Unifying & Simplifying

(I begin by asking forgiveness  from the Science community for any misuse of language here. I am obviously; not a scientist, but a humanist, a meta physician, a minister, a healer – this piece is intended to support souls and not to be technically accurate. It is simply the way I see it. Thank you for your patience.)



Natural Order, not of chaos. Basically, that is it. Our Cosmos. An orderly connection of all things. Co/KO – meaning; joint, mutual, common.

This is what i awoke with this morning, this thought, this knowing, this realization; holy, mystical, preordained, order of all existence. My heart fills with Love. Such a magnificent awareness!

The scientist, the theologian, the cosmologist, the meta-physician, the mathematician, the artist, the healer; what do they have in common, ‘KO’? Order. Preordained order is a discovery of what has already been created, came with, part of the cellular/molecular/divinity make up of such ‘thing’. A creator created – we may differ on ‘by which label the big bang is called’ and forced, or ‘divined’ the first breath, the holy instant of a molecular blast of life; but we would, i believe, agree something made 2 plus 2 = 4…and no matter how hard one tries; this never changes. We rely on that. 2 + 2, 4 + 4; etc. These numbers, equations, numerals came to us preordained with a holy order, a prescribed life force of sense, within their cellular make up which when we force it to be something other than it is; chaos surfaces, things are our of alignment, nothing works.

I am one of those folks who loves order. Growing up in a home with chaos, order was always desired, naturally so. (My Lottie and Archie comic books stacked neatly in dated piles in my closet.) It gave me a sense, a feeling of safety. This is true of any child of a home which housed turbulence, imbalance, chaos of any kind. Chaos does not always have to be loud. It can be ever so in the shadows, below the surface, ever so quiet, subdue; yet our souls know it is present. Our souls feel the energy, the molecular movement perhaps, of the feeling. I claim it is our souls which know the holy order of life. It is our souls, our hearts which so deeply desire order that we crave it. Deep within the molecular structure of our innate being-ness, we/i know this order to be the guiding Light of the Creator; God or  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bang. If we did begin with the big bang, like 2 + 2=4; something or someone had to preordain/create the unquestionable yet proven order of the dark matter, the light matter, the perfect dance they did in order to have the stars and planets be designed in such eloquence. Well, that is what i awoke thinking about.

In my line of work, this order of life is what we express to honor & reveal, and honor in such a way that we teach and guide others to see, feel and choose the benefits of such divine structural make up. ‘If you think this way, you get that’. If you lived in a home with a,b,c….you will need to turn to d,e,f to heal the chaos in your energetic field. Meta-physicians, healers, faith workers (perhaps all undercurrents of quantum physicists!) ; we know and believe in the perfection of the cosmos. We know each person is part of the cosmology of the universe – we may be a speck, but we matter. (get it?!)

As we simplify our lives, the removal of the chaos which can be tangible as well as emotional takes place; we reunite, reunify with our cosmic birthright. We take our place in the divine perfection of the universe. This is happening now. There is a majority of hearts & minds in union with the Divine perfection (we are the ones we have been waiting for) of the innate harmony of the universe and this, (not the people) are causing chaos to be seen. This power & presence of what is Love, or perhaps perfect molecular equations of cellular activity; is pouring forth, enfolding the earth and each of us……. and we are seeing anything unlike it being forced to the surface of our lives. (Imagine a room which has been in the dark for many years, the door closed, no ones sees what is inside, but open the door, turn on the lights and voila!) Recently, in individual lives i hear the word anger, from so many my heart aches, attempting to make sense of another persons actions. I hear suicide, depression. I hear from too many mothers who are in fear for their children, acting out or deeply being within themselves in ways which are unlike the ways the parents are…….perceptions and attachments causing chaos in the home. People are at war with the harmony. One cannot fit a square peg in a round hole. One cannot take another persons perceptions which are so very different from their own and force them to make sense. This forcing of understanding senseless acts and thoughts which one sees as negative; only gives them more energy, feeds them through our innate divine aspect that our thoughts and attachments are energy; with or without our force. Everything has life force.  Words, actions, colors, expressions. Everything is energy.

Expressing authentic love to any situation, which is an unattached emotion (not one of need) of caring & empathy, ALLOWS for the innate harmony of life to come to the surface; and heal. Healing is when the chaos is is not given any energy and love for loves sake is shared, and the greater presence of the Creators Light exposes innate goodness – the darkness is dispersed. Unification takes place, instantly, as hearts are opened in empathy and faith, that 2 + 2 = 4 before it was discovered.

Simplify & Unify. Now.



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