a freedom love letter

Dear Everyone & Anyone;

Is it not time to let that one go? Probably overdue, actually. You have been letting my actions prevent you from joy, or at the very least, peace; for long enough. I love you, please forgive- for you, not for me.

Whatever i did, it was about me, not you. I understand this is very hard to believe, when you were so present, took the brutality, pain or hurt of my actions, words or expressions when no one else was around, but you have to hear this; it was not about you. Even if i simply left, disappeared – i had left myself long before that. I had never been taught to show up for myself – i could not show up with another.

The way i treated others was all about me. I have learned that as we lash(ed) out in any way, shape or form is how we were treated, how we treat and feel about OURSELVES. The truth is, in the midst of one person or another, that feeling was going to come out of me – you just were there.

I have learned and seen, that i can only treat others as i treat myself and i learned that from how I was treated. Sure, the cycle can be broken, but we have to see it first.

I was not aware to break the cycle – but my hope is; you are.

We cannot continually blame our lives on other people. I know, that’s rough, seems impossible. But, i now see that you have within you all you need; if only, you can let my story you are holding onto; go.

Here is how. My story is not about you, it’s all about me and the stories i was hanging onto. Do not take anyone else’s actions, words or other personally; they have nothing to do with you. And know this, if they TELL you it is about you, they are not knowing the truth; yet. I let other peoples stories lay within my own heart and my belief in those stories grew inside me, reminding me each day of how unworthy of love i felt. Because i could not feel it, had not experienced love; i treated you unloving-ly; it was all i knew.

Believe it or not,now, i actually feel grateful for them, those experiences; for they caused me to wake up, they forced me to look in other directions, to hurt so much, i had no choice, but to choose another direction; and that journey made me more loving, empowered and kind.

Allow yourself the freedom to live your live freely through love, not through a wounded heart. My whatever had/has nothing to to do with you. Let your life express freely by letting me go and whatever you feel i did wrongly at you – it was never about you. Whatever i was, whatever we are; is about our own stories and beliefs we hold in our hearts.

My hope is this letter will support you to begin changing your story, by letting go of mine. 

Love to you,

Anyone & Everyone

The Enough Moment

“Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know its enough for me.”

Ed Sheeran. This lyric gets me. As are his songs, this line is from a love song – and every time I listen to it – it gets me. My heart opens, I weep. It may just be the single most beautiful line i have ever taken in. These words cause my heart to explode with gratitude – and perspective.

No, not because of being in love with an individual and looking at them. Not because one had a great marriage or career or life. BECAUSE  I believe that when our sights are set to take in any magnificent joyful breath of a moment, to allow ourselves to feel deeply in seeing, in witnessing a person, a landscape, the ocean, the sky, a grasshopper, a flower, a raindrop – whatever it is – that we let it take ALL of us; without distraction. And that; is enough.

Have you ever watched Actors Studio? And the Proust Questionnaire at the end? What is your least favorite word? Here is my answer: Distraction.

Distraction and the ego go together for me. My day may very possibly be (secretly, but no longer, as now that i have stated it) built upon the underlying theme; nothing will distract me from God. I believe when we allow our hearts to open to the sheer beauty of anything, we align with the non physical sacredness of that which came before it, that upon which it was created; the undeniable Holy Isness of existence.

Fear works very hard at distracting us from any present moment. (E.G.O.: edging God out). What is meditation, prayer, practicing the presence – but the aligning with BEING wherever you are, and NOT where you are not? Worry of the future takes you from right now. This is an old, repeated, valuable, sacred amazing teaching – when you fully get this and thereby can embody an entire fleeting experience. When one is present, fully, in THIS now moment; it is all they see, all they feel, all they are witnessing. If it is all which is in your mind and heart, you get to soak it in; all of it. You are not wasting any preciousness of your moment.

These moments, they catch you off guard. You cannot go seeking them out, forcing them to happen; that is their innate mystery & beauty. They come upon you and suddenly you are in it; the enough moment. When we have had this experience, of the enough moment; we have no fears of life, of dying, of anything. We have had enough, there is no room for naught.

This is not about sadness, at all. Being in a moment of total surrender to what is, is the ultimate bliss. It can be a glance, a sky, an expression, a touch; but it is THAT moment, THAT sacred, huge, better than anything feeling that is ENOUGH. You take that feeling with you; forever, for eternity. It fills you. (When it does fill you, you have no space for distractions anyway – such is the dance.)

