a sacred contemplation

Greetings:  I am just waking up from a week of quiet, meditative, retreat like and internal time. I am so very grateful that i know the gifts of taking this time, of disconnecting in order to connect.

In one of my meditations a most beautiful awareness came to me i wish to share with you. i ask your forgiveness first, for i do not see how i will have the language to explain, but i will try. (language is one of those human requirements which does not exist in the vibration of this new humanity we have entered (finally!!!); so walking the line of awake in form is more and more unique, quiet and tricky like coyote magic each day.)

i was shown how we are the cross. now, stay with me, i am well aware of the startling bigness of this statement.

i have always seen the cross and the crucifixion as represented in our daily living in the moments we must make decisions, implement choice, to turn towards God or stay focused on whatever distraction has our sleepy attention. we do this all day long, sometimes simply by food choice, or to be happy or mad, or anything in the catalogue of human emotions – and then we are given more critical moments to choose…will we hang here in this limbo  or choose for ourselves? will we stay here and feel our soul whimper in the midst of believing this lie, or will we step it up and say NO. will we turn to our faith in the Divine and forgive? the list is as endless as the human path to waking up to love is.

i saw that we are the cross, here in this reality. we each, every single one of us, holds the gift to welcome awareness, love or not. we die daily as our humanness and attachment to emotions is exponentially dissolved/healed, as we choose God. we know, we are nothing without God, literally and figuratively. God gave us life, we are each a child of the cosmic parent – but we are empty inside, fruitless without consciously choosing to see life as God, as Jesus has taught us. (here lies the tricky part, for everyone’s belief around this man, Jesus, varies!)

i was shown an actual cross, which laid upon our bodies. you can feel it, right? to know? we are there, in restraint, until, we choose to know our Oneness with unconditional love, with this new humanity where the majority of the human vibrations no longer thrive. as we are there, behind us is empty, filled with vacancy we once thought was Truth, in front of us is all magnificence we could ever imagine.  we choose from the emptiness or the fruitful.

it was a most powerful experience, sobbing tears of awareness and joy were felt. perhaps if you contemplate this, you may have a positive experience also, for writing it does not do it justice.

with gratitude.

great love to you, Deborah



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