If only it was that easy……….

This may be the first plea i have ever made.  My plea is: Please grow your faith in God.

We must each continually grow our faith, build our faith, feed our faith in God,  the essence of all life, the pulsing of our bodies, the seeded Goodness reflected in nature, mirroring Gods Love of Divine perfection.

Our teachings at The Amethyst Light Ministry strive to reflect an undeniable, unseen, palpable beyond words,  power and presence of such a naturally intrinsic (essential, inherent, innate) nature in all things that – It has to be felt, to be known. Our knowing of God can hardly be expressed in words, a truth many days i can find frustrating. Would it not make my and your life easier if i could only flash my magic wand, make all your false lies and perceptions evaporate into the ether and cause you to feel better, be healthier, richer, happier, and have it all going on just the way you desire with not one shred of discomfort or conflict? Ah, to have such power!

Ah, but it is not to be. The only one who can grow your faith, is you. You are the only one who can choose to turn your cheek from madness and insanity, to Truth.  As Glenda the good witch stated; “You had the power all along my dear.”

As a teacher, minister and counselor i do not depend on theology to teach. It is most certainly my very own path of faith and awakening which is my best and most dependable well of Godliness from which i share and depend. My body which healed from illness and labels, the undeniable shifts in others through (my) prayers and Faith in God, in That which created them, my clients who turned around from dark to light, my experiences one would call supernatural in nature which have taught me to believe more in what cannot be seen, than what we see around us. There are many teachers and books and teachings (workshops, classes, education) which have influenced my path, helped me to build my Faith – but the actual answers to any conflict have come from the depths of me, my very personal experiences INSIDE of me; the feelings, the expressions, the effects of  my Faith. Such is the path of the mystic, and it is your path too.

What i pray for is for others to turn to a Faith which empowers them through the love of the Christ, the Light, the Divine Spark in all things; not weakens them. If it weakens, it is not God.  I pray that we each know humbleness & awe before the Creators power. I pray that gratitude for all of it be a live current, a touchstone of unconditional love purging through our bodies. I pray that people look to spiritual law; as above, so below, it is done to you according to your faith, your life is reflection, a mirror of your beliefs. I pray that everyone will turn to surrendering to kindness. I pray that everyone stop turning outside themselves for answers and reach deep within their own selves to SEE clearly, to then choose, to ask for Divine intervention, to humble themselves before Love, to know only God.

If folks ask me if I am Christian, i tend to mumble and kick my feet like a ten year old boy in the school yard getting caught eyeing the cute red head. The term Christian carries so darn much weight, much of it assumed. Each church carries its own dogmas to what makes one a Christian. For me, this is ego. I know Jesus. He is my brother, my teacher, my co-pilot. I depend on Him every single day. I reach for His guidance, His words, His heart. I know Holy Spirit fire; the force, the power, the magnificence. I have absolutely NO doubt God exists; a Divine Creator of all life. I know this Life Force to be present in ALL things. I know It connects us.

I know that Faith takes tending. I know that our wells have be refilled, rejuvenated, renewed. (The reason i sit each day in devotion to God, write this blog, support others…..tending my faith.) I know there are many different ways to do this; spiritual community, church, daily meditation, music, reading sacred texts, reading diverse books on spirituality, studying, retreats, prayer circles and so many more. Now, one can choose to fill a Facebook page with ONLY positive items, can read POSITIVE uplifting anything on the internet, can turn OFF the TV, can choose to SIT in nature, can say NO to that which drains and YES to that which fills!  “Church”, a celebration of God, can happen anywhere; most notably, inside your very own heart.

I know that You have to do this for yourself, no one can do it for you.

If only it was that easy.


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