Yesterday I learned that an old friend died. He was a very popular guy, the big brother, teacher, father to many. He was a very good man. He was married to his loving partner, wife, mother of his children for 46 years. As I read his obituary I thought about his moments. I hoped, that as he went through his process his mind was filled with pictures of those moments. I hope that his life experiences filled his heart with moments to savor; that they played back for him, to carry him upon love to his next journey.

Allow yourself to take in moments. Not out of fear, for then you cannot feel them, or be grateful. Take in moments of pure love and beauty. Out of the amazement that this moment even exists! I have had them, a few. They are rare. They are critically genuine, sacred. They are fleeting, yet deep. I have such moments, of touching Divine Love, tucked away in my heart. I ponder; if I leave this life today, I know these moments; are enough. Everything else is a bonus, an extra, a huge incredible, you mean there is MORE???? Really?  I had that, that moment of fully embracing this incredible existence given me through God.

“Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know its enough for me.”


Why a minister?

The other day, someone asked me why I became a minister. I have come to believe, the question could also be, why did i stay a minister? (People leave careers often, right?)

I became a minister because I wanted to be invited to all the parties – a very weak answer, I am well aware! Yet, when I seek a bit deeper, I realized somewhere within me; life was to be celebrated. Not only did I feel more alive through my faith in God, but I knew I wanted to support others as they celebrated each facet of this journey, each season of life.

Now, I stayed a minister because my knowing of God has increased and developed to such a degree and depth of palpable experience that I want to be in a position to influence others to develop their own intimate relationship with the Creator. I stay a RevDeb, so anyone will know, they can speak with me about God – or at least, my interpretation, experience and influence of having faith in a non-physical Divine Beingness of Life. I remain daily, waking up each morning re-energized to being an outspoken woman of faith, a devout believer of The Christ; because I firmly believe that our number one relationship has to be with God. I believe that when our number one relationship in our lives is with an understanding of a loving, omniscient, omnipresent and sacred Presence & Power which affects each aspect of life; that our lives are simply easier, we can show up in each season without fear, with a strength beyond defining, with a trust in that which we cannot see.

I remain passionately on this path; to help alleviate the suffering of others. For me, if i chose to face this world without my faith, I would feel like a small boat without oars, paddles or a rudder being tumbled around in a storm, waves causing me to capsize, water coming into the boat, pulling me under….as if had no say in it all; i see others living life in this exact way. My heart opens, this is not necessary.

God is my rudder, my oars, my paddle – i see first hand how when one has an open and loving understanding of The Creator; life experiences are changed for the Good. I know that when we practice our devotion daily, when the unexpected comes along, we do not panic, we remain; surrendered.

People seem to feel that having control and tightly waded clenched fists and hearts and minds is a positive thing – that surrendering to that which is greater than ‘i’ is a negative thing. Truly, it is the opposite –

and the more folks I can influence in this understanding, the more hearts and minds I can reach in Love; the greater we all are.

Love to you this moment, as you feel your way through life, seeking an anchor. May you see beautiful blessings in this day, RevDeb .

What i have learned from Spider Solitaire

Funny title, yes? Well, actually, no. If you are seeker of the undeniable ‘isness’ of the sacredness of life – you are going to really love this. (i hope!)

There are days and moments when we just want to blank out, not think at all – and meditation will not do, right? Well, one day I clicked on Spider Solitaire on my computer. As a little girl, my father played solitaire CONSTANTLY. It was, in my opinion, as I look at it from these more developed eyes and heart than when I was a child; a way for him to avoid emotional conversations. He played every night when he came home from work. Always. He taught me how to play many forms of solitaire, gin rummy and cribbage, poker, etc; by the time I was ten. But, alas that my education should not be narrow, I also learned to make a dry martini and an old fashioned by ten also. My talents for offering solace to those who are hungry was developed very early.

It took one game and i was hooked. Spider Solitaire. I love it. And I love it because of this: it is the epitome of teaching one to make a move – any move, just move. S.S. has lots of movement, lots of decks, immense opportunities. It is not easy to ‘win’ – and i quickly saw, that one can get stuck trying to figure it out BEFORE I moved a card. One day i just sat there thinking,  there is nothing to do, i may as well quit and begin again…….and i heard the still small voice say, “just move anything – even if you think its silly, useless, just make a move, any move.”

