a freedom love letter

Dear Everyone & Anyone;

Is it not time to let that one go? Probably overdue, actually. You have been letting my actions prevent you from joy, or at the very least, peace; for long enough. I love you, please forgive- for you, not for me.

Whatever i did, it was about me, not you. I understand this is very hard to believe, when you were so present, took the brutality, pain or hurt of my actions, words or expressions when no one else was around, but you have to hear this; it was not about you. Even if i simply left, disappeared – i had left myself long before that. I had never been taught to show up for myself – i could not show up with another.

The way i treated others was all about me. I have learned that as we lash(ed) out in any way, shape or form is how we were treated, how we treat and feel about OURSELVES. The truth is, in the midst of one person or another, that feeling was going to come out of me – you just were there.

I have learned and seen, that i can only treat others as i treat myself and i learned that from how I was treated. Sure, the cycle can be broken, but we have to see it first.

I was not aware to break the cycle – but my hope is; you are.

We cannot continually blame our lives on other people. I know, that’s rough, seems impossible. But, i now see that you have within you all you need; if only, you can let my story you are holding onto; go.

Here is how. My story is not about you, it’s all about me and the stories i was hanging onto. Do not take anyone else’s actions, words or other personally; they have nothing to do with you. And know this, if they TELL you it is about you, they are not knowing the truth; yet. I let other peoples stories lay within my own heart and my belief in those stories grew inside me, reminding me each day of how unworthy of love i felt. Because i could not feel it, had not experienced love; i treated you unloving-ly; it was all i knew.

Believe it or not,now, i actually feel grateful for them, those experiences; for they caused me to wake up, they forced me to look in other directions, to hurt so much, i had no choice, but to choose another direction; and that journey made me more loving, empowered and kind.

Allow yourself the freedom to live your live freely through love, not through a wounded heart. My whatever had/has nothing to to do with you. Let your life express freely by letting me go and whatever you feel i did wrongly at you – it was never about you. Whatever i was, whatever we are; is about our own stories and beliefs we hold in our hearts.

My hope is this letter will support you to begin changing your story, by letting go of mine. 

Love to you,

Anyone & Everyone

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