What i have learned from Spider Solitaire

Funny title, yes? Well, actually, no. If you are seeker of the undeniable ‘isness’ of the sacredness of life – you are going to really love this. (i hope!)

There are days and moments when we just want to blank out, not think at all – and meditation will not do, right? Well, one day I clicked on Spider Solitaire on my computer. As a little girl, my father played solitaire CONSTANTLY. It was, in my opinion, as I look at it from these more developed eyes and heart than when I was a child; a way for him to avoid emotional conversations. He played every night when he came home from work. Always. He taught me how to play many forms of solitaire, gin rummy and cribbage, poker, etc; by the time I was ten. But, alas that my education should not be narrow, I also learned to make a dry martini and an old fashioned by ten also. My talents for offering solace to those who are hungry was developed very early.

It took one game and i was hooked. Spider Solitaire. I love it. And I love it because of this: it is the epitome of teaching one to make a move – any move, just move. S.S. has lots of movement, lots of decks, immense opportunities. It is not easy to ‘win’ – and i quickly saw, that one can get stuck trying to figure it out BEFORE I moved a card. One day i just sat there thinking,  there is nothing to do, i may as well quit and begin again…….and i heard the still small voice say, “just move anything – even if you think its silly, useless, just make a move, any move.”

And I did, and more followed. Moves I had not even considered, nor even saw before i made that one silly move.

Now, this game is total flow, non thinking, graceful continual movement till i loose or win; but, no thinking. The computer genie ends the game, not me. What it has shown me, is there is always another move; even when we do not see it clearly. Even when we can only see the only move that would bring us to no where……….but wait, doing that, opened up this…….oh…now i get it. I never saw the THIS, till I did the THAT.

Okay, you get. Just make a move. …it may not be the exact one you want, it may not make any sense to you…but it will  bring you somewhere and it just might open up avenues you never saw…….until you made that one silly move.

Faith found in Spider Solitaire. Gotta love when Holy Spirit speaks, gotta listen, too. Or, you can just stay stuck where you are; its up to you.

Rev. Deborah Evans Hogan                                                                                                           Amethyst Light Ministry


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