And I did, and more followed. Moves I had not even considered, nor even saw before i made that one silly move.

Now, this game is total flow, non thinking, graceful continual movement till i loose or win; but, no thinking. The computer genie ends the game, not me. What it has shown me, is there is always another move; even when we do not see it clearly. Even when we can only see the only move that would bring us to no where……….but wait, doing that, opened up this…….oh…now i get it. I never saw the THIS, till I did the THAT.

Okay, you get. Just make a move. …it may not be the exact one you want, it may not make any sense to you…but it will  bring you somewhere and it just might open up avenues you never saw…….until you made that one silly move.

Faith found in Spider Solitaire. Gotta love when Holy Spirit speaks, gotta listen, too. Or, you can just stay stuck where you are; its up to you.

Rev. Deborah Evans Hogan                                                                                                           Amethyst Light Ministry


are you ready to move mountains?

I have often wondered if people truly want to see a miracle, if they sincerely want to see anything outside of their own self – proclaimed good?  Why is it such a threat for us humans to actually witness miracles, to admit to them, to behold them and for some; to simply even believe they are an option?

We love to speak of them. Many like to fantasize, to think about miracles, consider them; about God healing their illness or ones angels swooshing into their life to create a miracle of change. It appears though; our faith can be short lived. If God does not take care of our request in the timeline we deem appropriate; we tend to give up on the spot.

In A Course in Miracles, it states; ‘Be vigilant only for God and His Kingdom’.  If we are truly being vigilant for God, would we not welcome miracles in our every day life? If we are vigilant for God, would we give up so easily? Would we give up at all?

Being vigilant for God means we denounce all that is not of Gods Kingdom. It means we know, despite whatever else is being seen, whatever else anyone says in their negativity towards life; we are loved beyond measure and this too is good and this too shall pass. Being vigilant for God is having immovable faith in the yet unseen Divine Potential.

And He, (Jesus), said to them, “Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.” (Matthew 17:20)

In nearly twenty years of my healing ministry I have witnessed what I call hundreds of miracles. I have seen all kinds of mountains moved, released, and healed. Yet, because we see only through our own eyes, these miracles have not always been acknowledged by others. We all know Jesus had a hard time convincing people, even his own disciples, of the miracles which He performed.

I do believe that through our faith, the Great Mystery can heal us of any label our human egos place upon us. Does this always work? No, but that is only due to our level of faith; it is not because God is less than anything but perfect. Basically, it comes down to, ‘what are you willing to see?’ Are you willing to surrender to prayer and allow Gods healing love to soar through your body and harmonize all places of imbalance? Are you willing to be so vigilant for Gods Grace that you say ‘no’ to other people’s words of negativity, sorrow, and hopelessness; and know that God the Good is in the midst of you? My experience has shown me, that no matter how amazing the miracle is; unless ones human mind can fully understand and explain the actual facts of a process, many are unwilling and therefore cannot accept a miracle. My friends, our human minds are too finite and small to comprehend the infinity of Gods Kingdom, so stop trying and simply express your gratitude.

Jesus said, ” Verily, Verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. (John 14:12) In this passage, Jesus is leaving with us that we shall do even greater than He showed us. It says that because He is now in the Kingdom and His Light is now magnified; you, through your faith in the works Jesus did, can be an instrument of an unexplained process which is beyond our human minds explanation resulting in something amazingly wonderful.

A miracle is something we cannot explain. A great and good happening which is beyond our human comprehension; and they happen every day. Just for today, ask to see all the miracles around you and watch what happens.





Unifying & Simplifying

(I begin by asking forgiveness  from the Science community for any misuse of language here. I am obviously; not a scientist, but a humanist, a meta physician, a minister, a healer – this piece is intended to support souls and not to be technically accurate. It is simply the way I see it. Thank you for your patience.)



Natural Order, not of chaos. Basically, that is it. Our Cosmos. An orderly connection of all things. Co/KO – meaning; joint, mutual, common.

This is what i awoke with this morning, this thought, this knowing, this realization; holy, mystical, preordained, order of all existence. My heart fills with Love. Such a magnificent awareness!

