The Enough Moment

“Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know its enough for me.”

Ed Sheeran. This lyric gets me. As are his songs, this line is from a love song – and every time I listen to it – it gets me. My heart opens, I weep. It may just be the single most beautiful line i have ever taken in. These words cause my heart to explode with gratitude – and perspective.

No, not because of being in love with an individual and looking at them. Not because one had a great marriage or career or life. BECAUSE  I believe that when our sights are set to take in any magnificent joyful breath of a moment, to allow ourselves to feel deeply in seeing, in witnessing a person, a landscape, the ocean, the sky, a grasshopper, a flower, a raindrop – whatever it is – that we let it take ALL of us; without distraction. And that; is enough.

Have you ever watched Actors Studio? And the Proust Questionnaire at the end? What is your least favorite word? Here is my answer: Distraction.

Distraction and the ego go together for me. My day may very possibly be (secretly, but no longer, as now that i have stated it) built upon the underlying theme; nothing will distract me from God. I believe when we allow our hearts to open to the sheer beauty of anything, we align with the non physical sacredness of that which came before it, that upon which it was created; the undeniable Holy Isness of existence.

Fear works very hard at distracting us from any present moment. (E.G.O.: edging God out). What is meditation, prayer, practicing the presence – but the aligning with BEING wherever you are, and NOT where you are not? Worry of the future takes you from right now. This is an old, repeated, valuable, sacred amazing teaching – when you fully get this and thereby can embody an entire fleeting experience. When one is present, fully, in THIS now moment; it is all they see, all they feel, all they are witnessing. If it is all which is in your mind and heart, you get to soak it in; all of it. You are not wasting any preciousness of your moment.

These moments, they catch you off guard. You cannot go seeking them out, forcing them to happen; that is their innate mystery & beauty. They come upon you and suddenly you are in it; the enough moment. When we have had this experience, of the enough moment; we have no fears of life, of dying, of anything. We have had enough, there is no room for naught.

This is not about sadness, at all. Being in a moment of total surrender to what is, is the ultimate bliss. It can be a glance, a sky, an expression, a touch; but it is THAT moment, THAT sacred, huge, better than anything feeling that is ENOUGH. You take that feeling with you; forever, for eternity. It fills you. (When it does fill you, you have no space for distractions anyway – such is the dance.)

Yesterday I learned that an old friend died. He was a very popular guy, the big brother, teacher, father to many. He was a very good man. He was married to his loving partner, wife, mother of his children for 46 years. As I read his obituary I thought about his moments. I hoped, that as he went through his process his mind was filled with pictures of those moments. I hope that his life experiences filled his heart with moments to savor; that they played back for him, to carry him upon love to his next journey.

Allow yourself to take in moments. Not out of fear, for then you cannot feel them, or be grateful. Take in moments of pure love and beauty. Out of the amazement that this moment even exists! I have had them, a few. They are rare. They are critically genuine, sacred. They are fleeting, yet deep. I have such moments, of touching Divine Love, tucked away in my heart. I ponder; if I leave this life today, I know these moments; are enough. Everything else is a bonus, an extra, a huge incredible, you mean there is MORE???? Really?  I had that, that moment of fully embracing this incredible existence given me through God.

“Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know its enough for me.”


2 thoughts on “The Enough Moment

  1. That was beautiful. I have had many moments that are enough. The full bounty of our presence offers the most preciousness to any moment.


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