Why a minister?

The other day, someone asked me why I became a minister. I have come to believe, the question could also be, why did i stay a minister? (People leave careers often, right?)

I became a minister because I wanted to be invited to all the parties – a very weak answer, I am well aware! Yet, when I seek a bit deeper, I realized somewhere within me; life was to be celebrated. Not only did I feel more alive through my faith in God, but I knew I wanted to support others as they celebrated each facet of this journey, each season of life.

Now, I stayed a minister because my knowing of God has increased and developed to such a degree and depth of palpable experience that I want to be in a position to influence others to develop their own intimate relationship with the Creator. I stay a RevDeb, so anyone will know, they can speak with me about God – or at least, my interpretation, experience and influence of having faith in a non-physical Divine Beingness of Life. I remain daily, waking up each morning re-energized to being an outspoken woman of faith, a devout believer of The Christ; because I firmly believe that our number one relationship has to be with God. I believe that when our number one relationship in our lives is with an understanding of a loving, omniscient, omnipresent and sacred Presence & Power which affects each aspect of life; that our lives are simply easier, we can show up in each season without fear, with a strength beyond defining, with a trust in that which we cannot see.

I remain passionately on this path; to help alleviate the suffering of others. For me, if i chose to face this world without my faith, I would feel like a small boat without oars, paddles or a rudder being tumbled around in a storm, waves causing me to capsize, water coming into the boat, pulling me under….as if had no say in it all; i see others living life in this exact way. My heart opens, this is not necessary.

God is my rudder, my oars, my paddle – i see first hand how when one has an open and loving understanding of The Creator; life experiences are changed for the Good. I know that when we practice our devotion daily, when the unexpected comes along, we do not panic, we remain; surrendered.

People seem to feel that having control and tightly waded clenched fists and hearts and minds is a positive thing – that surrendering to that which is greater than ‘i’ is a negative thing. Truly, it is the opposite –

and the more folks I can influence in this understanding, the more hearts and minds I can reach in Love; the greater we all are.

Love to you this moment, as you feel your way through life, seeking an anchor. May you see beautiful blessings in this day, RevDeb .

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