The scientist, the theologian, the cosmologist, the meta-physician, the mathematician, the artist, the healer; what do they have in common, ‘KO’? Order. Preordained order is a discovery of what has already been created, came with, part of the cellular/molecular/divinity make up of such ‘thing’. A creator created – we may differ on ‘by which label the big bang is called’ and forced, or ‘divined’ the first breath, the holy instant of a molecular blast of life; but we would, i believe, agree something made 2 plus 2 = 4…and no matter how hard one tries; this never changes. We rely on that. 2 + 2, 4 + 4; etc. These numbers, equations, numerals came to us preordained with a holy order, a prescribed life force of sense, within their cellular make up which when we force it to be something other than it is; chaos surfaces, things are our of alignment, nothing works.

I am one of those folks who loves order. Growing up in a home with chaos, order was always desired, naturally so. (My Lottie and Archie comic books stacked neatly in dated piles in my closet.) It gave me a sense, a feeling of safety. This is true of any child of a home which housed turbulence, imbalance, chaos of any kind. Chaos does not always have to be loud. It can be ever so in the shadows, below the surface, ever so quiet, subdue; yet our souls know it is present. Our souls feel the energy, the molecular movement perhaps, of the feeling. I claim it is our souls which know the holy order of life. It is our souls, our hearts which so deeply desire order that we crave it. Deep within the molecular structure of our innate being-ness, we/i know this order to be the guiding Light of the Creator; God or  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bang. If we did begin with the big bang, like 2 + 2=4; something or someone had to preordain/create the unquestionable yet proven order of the dark matter, the light matter, the perfect dance they did in order to have the stars and planets be designed in such eloquence. Well, that is what i awoke thinking about.

In my line of work, this order of life is what we express to honor & reveal, and honor in such a way that we teach and guide others to see, feel and choose the benefits of such divine structural make up. ‘If you think this way, you get that’. If you lived in a home with a,b,c….you will need to turn to d,e,f to heal the chaos in your energetic field. Meta-physicians, healers, faith workers (perhaps all undercurrents of quantum physicists!) ; we know and believe in the perfection of the cosmos. We know each person is part of the cosmology of the universe – we may be a speck, but we matter. (get it?!)

As we simplify our lives, the removal of the chaos which can be tangible as well as emotional takes place; we reunite, reunify with our cosmic birthright. We take our place in the divine perfection of the universe. This is happening now. There is a majority of hearts & minds in union with the Divine perfection (we are the ones we have been waiting for) of the innate harmony of the universe and this, (not the people) are causing chaos to be seen. This power & presence of what is Love, or perhaps perfect molecular equations of cellular activity; is pouring forth, enfolding the earth and each of us……. and we are seeing anything unlike it being forced to the surface of our lives. (Imagine a room which has been in the dark for many years, the door closed, no ones sees what is inside, but open the door, turn on the lights and voila!) Recently, in individual lives i hear the word anger, from so many my heart aches, attempting to make sense of another persons actions. I hear suicide, depression. I hear from too many mothers who are in fear for their children, acting out or deeply being within themselves in ways which are unlike the ways the parents are…….perceptions and attachments causing chaos in the home. People are at war with the harmony. One cannot fit a square peg in a round hole. One cannot take another persons perceptions which are so very different from their own and force them to make sense. This forcing of understanding senseless acts and thoughts which one sees as negative; only gives them more energy, feeds them through our innate divine aspect that our thoughts and attachments are energy; with or without our force. Everything has life force.  Words, actions, colors, expressions. Everything is energy.

Expressing authentic love to any situation, which is an unattached emotion (not one of need) of caring & empathy, ALLOWS for the innate harmony of life to come to the surface; and heal. Healing is when the chaos is is not given any energy and love for loves sake is shared, and the greater presence of the Creators Light exposes innate goodness – the darkness is dispersed. Unification takes place, instantly, as hearts are opened in empathy and faith, that 2 + 2 = 4 before it was discovered.

Simplify & Unify. Now.



If only it was that easy……….

This may be the first plea i have ever made.  My plea is: Please grow your faith in God.

We must each continually grow our faith, build our faith, feed our faith in God,  the essence of all life, the pulsing of our bodies, the seeded Goodness reflected in nature, mirroring Gods Love of Divine perfection.

