being mindful. being present. being awake.

We read and hear these words repeatedly in our culture. Often referred to the practice of meditation, of practicing quiet, of not being drawn up in another persons drama, of holding healthy boundaries; but what does it actually do for or to or through the individual  who reaches mindfulness? Or a state of being awake? Or one who is a daily meditator? How does being mindful, present and or awake shift our daily life style, other than less anxious? more relaxed? less stressed? What do we place into the action of our lives from reaching a state of mindfulness?

My understanding, my perception is this; we make better choices.

I am not only referring to the large ‘life affecting all choices’; I am referring to the “smaller”, what appear-less than choices that will one day influence the larger choices. The appear small choices in a casual conversation, which carry a big stick. The ability to choose what is truly necessary to share with another; is it mine or theirs? As our conscious awareness expands, we learn that what is yours you can keep. And I will do the very, very best with what is mine that I am able.

When we are not caught up  in the drama of humanness, we have the ultimate knowledge that every single choice counts. We grow aware that each choice we make, effects the whole of our being, is woven into the fabric of who we are becoming, and who we will be tomorrow, and more importantly; who we are to be in that very moment of our lives. We grow awake enough to see that each word and tone that comes from our mouths affects the whole. (even on Facebook) We spiritually mature to the level of beingness that we realize that every single action, word, thought i say, do or have; has a vibrational effect on me, others, this world i am a speck of. (One powerful speck!) We learn and grow to see that each word and thought I say has the potential to infiltrate you, to become part of YOUR heart. How do I want to treat your heart? As we become more mindful we clearly see; as I treat my own heart, I treat yours. Do unto others as you want them to do unto you has never been more palpable.

I often have my clients sit with the question, ‘how do you want to show up here’ ? Here meaning their day, or relationship, or any experience. I find it to be a  deeply transformational quest. Life changing. Do you wish to be more mindful, then ask yourself each day when you wake up: ‘how do i want to show up today’.

Each of us has had the experience of knowing someone for a long time, and then one day they say ONE thing, just ONE comment; and we can shut down. We can say that’s it, I do not want them in my life. WE can walk away – from ONE comment. Think about this.

Being one who others confess to and confide in, my heart is often hit with what is most unfathomable to me. Some days simply stun you.

Practicing kindness is truly a deeply spiritual practice of the heart. To become awake to the truth that YOU matter, EVERY word and action matters, that each idea, statement, experience causes a like vibration to go out into the world and cause more like energy to expand, grow and increase – well, God has given us each choice, let us implement this gift with as much love and wisdom as possible.  Please.

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