a passionate calling

Passion is a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. Wikipedia
I have come to a conclusion that having a passion can be  exhausting; as tiring as it is exhilarating. Feeling a passionate calling for anything can fill you as easily as empty you. It is a vehicle for extremes. It will raise you up beyond joy and turn you inside out with despair when it is not being fulfilled. Being called is a dedication in service to a belief – even when others disagree. When we are called we experience a pin pointed-ness of the mind, a devotion beyond all else, a path woven within our DNA prior to birth, giving us life long direction and purpose. A passion is a calling of the heart, a knowing beyond everything else in our faith in a particular person, experience, belief. Passionate – to be filled with such exuberance about a particular something, that our cells sparkle with Light and our joy is beyond comparison when we are in the midst of it. Living a life directed by ones passion is not easy. One is willing to let go of much, in order to fulfill their passion, in order to experience, to give it, to share it.. One is willing to say no to what looks like a necessity to others, if it means no to their calling. Ones passion takes the first; the first thought in the morning, the last thought at night. It is the first desire, the only experience they long to have. In passion there is no doubt, none. Passion; beyond anything & everything else.
I am passionate about spiritual healing. I say spiritual healing work, for me,  my work is nothing without my faith in God, a power greater than i. I know many practitioners who believe in the science of healing work; perhaps polarity, Reiki, massage, and other; but it is void of an active faith in a power greater than i. Since the late 80’s, when i became a hospice volunteer and worked in a nursing home, i saw the power of Love. I have witnessed the simple act of laying of hands; heal. I believe that is God, Love, the power greater than i. I believe we are void without it, non existent. I believe Jesus healed and I believe we can too. This, is my passionate calling. It has been since May, 1992. Yes, 25 years ago this month i opened an art gallery which quickly turned into my first healing center. The first six months i sold no art, but people came from near and far to chat, share, cry, receive help, support and yes; hands on healing. Strangers would come off the street and ask the most interesting questions, my hospice clients would have their spouses drive them to the gallery so they could hang out with me – with oxygen tanks and all. It truly was a most amazing time in my life. Then, as my clientele grew, the gallery business shrunk; and the rest is history.
My devotion to my ministry has taken many paths – all aligned with my passion. From hospital operating rooms, to church sanctuaries to my continual private counseling & healing practice and even this blog, and my daily FB posts, my emails to you, my check ins, my phone calls, my classes. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling the energy of Holy Spirit move through ones dense physical body and releasing anything that no longer is yours! To feel the vibrations of pure life force move down ones arms, up ones spine, through muscle and mass – and feel so incredible there are no words, is quite an experience. To know one left their body upon another persons touch and without being able to define it; feel Lighter, happier and healthier. To witness tumors healed, gone, no longer existing – to see people run; after one session where they had not been able to run in months due to pain in their backs – to see a ankle swollen/sprained one night and being able to freely without pain walk on it the next morning – to witness anger diffused – to see joy where there had been none – to witness a lung which grew back – to see one be pregnant when told they could not conceive – to witness fingers move, heal and work after doctors said they would not – to have one not need a pain block for minor surgery – to see ones energy shift right before my eyes; all gifts of a passionate devotion.
Spiritual energy work will heal & cure anything. Spiritual energy work brings your essence into its Divine perfect balance & harmony. I absolutely believe & know this. I know God heals. Twenty five years this month. There have been ups and downs, quiet times & prosperous times, which i still stubbornly do not understand. I have absolutely no understanding of why anyone would not want to experience such a deep, beautiful, healing experience; perhaps you will simply feel more relaxed – or perhaps it will be to heal and or cure a physical symptom; whatever it is, i am here to support your Divine Perfection to shine forth as your body & mind. Within each cell of your being is Divine Light ready and waiting to shine forth in its fullness and magnificence.
I love you beyond words. Thank you for being part of this ministry, for inviting me into your lives to experience (my) passionate devotion. May we all benefit from love.
In deep gratitude, Deborah

2 thoughts on “a passionate calling

  1. Deborah, thank you for being the glorious shining light and vessel of love that you are. I am forever grateful that you have been interwoven in my life on earth right now. Love, gail


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