Blessed contemplation. As love, Deborah


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