Our teachings at The Amethyst Light Ministry strive to reflect an undeniable, unseen, palpable beyond words,  power and presence of such a naturally intrinsic (essential, inherent, innate) nature in all things that – It has to be felt, to be known. Our knowing of God can hardly be expressed in words, a truth many days i can find frustrating. Would it not make my and your life easier if i could only flash my magic wand, make all your false lies and perceptions evaporate into the ether and cause you to feel better, be healthier, richer, happier, and have it all going on just the way you desire with not one shred of discomfort or conflict? Ah, to have such power!

Ah, but it is not to be. The only one who can grow your faith, is you. You are the only one who can choose to turn your cheek from madness and insanity, to Truth.  As Glenda the good witch stated; “You had the power all along my dear.”

As a teacher, minister and counselor i do not depend on theology to teach. It is most certainly my very own path of faith and awakening which is my best and most dependable well of Godliness from which i share and depend. My body which healed from illness and labels, the undeniable shifts in others through (my) prayers and Faith in God, in That which created them, my clients who turned around from dark to light, my experiences one would call supernatural in nature which have taught me to believe more in what cannot be seen, than what we see around us. There are many teachers and books and teachings (workshops, classes, education) which have influenced my path, helped me to build my Faith – but the actual answers to any conflict have come from the depths of me, my very personal experiences INSIDE of me; the feelings, the expressions, the effects of  my Faith. Such is the path of the mystic, and it is your path too.

What i pray for is for others to turn to a Faith which empowers them through the love of the Christ, the Light, the Divine Spark in all things; not weakens them. If it weakens, it is not God.  I pray that we each know humbleness & awe before the Creators power. I pray that gratitude for all of it be a live current, a touchstone of unconditional love purging through our bodies. I pray that people look to spiritual law; as above, so below, it is done to you according to your faith, your life is reflection, a mirror of your beliefs. I pray that everyone will turn to surrendering to kindness. I pray that everyone stop turning outside themselves for answers and reach deep within their own selves to SEE clearly, to then choose, to ask for Divine intervention, to humble themselves before Love, to know only God.

If folks ask me if I am Christian, i tend to mumble and kick my feet like a ten year old boy in the school yard getting caught eyeing the cute red head. The term Christian carries so darn much weight, much of it assumed. Each church carries its own dogmas to what makes one a Christian. For me, this is ego. I know Jesus. He is my brother, my teacher, my co-pilot. I depend on Him every single day. I reach for His guidance, His words, His heart. I know Holy Spirit fire; the force, the power, the magnificence. I have absolutely NO doubt God exists; a Divine Creator of all life. I know this Life Force to be present in ALL things. I know It connects us.

I know that Faith takes tending. I know that our wells have be refilled, rejuvenated, renewed. (The reason i sit each day in devotion to God, write this blog, support others…..tending my faith.) I know there are many different ways to do this; spiritual community, church, daily meditation, music, reading sacred texts, reading diverse books on spirituality, studying, retreats, prayer circles and so many more. Now, one can choose to fill a Facebook page with ONLY positive items, can read POSITIVE uplifting anything on the internet, can turn OFF the TV, can choose to SIT in nature, can say NO to that which drains and YES to that which fills!  “Church”, a celebration of God, can happen anywhere; most notably, inside your very own heart.

I know that You have to do this for yourself, no one can do it for you.

If only it was that easy.


for you.

The highest, most pure & loving vibrations await you! Such a gift we are given to be in the awareness of unconditional love, to allow the flow of star filled light force to pour into our bodies and heal us of any and all imbalances.

“Holy Spirit Fire, enter my heart this day, heal my mind, my heart, my body – that i may resonate at pure Light, pure Love. ”

Energy medicine, vibrational healing, transformation! There is truly nothing that meets this depth of healing. Give your self the gift of going to a healer, feel the experience of multiple hands, energy pouring through your body, warmth, tingling-ness, a depth into the void beyond what you could possibly imagine. Integrating multiple levels of knowing, of realities. Let touch heal you of pain, illness, disease, anxiety, stress. Allow the star light to touch your thoughts and shift you up to levels of love not yet known.

“Holy Spirit Fire, guide me this day in all i do, think and be; that I may be in gratitude, humbleness and divine balance – enfolded in your wings.”

Sitting with beings who have reached pure levels of thoughts will undo all the damage we do to our hearts. Many souls have experienced healings long distance, or by watching unbound teachers over the internet. Vibration-al healing is for all. I send you unbound Light & Love.

May the truth and love of the Christ be yours this day. May peace engulf your mind and this Presence radiate to all you see, speak with and see. I love you.

a passionate calling

Passion is a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. Wikipedia
I have come to a conclusion that having a passion can be  exhausting; as tiring as it is exhilarating. Feeling a passionate calling for anything can fill you as easily as empty you. It is a vehicle for extremes. It will raise you up beyond joy and turn you inside out with despair when it is not being fulfilled. Being called is a dedication in service to a belief – even when others disagree. When we are called we experience a pin pointed-ness of the mind, a devotion beyond all else, a path woven within our DNA prior to birth, giving us life long direction and purpose. A passion is a calling of the heart, a knowing beyond everything else in our faith in a particular person, experience, belief. Passionate – to be filled with such exuberance about a particular something, that our cells sparkle with Light and our joy is beyond comparison when we are in the midst of it. Living a life directed by ones passion is not easy. One is willing to let go of much, in order to fulfill their passion, in order to experience, to give it, to share it.. One is willing to say no to what looks like a necessity to others, if it means no to their calling. Ones passion takes the first; the first thought in the morning, the last thought at night. It is the first desire, the only experience they long to have. In passion there is no doubt, none. Passion; beyond anything & everything else.
I am passionate about spiritual healing. I say spiritual healing work, for me,  my work is nothing without my faith in God, a power greater than i. I know many practitioners who believe in the science of healing work; perhaps polarity, Reiki, massage, and other; but it is void of an active faith in a power greater than i. Since the late 80’s, when i became a hospice volunteer and worked in a nursing home, i saw the power of Love. I have witnessed the simple act of laying of hands; heal. I believe that is God, Love, the power greater than i. I believe we are void without it, non existent. I believe Jesus healed and I believe we can too. This, is my passionate calling. It has been since May, 1992. Yes, 25 years ago this month i opened an art gallery which quickly turned into my first healing center. The first six months i sold no art, but people came from near and far to chat, share, cry, receive help, support and yes; hands on healing. Strangers would come off the street and ask the most interesting questions, my hospice clients would have their spouses drive them to the gallery so they could hang out with me – with oxygen tanks and all. It truly was a most amazing time in my life. Then, as my clientele grew, the gallery business shrunk; and the rest is history.
My devotion to my ministry has taken many paths – all aligned with my passion. From hospital operating rooms, to church sanctuaries to my continual private counseling & healing practice and even this blog, and my daily FB posts, my emails to you, my check ins, my phone calls, my classes. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling the energy of Holy Spirit move through ones dense physical body and releasing anything that no longer is yours! To feel the vibrations of pure life force move down ones arms, up ones spine, through muscle and mass – and feel so incredible there are no words, is quite an experience. To know one left their body upon another persons touch and without being able to define it; feel Lighter, happier and healthier. To witness tumors healed, gone, no longer existing – to see people run; after one session where they had not been able to run in months due to pain in their backs – to see a ankle swollen/sprained one night and being able to freely without pain walk on it the next morning – to witness anger diffused – to see joy where there had been none – to witness a lung which grew back – to see one be pregnant when told they could not conceive – to witness fingers move, heal and work after doctors said they would not – to have one not need a pain block for minor surgery – to see ones energy shift right before my eyes; all gifts of a passionate devotion.
Spiritual energy work will heal & cure anything. Spiritual energy work brings your essence into its Divine perfect balance & harmony. I absolutely believe & know this. I know God heals. Twenty five years this month. There have been ups and downs, quiet times & prosperous times, which i still stubbornly do not understand. I have absolutely no understanding of why anyone would not want to experience such a deep, beautiful, healing experience; perhaps you will simply feel more relaxed – or perhaps it will be to heal and or cure a physical symptom; whatever it is, i am here to support your Divine Perfection to shine forth as your body & mind. Within each cell of your being is Divine Light ready and waiting to shine forth in its fullness and magnificence.
I love you beyond words. Thank you for being part of this ministry, for inviting me into your lives to experience (my) passionate devotion. May we all benefit from love.
In deep gratitude, Deborah